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data science online training in hyderabad


A comprehensive up-to-date Data Science course that includes all the essential topics of the Data Science domain, presented in a well-thought-out structure. Taught and developed by experienced and certified data professionals, the course goes right from collecting raw digital data to presenting it visually. Suitable for those with computer backgrounds, analytic mindset, and coding knowledge. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: data science online training in hyderabad

Data Science Online Training in Hyderabad
Data Science Online Training in Hyderabad Course
A comprehensive up-to-date Data Science course
that includes all the essential topics of the
Data Science domain, presented in a
well-thought-out structure. Taught and developed
by experienced and certified data professionals,
the course goes right from collecting raw digital
data to presenting it visually. Suitable for
those with computer backgrounds, analytic
mindset, and coding knowledge.
What You'll Learn
  • Grasp the key fundamentals of data science,
    coding, and machine learning. Develop mastery
    over essential analytic tools like R, Python,
    SQL, and more.
  • Comprehend the crucial steps required to solve
    real-world data problems and get familiar with
    the methodology to think and work like a Data
  • Learn to collect, clean, and analyze big data
    with R. Understand how to employ appropriate
    modeling and methods of analytics to extract
    meaningful data for decision making.
  • Implement clustering methodology, an unsupervised
    learning method, and a deep neural network (a
    supervised learning method).
  • Build a data analysis pipeline, from collection
    to analysis to presenting data visually.

Whats Data Science? What Does A Data Scientist
  • The world has witnessed explosive digital growth
    in the last two decades, which has led to a data
    deluge. This data may be holding some key
    business insights or solutions to crucial
    problems. Data Science is the key that unlocks
    this possibility to extract vital insights from
    the raw digital data. These findings can then be
    visualized, and communicated to the
    decision-makers to be acted upon.
  • Data Science is an interdisciplinary field
    requiring statistics, data analysis, programming,
    and business knowledge.
  • Listed below are some of the tasks of a typical
    data scientist.
  • Ask the right set of questions to identify the
    data-based problems that hold the greatest
    opportunity for the business.
  • Collect large sets of relevant structured and
    unstructured data from diverse channels.
  • Process and clean the data to ensure its
    accurate, complete, and uniform.
  • Choose and apply appropriate data science models
    and algorithms to mine the big data stores.
  • Perform analysis to identify patterns, trends,
    and relationships within data. Look for fitting
    solutions and opportunities.
  • Convert data-based insights into compelling
    visualizations and present that to stakeholders.
    Make adjustments to the approach based on the
    received feedback.

Why Should You Learn Data Science?
  • To be able to look at various pieces of data and
    draw out conclusions is the most valuable skill
    you can have, a skill that's often missing even
    amongst technically advanced employees.
  • Hailed as the "sexiest job of the 21st Century"
    (Harvard Business Review), here are a few solid
    reasons to learn Data Science.
  • Expand your problem-solving skills, a skill
    that's not useful for the professional world, but
    also in everyday life as well.
  • Data Science is a lucrative career option with an
    abundance of high paying job opportunities
    (113k/yr base pay in the USA (Glassdoor), Rupees
    8.15 lakhs in India (PayScale))Generate side
    income with your data science skill set
    (Freelance, Start an informative blog/YouTube
    channel, sell a data science course, or create
    something innovative with your data knowledge)
  • Get to make the world a better place with data
    science solutions

Who Can Take Up This Course?
  • No matter what your background is, you can take
    this data science course provided you're
    passionate about numbers, and love challenging
  • But your journey to becoming a successful data
    scientist would be much easier if
  • You have a background in analytical disciplines
    such as mathematics, physics, computer science,
    or engineering.
  • You love coding and have a basic understanding of
    programming languages.
  • You are patient enough to keep working on the
    project even when it seems to have hit a

Why Should You Learn Data Science At EduXFactor?
  • Most comprehensive and well-structured
    course covering basics to advanced topics,
    allowing you to master the complete niche.
  • Certified Trainers with extensive real-time
    experience in the Data Science domain and an
    immense passion for teaching.
  • Top-notch course with a perfect blend of theory,
    case studies, and capstone projects, along with
    an assignment for every taught concept.
  • 100 Job Placement assistance. Frequent mock
    interviews to evaluate and improve your knowledge
    and expertise. Facilitation of interviews with
    various top companies. Help in building a great
    resume, optimizing LinkedIn profile, and
    improving your marketability.

What Job Options Would Be Available To You After
Learning Data Science?
Listed below are some of the leading data science
careers you can break into after completing the
data science course. Data Scientist Data
Analyst Data Engineer Business Intelligence
Analyst Marketing Analyst Statistician Database
administrator Database developer Data
Architect Application Architect Enterprise
Architect Infrastructure Architect Machine
Learning Engineer Machine Learning Scientist
Course Curriculum
  • Module 1 Data Science Project Lifestyle
  • Module 2 Introduction To Basic Statistics Using
    R Python
  • Module 3 Probability And Hypothesis Testing
  • Module 4 Exploratory Data Analysis 1
  • Module 5 Linear Regression
  • Module 6 Logistic Regression
  • Module 7 Deployment
  • Module 8 Data Mining unsupervised Clustering
  • Module 9 Dimension Reduction Techniques
  • Module 10 Association Rules
  • Module 11 Recommender System
  • Module 12 - Introduction to supervised Machine
  • Module 13 Decision Tree
  • Module 14 Exploratory Data Analysis 2
  • Module 15 Feature Engineering

Course Curriculum
  • Module 16 Model Validation Methods
  • Module 17 Ensembled Techniques
  • Module 18 KNN Support Vector Machines
  • Module 19 Regularization Techniques
  • Module 20 Neural Networks
  • Module 21 Natural Language Processing
  • Module 22 Naive Bayes
  • Module 23 - Forecasting

  • Listed below are the five most popular algorithms
    that all data scientist should know (we cover all
    of these)
  • Logistic Regression
  • Naive Bayes
  • K-Nearest Neighbors
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Random Forest
  • Do I Need A Powerful Computer To Implement Data
  • No! Just a basic laptop should be sufficient for
    most of your personal projects.

Can You Explain Big Data, Data Analytics, And
Data Science? Big Data refers to the enormous
amount of data with various formats (structured,
unstructured, semi-structured) generated from a
variety of data sources or channels. Data
Analysis is the process of collecting and
organizing raw data with the purpose to extract
helpful information from it. Data Science is a
blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine
learning principles for gaining useful insights
from raw data. It involves designing and
constructing data modelling and other
data-centered operations such as preprocessing,
data cleaning, analysis, etc.
  • Where Can I Get Datasets From For My Personal And
    Coursework Projects?
  • Here are a few datasets sources you can rely on
  • Kaggle
  • Socrata
  • Non-profit research group websites

Is The Course Content Recently Developed, Or Just
Randomly Repurposed? This data science course is
the most comprehensive, relevant, and
contemporary, meeting all the present demands of
the Data Industry. Dont expect it to be some
repurposed or repackaged content of redundant
archaic course materials. Whats more is that we
continually upgrade the content of this course
with the changes in technology, trends, and
demands to provide you the best learning resource.
Data Science Training
  • Master Data Science
  • Learn the skills needed to solve complex data
  • 10 - 20 weeks
  • 102 Lectures
  • 502 Student Enrolled

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