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Top 5 Biggest Data Science Trends In 2022


Data science has emerged as a game-changer in our life in the past decade and it continues to be as progressive as it has always been. If you are not challenged by time constraints, you must certainly go for data science training in Pune. Check here the top 5 biggest data science trends in 2022. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Biggest Data Science Trends In 2022

5 Data Science Trends to Watch Out for 2022
Data science has
emerged as a game-changer in our life in the past
decade and it continues to be as progressive as
it has always been. Machine learning and
artificial intelligence have seen massive
development and transformed the way we would
work, travel, live, watch movies, listen to
music, or order food/groceries online.
Institutions offering data science training in
Pune say that data science trends change now and
then and here are 5 interesting data science
trends to watch out for in 2022. 1. Generative AI
Synthetic Data Synthetic data is believed to
have immense potential and it will remain at the
core of the data science ecosystem in 2022.
Using synthetic data for the training of various
other ML algorithms will be commonplace in the
coming years and this trend will be seen ruling
the roost in 2022. Creating synthetic faces of
non-existent people to create facial recognition
algorithms will not only help improve accuracy
but also resolve privacy concerns that might
arise by using real faces.
  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)
  • One of the most interesting and key data science
    trends in 2022 will be AutoML which is short for
    automated machine learning. As you may know, data
    cleansing and preparation is quite a repetitive
    task in a data scientists day-to-day life which
    hampers productivity to a big extent. By
    automating such mundane tasks, a huge boost in
    productivity and data quality can be
    experienced. Another purpose of AutoML is to let
    the user make most of the machine learning
    through easy-to-use interfaces.
  • Convergence
  • Digital transformation couldnt be what it is
    without IoT, cloud computing, and ultra-fast
    networks. Combined with artificial intelligence,
    IoT (Internet of things) can do wonders and
    create a smart world around us including smart
    cities, smart workplaces, and smart homes
    requiring little to no human intervention. 2022
    will see data scientists work on data more than
    ever to make sure that the work on the
    intersection of these technologies takes things
    to another level. Ensuring that all of these
    technologies complement each other and enhance
    the overall purpose.
  • Augmented data management
  • Institutions offering data science courses in
    Pune say that augmented data management is the
    need of the hour. The future will have a hybrid
    workforce combining AI and humans which
    certainly emphasizes the need for integrated
    data. Simplification and consolidation of data
    architectures will not only help get rid of
    redundant data management but will also enhance
    automation by a significant margin.
  • Scalable AI
  • The way we deal and interact with data is quite
    transformative. With an increasing number of AI
    start-ups and the internet of things becoming an
    integrated part of our lifestyle, the new
    capitalism around scalable AI can be safely
    termed as augmented surveillance capitalism.
    Astonishing growth stimulation and innovation
    will be a result of scalable AI in the future.
  • Hope you found the post useful. For more
    information related to data science classes in
    Pune, feel free to get in touch with us.
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