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What Are the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing?


Here you find some of the benefits of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. Get in touch with JoinHub Pharma a reputable pharma manufacturer. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Are the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing?

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What Are the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Contract
  • Contract manufacturing organizations offer
    various manufacturing services to the
    pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
    Right from drug development to full-scale
    production, they can help you. These pharma
    organizations can help manufacture a small number
    of materials for RD purposes, then some more for
    clinical studies, and ultimately for full-scale
  • As per the 2012 Informa report named The CMO
    Market Outlook to 2017, the global spending on
    contract manufacturing touched the US 31.9
    billion in 2011. The CMO industry has encountered
    double-digit growth in the past two decades, and
    that trend is projected to last for the next five

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
  • Some of the benefits of pharmaceutical contract
    manufacturing are discussed below
  • Advanced Skills
  • Bringing a new drug to the market quickly at
    affordable rates requires considerable
    investments in the manufacturing process. Due to
    the demand in the pharmaceutical industry, the
    use of advanced technologies and skills for
    manufacturing has become imperative. Even the
    biggest pharmaceutical companies find it
    challenging to have such expertise and resources.
  • CMOs have already established expertise and
    WHO-GMP-certified facilities to manufacture at
    full scale. They have strong connections with the
    raw material suppliers and have included various
    efficiency methods to produce at the lowest
    possible operational expense.

  • Global Presence
  • A pharma company can enter into new markets with
    the help of a CMO at minimal financial risks. No
    local investment is required in the capital,
    time, and executive talent areas. In some cases,
    the CMO may also take care of marketing and sales
    for its clients. Entering into new markets via
    joint ventures and FDI exposes an organization to
    financial and political risks. Pharmaceutical
    contract manufacturers can help such
    organizations in minimizing these kinds of risks.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • The development of a new drug requires a
    substantial initial investment and comprehensive
    research. After making a massive investment in
    RD, more investment is required for setting up a
    manufacturing facility. A company can save on
    extensive labor costs such as training, wages,
    and fringe benefits through contract
    manufacturing. On the other hand, a CMO has an
    already established market reputation and
    infrastructure to produce the drug at much
    cheaper rates.

  • Quality Assurance
  • CMOs have a pre-established drug quality check
    process in place that has been improved over the
    past couple of years. They have been
    manufacturing in compliance with numerous
    standards used in different countries and have
    specific systems to control the quality of the
    end product.
  • CMO helps small companies utilize such quality
    control procedures to ensure compliance with
    diverse quality standards worldwide.

JoinHub Pharma Pharmaceutical Contract
  • JoinHub Pharma is a Pharmaceutical Contract
    Manufacturing Company established and initiated
    with an aim to offer the best quality medicines
    at affordable rates. GMP quality assurance
    procedures ensure optimal performance of all
    pharma products. By using the latest equipment,
    the automated and modern pharmaceutical drug
    manufacturing process has been set. We offer a
    wide range of services with timely and reliable
    assistance to all our customers.

What do pharmaceutical contract manufacturers do?
  • Pharmaceutical contract manufacturers in India
    serve many purposes. They can help you relieve
    the burden of production off drug organizations
    by offering services such as
  • Drug development
  • Manufacturing and commercial production
  • Process equipment fabrication/set up
  • Documenting FDA regulations and obtaining
  • Pre-formulation
  • Stability studies/method studies
  • Pre-clinical to late-stage clinical trial
  • Scale-up, registration batches
  • and more.

  • We manufacture a wide range of branded and
    generic medicines in almost any form.
    Distributors, importers, and agents are always
    welcome to collaborate with us and market our
    products in their national markets.
  • We produce medicines quickly at an affordable
    rate. Moreover, we can assist your bottom line
    and help you compete in the market. Get in touch
    with JoinHub Pharma a reputable pharma contract
    manufacturing company today!

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