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On-demand Laundry Apps: Risks And Future Challenges


On-demand laundry mobile apps have contributed towards the ease of human life and growth of small businesses and washermen. For more details:- Mobile: +1-650-727-6690 .............................. Email Address: nitin@brsoftech.com ......................................... Website:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: On-demand Laundry Apps: Risks And Future Challenges

Ever heard about on-demand laundry apps and how
they can make our lives easier. Our daily life
has become easier only because of the presence of
on-demand mobile applications. On demand apps
have facilitated the human life and growth of
small businesses like laundry, salons, food
outlets, restaurants etc.
On-demand laundry apps offer many benefits to
their customers as well as the business
owner. Laundry clothes are collected or washed by
the laundry in just a few clicks. Laundry
Business On-Demand Laundry Mobile
Apps On-demand laundry app services by hiring
delivery professionals, local washermen, and
laundry and drying workers. According to a report
by Euromonitor International, the Indian laundry
industry is worth Rs 200,000 crore. Only 5 of
the laundry market is settled and the rest is
still unclear.
Online laundry customers are expected to increase
by 20 from approximately 12 million
customers. Laundry sector comes in Top 10
Business Ideas by Business Books as this sector
requires nominal capital, no-entry barrier,
market is huge etc. If you also want to enter the
laundry market with your brand then contact a
laundry app development company for building a
wonderful app. Challenges Which Are Faced By The
on-demand Laundry Apps
Less skilled labour
The laundry industry mainly depends on skilled
laundry workers. Yes, it involves software and
machinery but manual work cannot be
eliminated. Laundry sector is trying to fill the
vacancies by paying good money to the labourers
as most of the laundry work is done by them. It
is true that if the laundry workers are not paid
well, they will lose their interest in
working. In this, they will earn their money by
opening their own small shops, which will turn
into a severe shortage of labourers. Sector with
lower margin business Most of the laundry
customers want their laundry delivered at their
doorstep without paying an extra penny.
Therefore, the main challenge is to find
consumers who maintain a certain level of
rates. The margin in this laundry business is not
very high and these small increments are needed
for the survival of the laundry
business. Customers experiences There are many
steps involved in the laundry process. Also the
expectations of the consumers are high but there
is a small risk involved in this process as the
whole process is not fully automated. Hence it is
always a challenge for the on demand laundry
service provider to meet the customer's
Establishment in the market
The laundry market is dominated by pre-existing
companies like Uber, Rinse, Cleanly,
etc. Attracting skilled workers towards your
on-demand laundry business requires some
attractive policies. This will be the biggest
challenge for your business. Plus you need to
attract customers to choose your laundry
services. High risk reward ratio Let's say you
get an order for 50 shirts and you charge 1 for
each, making a total charge of 50. Now imagine,
one of them got damaged and the shirt costs 50.
In that case, the customer will not pay a single
penny to the laundry service provider which can
surely make you lose all the profit. Customer
retention The laundry market offers a variety of
options for customers. Customers can choose from
online as well as offline options for their
laundry. But it is a challenge to achieve
customer and customer loyalty with all these
options which are directly related to customer
retention. Logistics The various issues related
to logistics are-
1. Sometimes the customer may not be available
at the pickup location, leading to delay in
delivery. 2. Due to certain reasons, it may
happen that the customer may not receive the
delivery at the expected time slot. 3. Fake
laundry orders are another major challenge. 4.
Problems are faced in locating the address of the
customers. Backend challenges We know it is hard
to satisfy every consumer. For example, out of 50
laundry customers, there will certainly be at
least one dissatisfied consumer. You can attract
your consumers with some attractive discounts and
The actual operations are done on the backend by
skilled laundry workers who are hard to
attract. A balance between rising customer rates
and skilled labour is required to run the laundry
business, otherwise it will impact on-demand
laundry services in a negative way. The Last
Words Thus, the laundry market is promising but
there are many challenges which need to be
overcome in order to establish your laundry
business in the market but surely the market and
its opportunities can get bigger with some proper
business techniques. and huge profits can be made
from it.
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