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Title: SAP Fieldglass PPT | SAP Fieldglass Online Training

Fieldglass Assignment Management Overview
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Fieldglass Assignment Management Overview
  • SAP Fieldglass as a cloud-based arrangement that
    gives a proficient method to deal with the
    outside labour force by any association. In any
    case, there are more unpredictable business
    needs, for example, labourers playing out
    numerous exercises bringing about the charging of
    their expenses for various expense objects.
    Allotting labourers to the right positions,
    doling out the specialists to more than one task
    in each time-frame, keeping control of their
    work, physically entering and rectifying the
    ideal opportunity for various tasks, computing
    cost dependent on various pre-concurred rates are
    for the most part perplexing and tedious
    exercises for associations.

  • SAP has delivered "Task Management" as an answer
    module to address the unpredictable circumstance
    referenced previously. It works close to
    different modules of SAP Fieldglass
  • In basic terms, the entire range of exercises
    beginning from enrolling another labourer, on
    boarding them, coordinating time information from
    badging frameworks, applying the diverse
    compensation rules, assigning the work times
    lastly, up to producing an assistance passage
    sheet, is dealt with in this new arrangement

Important Factors That Should Consider Before
Choosing The SAP Module
  • Exhibit-1
  • Terminologies
  • Task Management utilizes certain phrasings
    important in this arrangement and realize them to
    comprehend the arrangement.
  • Resource
  • Resource can be an individual or a gear. People
    with specific abilities like welding, electrical
    fixing, etc. are locked in to accomplish crafted
    by the Buyer, given by the Supplier.
  • Buyer
  • is an association, which is searching for
    individuals with a particular range of abilities,
    who are needed to offer specific types of
    assistance on a transitory or progressing

  • Supplier
  • is an association which gives such staff to the
    Buyer association.
  • Work Schedule Shift
  • is a pre-arranged article in Assignment
    Management. The purchaser allocates the shift
    data subtleties like beginning time, finishing
    time, a name of the shift and so forth in the
  • Work Schedule
  • is a blend of "work plan shifts" for a pattern of
    7 days. This can be deftly characterized by the
    purchaser as indicated by their necessities. The
    functioning days and non-working days are set
    apart in a plan for getting work done. A Buyer
    can characterize the beginning date of the
    timetable. The time handling administration
    utilizes the information gave in the plan for
    getting work done to decide the standard rates or
    Overtime rates to be applied in the estimation of
    instalment for the work done. The time sheets put
    together by the asset is approved against the
    allowed work hours characterized in the plan for
    getting work done.

  • Time Journal
  • is a diary record made for a blend of properties
    for example Rate Category, Purchase Order number,
    Resource ID and Day. The general time recorded in
    a period pack is distributed for these mixes of
    qualities. This is finished by a watch.
  • Service Receipt
  • is a report made by uniting time records. This is
    finished by the Supplier in the framework. The
    help receipt contains a rundown of absolute
    quantities of hours worked, aggregate sum to be
    paid, cost portion of these sums and other such
  • Person Record
  • is an interior archive gathered by Time
    Processing Service. This contains the
    asset-related data, work plan data, and other
    information for achieving time handling
    administration. A solitary time layout is related
    to the individual record.

  • Time Event
  • is an occasion which catches the beginning and
    stop seasons of a work length. For instance, a
    pre-noon occasion could begin from 0800 Hrs and
    end at 1200 Hrs and a post noon occasion could
    be from 1300 Hrs to 1700 Hrs.
  • Time Record
  • The length of an undertaking or an occasion is
    considered as once record. Commonly, time
    occasions are joined to shape one time record.
    For instance, the pre-noon occasion and post-noon
    occasion can be consolidated to shape one time
    record for a given day.

  • Time Bundle
  • Numerous time records are consolidated to create
    a period group. Time packs are utilized to
    apportion at least one rates, task classes,
    support orders, offsite work, buy requests and
    occupation abilities to decide cost assignment.
  • Assignment
  • Task is an Object made by the Engagement
    supervisor of the association. This article holds
    information like Job, Dates of Start and End, and
    so forth

SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management (SFAM)
  • SFAM is a configurable arrangement which can be
    halfway sent for the executives of all outside
    assets across numerous areas for an undertaking.
    One asset can be allotted to different positions
    and furthermore track their submitted time sheets
    yet get a bound together perspective on cost of
    the asset for every one of the positions
    together. The abilities pertinent for each work
    and accreditations, in case any are required,
    would all be able to be essential for the task
    protest and can be approved to guarantee an asset
    has every one of the important certificates and
    abilities for the work. In specific associations,
    there can be explicit onboarding measures, which
    is definite out as a component of the Job and
    guaranteed that it tends to be clung to by the
    commitment supervisor. A portion of these can be
    because of administrative requirements and
    associations can be punished for rebelliousness.
    This arrangement likewise accommodates
    coordinating time from the "Badging Systems", if
    any that the association may as of now have. With
    an endorsement work process, the arrangement
    makes an assistance section sheet for posting the
    installment into SAP ERP with complete expense
    object portion. This is portrayed in the chart

Exhibit 2
  • Timekeeper
  • There is a job named "Timekeeper" which is
    significant in this unique situation. In SFAM the
    job can be played by a client allotted explicitly
    for this errand who works with either the Buyer
    or Supplier Organization. He/she has the full
    perceivability of the work finished by various
    assets across every one of the areas. In view of
    the timesheet information and other such extra
    data accessible, he/she allots the time group to
    various properties in the framework, which thusly
    decides the sum to be paid to the assets and the
    essential expense objects tasks of something very

  • Overview Of Typical Process
  • The undeniable level outline of a regular
    interaction is clarified beneath. This situation
    is a coordinated framework with the badging
    framework and the time information streams to the
    "Time Processing Service". There can be different
    situations where information could be physically
    entered. It is pictorially displayed in Exhibit

  • There are 5 unmistakable strides in this
    interaction. All the weighty computational work
    is dealt with when Processing Service, in view of
    expert information and setup settings. The
    assortment of time section/leave information from
    Badging Systems is arrangement during the
    execution of the arrangement. It is then
    introduced for survey/alter/designation which is
    likewise taken care of when processing
  • The means are as underneath1. Create Assignment
    2. Create Resource 3. Create Time Journal 4.
    Create/Submit Service Receipt 5. Approve Service
    Receipt and generate/post service entry sheet

  • Step-1 Create Assignment
  • The Assignment Object contains loads of data,
    among which coming up next are vital work,
    proprietor of the work, provider of assets for
    this work, Start and end Dates of the work, the
    site/specialty unit/Location where occupation is
    to be played out, the monetary Budget esteem
    endorsed for this work, Purchase request
    number/PO Line things. They are given at the hour
    of creation by the Engagement Manager. For
    instance, "Yearly Maintenance", "Electrical
    Repairs", "Welding", and so on would all be able
    to be occupations made as various "Tasks" in the
    framework. Assets are allocated to the "Task
    Object" in this way. One "Asset" can be allocated
    to various "Tasks". An example task screen is
    displayed in show 4 underneath.

  • Step-2 Create Resource
  • The Resource is a master data, which contains the
    details of the resource to be deployed. Amongst a
    set of information, the following are the key
  • Supplier who provides the resource Engagement
    Manager, who is responsible for managing this
    resource First name, Last name, e-mail, and
    contact details Associated Rate Look up these
    are the contractually agreed rates Work
    Schedule To validate and provide time-related
    calculation inputs Work Schedule effective
    Date Date from which the resource starts work
    Site Where the resource is expected to work
    Job Codes The Job codes pre-configured in the
    system (they are associated to rates) Resource
    registration Automatic or Manual Activity
    Check List Tasks/Certifications during on
    boarding and off boarding

  • The above key information drives further
    exercises when the asset begins work. For
    instance, the vital on boarding and off boarding
    undertakings show up in a different tab for the
    asset dependent on the action check list. It very
    well may be observed and refreshed as and when
    they are finished. This assists the association
    with guaranteeing administrative compliances. An
    example screen is displayed in show 5 beneath.
    Toward the finish of the undertaking or
    agreement, the asset off boarding cycle can be
    finished. The asset is then actually "Shut" in a
    straightforward interaction in the framework.

  • Step-3 Create Time Journal
  • Time Processing System will make a "Time record"
    and "time bundles" per individual dependent on
    the information moving from the "badging system".
    They are the beginning stage for the "watch" to
    survey the time and allot them, might be toward
    the finish of every day, to the various qualities
    like Purchase Order, PO Line thing, work request,
    work code, provider arrangements. The Time
    preparing framework is not really set in stone
    and split the absolute season of the asset into
    the Standard occasions and over occasions, in
    light of the plan for getting work done of the
    asset. When the assignment credits are refreshed,
    the framework decides the suitable rate be
    applied, not set in stone, and cost objects to be
    distributed and make a period diary record. An
    example screenshot of the portion is displayed in
    show 6 underneath.

  • Exhibit-6
  • A sample of the time journal created is shown in
    exhibit-7 below.
  • Exhibit-7
  • Step-4 Create/Submit Service Receipt
  • The timekeeper then chooses Create Service
    Receipt in his menu, shown in exhibit-8 below.

  • Exhibit-8
  • The system automatically opens up a window,
    wherein the timekeeper has to choose the buyer
    organisation and click create. A service
    receipt is automatically generated and submitted
    to the buyer via a worklist. This is shown in
    exhibit-9 below.
  • Exhibit-9
  • Step-5 Approve Service Receipt And Generate
    Service Entry Sheet
  • The Engagement Manager or the Program Consultant
    gets a warning. He/she can open the warning thing
    and check sections are alright and click support.
    In view of the setup, the arrangement creates a
    help section sheet and sends it to ERP. The
    endorsement screen is displayed beneath.

  • Exhibit-10
  • SummaryBusinesses like Oil and Gas, Utilities
    and Hospitality utilize a few outer labour forces
    to oversee ventures and support errands. It is
    very relentless to deal with these labourers and
    also so is the expense designation and other such
    money related assignments. SFAM carries this load
    of undertakings to a solitary interface and
    serves to effectively deal with them, for
    example, following task savvy hours, paying
    utilizing distinctive hourly rates, allotting
    expenses for various items, etc.
  • The control it brings to the association with
    functional adaptability and straightforwardness
    in taking care of high volume exercises is of
    tremendous advantage to the association. SAP
    Field glass specialists can overhaul themselves
    with information on SFAM, which coordinates well
    with existing abilities to carry more worth to

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