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Mobile App Development Company Ireland | The Coder Spot


The Coder Spot is an award winning Mobile App Development Company in Ireland We provide a wide range of Phone App Development Services – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mobile App Development Company Ireland | The Coder Spot

Web app development Ireland
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What is Web App Development?
  • Web app development is the process of creating an
    application that can be accessed through a web
    browser by combining client-side and server-side
    programming. Developers start by conceiving a web
    application in order to solve a specific problem,
    then design the app, select the appropriate
    framework for development, test it, and lastly
    launch it.
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Advantages of Web App Development
  • Because web app development is neutral Platform,
    firms don't have to create separate apps for iOS
    and Android, which would double the cost.
  • Web application technology have progressed
    dramatically in recent years, allowing web apps
    to be as immersive and personalised as native
  • Knowing how to create a web application puts you
    ahead of the competition in a market crowded with
    top companies that require a robust online
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Types of Web Applications
  • Static Web Applications
  • Dynamic web applications
  • Ecommerce apps
  • Portal Web Apps
  • Progressive Web Apps
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Static Web Applications
  • Static web apps are more like a collection of
    static web pages that display the same content to
    every visitor due to their nature and lack of
    adaptability.They're made with HTML and CSS, and
    there's no way to interact with them.
  • There is no room for personalisation in static
    web app development because the pages are created
    on the server end.
  • It's also difficult to edit or update static web
    app pages. Any modifications would have to be
    viewed after a complete page reload.
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Dynamic web applications
  • As the name implies, dynamic web apps are
    interactive and involve both server-side and
    client-side development. A dynamic website is one
    that allows you to enter information into a web
    app and get changing outcomes.
  • You're utilising a dynamic web app if you can
    search, establish a user profile, make a comment,
    or interact in any other way.
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Ecommerce apps
  • If you want to sell or buy something online,
    you'll need a web app that can handle orders and
    process payments at the very least. An ecommerce
    app would be the name for such a programme.
  • It's also critical for ecommerce web apps to have
    an immersive UI that mimics the native app
    experience so that clients may have a consistent
    experience no matter what device they're using.
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Portal Web Apps
  • A portal web app is a sort of web app that allows
    users to access a secure area from their home
    page. Take, for example, credit card payments.
    You may be on a shopping or bill-paying website,
    and when it comes time to select a credit card
    and make a payment, you will be directed to the
    credit card company's web app to complete the
    transaction. A web portal is something like that.
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Progressive Web Apps
  • PWAs (progressive web apps) are more than just a
    type of online application. They are, in reality,
    a quantum leap forward in the creation of
    web-based applications.
  • A Progressive Web App (PWA) blends the best of
    web apps and native mobile apps using the latest
    and finest web application development frameworks
    and technology.
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