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Choose The Best Chocolate Labeling Machine - Ammar Machinery


Ammar Machinery is a chocolate and confectionery equipment manufacturer, finding the right chocolate labeling equipment is extremely critical for your operation. Ammar Machinery has always been your smart choice with our wide range of machines. we offer the best solutions at competitive prices and with the most up-to-date technology. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Choose The Best Chocolate Labeling Machine - Ammar Machinery

When You Are In The Business Of Making
Chocolates, It Is Important To Buy A Type Of
Chocolate Labeling Machine That Can Help Create
Professional Looking Labels For Your Chocolates.
With The Right Machine It Is Possible To Purchase
Clear Labels That Are Made From Top Quality
Materials. You Can Find Chocolate Labeling
Machines That Range In Price, But By Doing Your
Research, You Will Be Able To Make The Best
Choice For All Of The Needs Of Your Business.
Food, is often devoured with your eyes first and
then with your palate. Therefore, it is not
uncommon to see a plate of food, well-presented
and displayed like an art with contrasting plates
and vivid colors, in restaurants.
Similarly, when it comes to chocolates, your
customers first gaze, falls on your chocolates
label design, branding and color scheme, which is
also often an important criterion on which
consumers make their purchasing decisions.
So, when so much is at stake and sales at your
small chocolate business is so widely affected by
branding and labeling, it is always a wise option
to invest in a chocolate labeling machine.
Types of Chocolate Labeling Machines That are
Worth a Glance
A single type of chocolate labeling machine might
not work for every small chocolate factory.
Keeping this factor in mind, the Ammar Machinery
company specializes in designing and
manufacturing several different types of
chocolate labeling machines, a few of which are
mentioned below.
Flat Surface Chocolate Labeling Machine Another
splendid chocolate labeling machine that is
lightweight and also has a high production speed
is the flat surface chocolate labeling machine by
Ammar Machinery. Also known as the LM-F240, this
machine can also be easily connected to your
chocolate wrapping machines, which makes the
transition easier, while increasing your
production speed.
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Face Labeling Machine Also known as the rapid
labeling machine, LM-F240 helps in labeling
chocolate on its face or on its front side. Made
out of chrome metal, this lightweight machine
that weighs up to 95 kgs can label up to 240p/min
and is a perfect fit for any chocolate producing
Circular Labeling Machine If you are a wholesale
chocolate producer and would like to label and
sell your chocolate in circular jars that hold
multiple chocolates, the circular labeling
machine or LM-R160 can be the right chocolate
labeling machine for you. Depending on this
machine makes your chocolate labeling task much
easier than manually doing it, as the circular
labeling machine gives an accuracy and speed of
labeling around 160 rounded jars per minute.
All of the above-mentioned chocolate labeling
machines from Ammar machinery, can be designed
according to the user specifications to fit the
size and shape of the chocolates or their jars.
To view these amazing chocolate labeling machines
in action and to know the kind of samples they
produce, you can easily visit our website
https// and get in touch with
one of our specialized company staff today!
  • Fast Implementation of all the machines' order
    (some orders takes one week only).
  • Up to date with new technologies
  • Special customer care services
  • Five years warranty for all machines
  • Simplifying chocolate industry
  • Our machines are developed to reach international
  • Ability to maintain the machines via the Internet

About Ammar Machinery is one
of the leading manufacturers of chocolate
production machines and provide integrated
solutions for the industry of chocolate,
including wrapping, labeling and making. Our
products are up to date with new technologies to
produce best production to chocolate companies.
We offer five years warranty for all machines.
Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction,
contact our experts now for a consultation. Call
961-76351191 and email
or further details visit https//
For More Information Call me 96176351191 Email
- Address Taanyel,
Industrial Zone, Near Araybi Plast, Zahle, Beqaa,
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