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Precast Detailing and Designing Checklist - CAD Outsourcing - Presentation


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Title: Precast Detailing and Designing Checklist - CAD Outsourcing - Presentation

Detailing Designing Checklist
  • Precast Detailing technology is extensively used
    across the world for various purpose such as
    commercial buildings, stadiums, hospital
    infrastructure projects like bridges, airports
    etc. Understanding this technology requirement is
    very important aspect.
  • This explains several important features required
    in designing and detailing of building projects
    using Precast Panel Detailing technology.

  • Once, the Precast Panel Detailing and Tekla
    Precast Concrete Detailing are created, precaster
    is contacted to achieve practical and economical
    construction methods.
  • The next page is about a checklist of items the
    design team should consider in the designing and
    manufacturing of Precast Panel Detailing and
    Tekla Precast Concrete Detailing.

Architectural Specifications
Detailed Designing of Panel
Dimensions of the Panel
Supporting Structure
Shop Drawings
  1. Insulated ornon-insulated panels
  2. Load bearing ornon-loadbearing panels

Dimensionsof the panel
  1. Weight restrictions
  2. Stress limitations
  3. Erection feasibility and access
  4. Transportation weight and size limitations
  5. Production limitations

  1. Points of load application
  2. Stability while erection
  3. Overall stability

  1. Achieve maximum repetition of same units to
    reduce overall prices.

Detailed Designingof Panel
  1. ReinforcementFor functions in the final
    positionFor stripping, storage, transportation
  2. Design of connections, inserts, hardware lifting
    hooks, etc. for stripping, storage,
    transportation, and erection.
  3. Concrete mixture proportions

Shop drawings
  1. Piece drawings
  2. Erection drawings
  3. Drawings for special handling
  4. Connections details
  5. Storage diagrams
  6. Anchor layout drawings
  7. Hardware details

  • A proper Precast Concrete Detailing and Precast
    Panel Detailing in a concrete structure is very
    important with regard to structural behaviour,
    safety and good performance. But the rules in
    codes for designing and detailing are not always
    easy to understand. However, the above checklist
    will be beneficial for the builders to understand
    and fulfil many requirements.

  • Lots of innovation is happening across the
    construction field. Awareness about modern
    methods and techniques makes the Precast
    Engineering Services firm successful. CAD
    Outsourcing is providing Precast Detailing
    Services with better quality and efficiency. Our
    Precast Engineering Services is delivered by
    professionals minimize the risk of failure. We
    follow regulations and codes of the construction

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