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#1 Red Hat Course in Pune for the Best Career in IT Infrastructure


Apply for the Job-Oriented Red Hat Course in Pune for the Best Career in IT Infrastructure. Enquire Now for More Details. Hurry! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: #1 Red Hat Course in Pune for the Best Career in IT Infrastructure

Red Hat Course in Pune for the best career in
IT infrastructure
  • Have you heard about open source software? A
    software is called open source if its source code
    is publically available. Anyone can modify it and
    distribute it again as deemed fit. In other
    words, open-source software is created with a
    collaborative effort from a large number of
    developers across the world. Here nobody kind of
    owns the software. Linux is a free, open-source
    operating system that is the largest open-source
    software project in the world. For learning Linux
    the best way is to join Red Hat Course in Pune.

  • Why learn Linux?
  • The Linux operating system was created as an
    alternative to the MINIX operating system. MINIX
    is based on the design of Unix. This open-source
    operating system grew in popularity and today it
    is the most powerful server operating system.
    Here are some statistics
  • In 2021, the lines of code submitted to the Linux
    Git repository reached 8 million.
  • In 2021, 100of the worlds top 500
    supercomputers run on Linux.
  • Out of the top 25websites in the world, only 2
    arent using Linux.
  • 3of the worlds top 1 million servers run on
  • 90 of all cloud infrastructure operates on Linux
  • 111 Linux Statistics and Facts Linux Rocks!
    blog post-Nick Galov

  • Red Hat Course and Job Opportunities
  • All of us are aware of the latest technology
    trends Cloud computing, Cyber security,
    blockchain, the internet of things, and so on.
    Before you get into these technologies, there are
    some basic pre-requisites one has to master.
    Networking fundamentals, client operating system,
    and server operating system, basics of
    information security are some of the essentials
    which need to be assimilated first.
  • With Red Hat, one can start with two courses to
    make a strong foundation RHCSA and RHCE. RHCSA
    stands for Red Hat Certified System administrator
    and RHCE stands for Red Hat Certified Engineer.
    RHCSA is the first level course with two modules
    that can be taken by even a novice and then
    upgrade to RHCE by doing one more module.

  • Red Hat Course Coverage
  • In the red hat course on Linux at Texceed, you
    will be taught key aspects of the Red Hat Linux
    operating system. How to administer it in detail
    looking at every features practically. The topics
    covered in the course are  Command-line, storage
    management, Installation and configuration of
    Linux software, creating Network, firewall, Linux
    processes, files and file systems, file security,
    creation and administration of users, groups and
    permissions, handling logs, troubleshooting
    various issues, remote management, Secure Shell, 
    web console, shell scripting, Storage devices,
    logical volumes, and file systems, security and
    system access, boot process, and system services.

  • In the Ansible module, you would learn how to use
    Ansible for automation. The module covers the
    installation of Ansible, create and update
    inventories, Ansible playbooks, Ansible roles,
  • Red Hat Course in Pune and Red Hat Linux
  • Once you complete all three modules, you can
    appear for global certification examinations.  As
    a good learner one can grasp all the concepts by
    self-study, when you join a red hat certification
    course at IT Training Institute like Texceed,
    there are more benefits. One gets help if and
    when you get stuck somewhere and the training
    reduces the learning curve.

  • Only preparing concepts is not good enough for
    red hat certification exams. One needs to be
    thorough with the practical aspects of it too.
    Hands-on practice is the key to success as the
    red hat certification is not an MCQ-type
    examination.  You need to actually demonstrate
    your practical skills by performing a few
    configurations and operations. With no hands-on
    practice, failure is guaranteed. Hence red hat
    certifications are tough to clear.

  • Red Hat Course in Pune and Advanced Technologies
  • Once you achieve the RHCSA followed by RHCE
    certification, you can start applying for jobs.
    There are many openings for fresher in this
    category. This is not all. With red hat, one can
    pursue his complete career by doing advanced
    courses too.
  • Some of the very popular technologies red hat
    provides are
  • Red Hat Virtualization
  • Red Hat Open Stack
  • Red Hat Open Shift
  • Red Hat Ansible Automation
  • Start with Red Hat course on Linux administration
    and you can become a professional cloud architect
    by mastering advanced technologies.

  • Conclusion
  • Apply for the Job-Oriented Red Hat Course in Pune
    for the Best Career in IT Infrastructure. Enquire
    Now for More Details. Hurry!

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