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Ways to Give Your Epoxy Floor a Fresh Look


A clean and a shiny floor has a tendency to turn heads. But if your house has an epoxy flooring solution, then the beauty enhances manifold. If you are searching for the best epoxy flooring contractors in melbourne then visit our website. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ways to Give Your Epoxy Floor a Fresh Look

Ways To Give Your Epoxy Floor a Fresh Look
A clean and a shiny floor has a tendency to turn
heads. But if your house has an epoxy flooring
solution, then the beauty enhances
manifold. Getting an epoxy coating on the floor
always turns out to be the best decision because
of the benefits it provides like durability,
shiny finish, easy maintenance that too at a low
cost. Once installed at residential or commercial
place, the owners live stress-free because these
are long-lasting and there is nothing that will
wear and tear till years to come. But this does
not mean that you will live care free and will
stop looking after your floor. When you contact
the best epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne,
you get to invest in the proper floor
maintenance. It is the one-time investment but
pays for the life-time. Epoxy floors do not only
look great, but also saves money. Out of all, the
major advantage is that you can clean the epoxy
floors at home without any professional
assistance, unless quite necessary and the
condition of the floor demands. If you have an
epoxy floor either at your office or at your
home, here are some of the steps you must follow
to keep your floors new and lustrous. Before
that, let us learn about epoxy floors.
Characteristics of Epoxy Floors
Epoxy coatings are used in industrial places
because of its qualities like chemical
resistance, durability, low porosity and strong
bond strength. An Epoxy coating consists of two
things a base and a curing agent. Now let us
know about taking care of the epoxy floor i.e.,
giving an epoxy floor a fresh, new look yet
Prevents Damage
Epoxy floors are scratch and stain resistant.
These make a great option both aesthetically and
financially for the places that get high traffic.
But great features and characteristics of epoxy
floors do not make them indestructible. Anything
out of control can get damaged. So, a few
precautions can go a long way in ensuring epoxy
floors look and perform the best.
A little Effort Will Go a Long Way in
Protecting Epoxy Floor
Let me explain this with an example. Keeping a
small cardboard box, a computer mouse pad, or a
piece of thick foam under your bicycle or
motorcycle kickstand will make a huge
difference. It will prevent any scratches that
the floor may get with the parking of heavy
vehicles. Initially it may not affect the floor.
But if the two-wheeler is parked daily at a same
place without placing any cloth, then the epoxy
on the floor will get affected. If you lift
heavy loads using rolling jacks, make sure you
place plywood under the jack stand which will
act as a shock absorber. Epoxy floors are
resistant to scratches, but prevention is always
better than a cure especially when it contains a
huge involvement of finances.
Regular Cleaning Is a Must
Regardless of the place you have your epoxy
floor, cleaning is necessary. Whether you have
epoxy flooring for your basement, porch, or
garage, routine cleaning and maintenance is
required. It will help in keeping your floor new
and shiny all year round. Not only this, it will
also ease the burden when it is time for heavy or
annual cleanings. For instance, for vehicle
drippings or minor spills, simply wipe the area
with a soft cloth using water. If you think the
spill will leave a stain behind, use a little
detergent and clean it but do not keep it on the
floor for many days. You can also use a
commercial dust mop or soft bristle broom to
clean it regularly.
Remove Stubborn and Tough Stains
When you see a spillover, treat it immediately.
The stubborn spills should be said good bye. If
left unattended for days, the floor gets a stain
which later on gets difficult to remove. For
example, when you deal with spillages like engine
oil, a simple water and ammonia solution will be
enough in removing the stain. Use this simple
mixture and get rid of stains without damaging
your epoxy floor. Follow the steps like, sweep
away the dust and debris from the area. Mix five
ounces of ammonia for every gallon of water.
Then scrub the stained area using a hard- foamed
mop which has been soaked in the solution of
water and ammonia. More tough stains like rust
may also require additional scrubbing with a
kitchen scrubbing pad. TIP- Be sure not to use
anything too rough on the epoxy surface like
steel wool. This will damage the floor further
and dull its shine. Also avoid acids, chemicals,
or abrasive cleaners as these can also lead to
cloudy or damaged floors. If you still cannot
decide on which solution to use to clean the
epoxy floors, contact the best epoxy flooring
contractors in Melbourne. The professionals will
guide and inform you about the process.
Maintain the Epoxy Shine
Epoxy flooring looks glossy and shiny when thy
are new.But the shine may fade and fog may
arrive over time. So, to prevent any such thing
to happen, clean the entire floor at least once
a year and help in maintaining its shine.
How to do?
You can do this by hosing the whole floor with
hot water and a squeegee. The main idea is to
remove any residue or cloudiness which can
potentially dull the surface of the floor.
  • Epoxy and Its Formation
  • Epoxy floors are formed by applying layers of a
    mixture of resins and hardeners.
  • The materials used are highly resistant to
  • These form a solid adhesive bond with base
    materials like concrete. The materials used
    become more robust and durable.
  • Everything squeezes to just one thing and that is
    deep cleaning once a while or regular cleaning.
    There is no other formula that you can use to
    keep your epoxy floors protected, safe, and
    appealing at the same time.

How To Fix Yellow Resin?
To clean the yellow tint, you can use a UV
stabilizing agent to epoxy resin formulas. This
will mitigate the yellow effect from the floor.
UV stabilizers are quite effective in preventing
gloss loss, de-lamination, chalking, and
cracking. But the coloration is merely
delayed. If you fix this yellow coloration that
comes with long time span, the epoxy floor will
look new and pristine. But for that too, you will
have to take care of the cleaning and do it
regularly without missing.
Protection is important apart from cleaning
because it will only keep the floor fresh. But
when you make little extra effort, you can
prevent the floor from getting scratches and
tough marks. Scratches are hard to remove so, it
is advised to take precautions if the floor comes
in a lot of use. Also, if the floor gets heavy
traffic, then also extra precautions will be
needed. In order to retain all the advantages,
it is important to understand the epoxy floors
features and characteristics.
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