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Shifting From SAP Warehouse Management To SAP
Extended Warehouse Management?
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Shifting From SAP Warehouse Management To SAP
Extended Warehouse Management?
  • SAP Warehouse Management may stop through 2025
    primarily based totally on SAP Note 1648480
    Maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 Software
    along with SAP NetWeaver. SAP S/4HANA users can
    use SAP WM till 31st Dec 2025.
  • SAP permits clients to migrate their current
    answers easily into S/4HANA with the
    compatibility mode. SAP additionally restricts
    the utilization of additives that might be in a
    compatibility mode till 31st December 2025 (talk
    over with SAP Note 2269324 for details). EWM is
    considered a strategic product for warehouse
    control and recommends imposing new warehouses
    through the use of EWM. Customers with SAP WM
    want to switch for EWM.

  • To meet client orders and deliver merchandise
    with raw materials, inventory has to be stored
    correctly. The management of places in which the
    inventory is being stored is called Warehouse
    Management is the control of inventory.
  • SAP WM (Warehouse Management) has a massive
    improvement in control of warehouse operations.
    It is a scalable solution that has been deployed
    in diverse commercial enterprise environments
    from simple raw materials warehouses to complex,
    fundamental warehouse processes, small and medium
  • The capability of SAP WM has been improved in
    addition to S/4HANA EWM (Extended Warehouse
    Management) has complete warehouse control
    processes, complete technique transparency, bendy
    computerized processes, high-performance,
    high-quantity warehouse operations, medium
    large-sized warehouses.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management Advantages In
  • Extended Warehouse Management presents us with
    the choice of mapping complete warehouses in
    elements within the system. We are able to manage
    and optimize numerous procedures within the
    warehouse using EWM. Complex warehouse processes
    within the entire delivery chain are covered by
    SAP S/4HANA EWM solution. Complete computerized
    warehouses is achievable with customizable
    processes with the help direct integration. If we
    evaluate WM, EWM gives nearly the equal simple
    methods of WM and has additional capabilities.

  • 1. Extended Warehouse Management gives you
    flexibility with computerized support for
    processing numerous items' movements also for
    managing complex inventory in your warehouse. For
    example, the motion of the product from the
    goods, receipt zone to the warehouse may be
    deliberate in more element in keeping with labour
    and assets than is viable within the original
    warehouse control in SAP ERP this is presently
    nonetheless to be had in SAP S/4HANA. So the
    employee within the warehouse is aware of
    precisely whilst to select out an element and a
    way to circulate it to the subsequent bin. The
    machine also can plan precisely wherein to
    position a truck within the backyard and whilst
    it's far directed to the door to dump the parts.

  • SAP EWM is the strategic warehouse control answer
    for SAP S/4HANA.
  • SAP EWM gives superior visibility and
  • Labour control is part of SAP EWM.
  • It additionally consists of superior warehouse
    capability that you could use for your complete
    delivery chain.

The Primary Capabilities Of EWM
  • Inventory Management on the storage bin level
  • Storage bin determination for incoming goods
  • Stock elimination for outgoing goods
  • Stock transfers
  • Physical stock Management

Comparison SAP EWM Vs SAP WM
  • New capability
  • Unloading of Transport units
  • Warehouse Automation (MFS)
  • Labour Management
  • Deconsolidation
  • Slotting/ Re-arrangement
  • Decentered Quality Inspection
  • Internal Routing
  • Expected Goods Receipt

  • Improved Functionalities
  • 1. Put away Strategies
  • 2. Layout Modelling
  • 3. Wave Management
  • 4. Replenishment
  • 5. Dynamic Cycle Counting
  • 6. Value added services/ Kitting
  • 7. RF Technology
  • 8. Resource Management
  • 9. Yard Management

  • 10. Cross-docking
  • 11. Handling Unit Management
  • 12. Multi-Client Warehousing
  • 13. Flexible Process Modelling
  • 14. Removal Strategies

  • Migrating to EWM reduces costs through a higher
    and advanced system and improves the
    productiveness of the warehouse via way of means
    of the usage of the capabilities of EWM. It also
    gives flexibility. It is now embedded in SAP
    S/4HANA. This gives us a first-class in class
    warehouse management utility that gives real-time
    transparency. Basic WM capabilities are to be had
    as part of the S/4HANA license. Advanced
    capabilities want a further license. It might be
    best to talk with SAP on this. SAP Extended
    Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) typically runs as
    a decentralized system. With SAP S/4HANA embedded
    EWM every other deployment option is available.
    In general, the techniques of a decentralized EWM
    gadget and an embedded EWM gadget are the same.

  • SAP EWM is a self-contained application it calls
    for integration with an SAP ERP system to get
    entry to master transaction data. Use of a few
    capabilities in SAP EWM, Example entitlement
    slotting availability-checking might also
    additionally also require an interface with SAP
    packages and structures which includes Customer
    Relationship Management (CRM), Global Available
    to Promise (Global ATP) in APO, and Service Parts
    Planning in APO. Some capabilities that had been
    delivered with the unique SAP EWM releases, which
    includes batch selection, kit-to-stock, and
    manufacturing integration, require SAP ECC 6.zero
    with a sure EHP. It is good to examine the EWM
    launch notes to decide the capabilities that
    require an EHP.

Streamline Your Migration To SAP EWM
  • SAP introduced an extension of the mainstream
    maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 core
    applications in February 2020, which include SAP
    ERP 6.0, SAP Supply Chain Management 7.0, SAP
    Customer Relationship Management 7.0, SAP
    Supplier Relationship Management 7.0, and
    enhancement programs, like SAP Business Suite,
    powered through SAP HANA, from the end of
    December 2025 to the end of December 2027.
  • In addition, SAP supplied extended maintenance
    until the end of December of 2030.Aid for the
    latest 3 Enhancement Packages by SAP will offered
    only after 2025. EWM will probably be installed
    as a very new solution because it offers a very
    extensive capability than WM. WM Customers can
    enable a quick migration to EWM

  • Many of the clients using WM is probably involved
    to move quickly without problems to take over
    the prevailing systems and settings into EWMAs a
    primary step within the warehouse wide variety
    migration, its miles essential to combine the EPR
    warehouse number to a EWM warehouse variety. You
    can installation the integration manually,
    however, SAP EWM additionally gives a tool to
    automatize this integration on the EWM side.When
    migrating a present warehouse number to EWM, a
    plant and a storage place, that is connected to a
    warehouse wide variety in ERP. For this warehouse
    number, we want a warehouse-wide quantity in EWM.
    This may be the equal key. However, the keys in
    ERP and EWM may be different. The storage place
    wishes to be assigned to an availability
    organization and a few different assignments are
    essential for the integration as well.

  • For each plant for which the inventory is saved
    in an EWM warehouse wide variety, we want a
    supplier wide variety and a purchaser wide
    variety within the ERP system. This is essential
    due to the fact while an inventory motion is
    brought on from ERP an inbound or an outbound
    transport is created. The supplier and purchaser
    are transferred to EWM through the middle
    interface (CIF) thru which commercial enterprise
    companions are created.
  • We can manually install the warehouse integration
    within the SPRO direction to personalize and
    grasp facts settings, however, SAP EWM
    additionally consists of a device that
    robotically makes several settings. The gain of
    the device is that it additionally creates
    moreover required customizing entries with the
    assist of BC sets. You also can choose to create
    the default wide variety degrees or even to
    create the same old warehouse layout (in case of
    a brand new warehouse wide variety).

Streamline Your Migration To SAP EWM
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