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VIDU – Mock Test Software for Coaching Institute & Online Tutors


ViDU India's best online education software designed for teaching, live classes tutoring, bulk online class video upload, create and sell online courses and coaching material and more. Visit to book a demo now! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: VIDU – Mock Test Software for Coaching Institute & Online Tutors

VIDU Mock Test Software for Online Tutors
Mock tests are essentially practice papers that
are prepared entirely on the basis of the most
recent exam pattern and syllabus for the
respective examination. These are simulations of
actual exam practice, allowing aspirants to
assess their true potential.

Why are mock tests important?
  • You must put your preparation to the test in
    order to achieve the greatest outcomes.

  • Practicing mock tests gives you a better idea of
    the types of questions that will appear on the
    exam. They also aid in the improvement of
    competitive exam scores. Mock exams are tests
    that are duplicated based on the pattern of an
    annual or competitive exam.
  • Students can take the exam online, on their own
    time, on their own device, regardless of where
    they live, with an online examination. All you
    need is a browser and access to the internet.

How to create online tests for students?
  • Automated tests can be created and managed online
    with the help of test makers or test creators.
    Multiple-choice, matching, short answer,s and
    true or false questions are just a few of the
    sorts of questions that are available in the tool.

Free online test maker for teachers
  • A free test maker for teachers is a simple online
    quiz maker that teachers can use to create online
    tests for their students. Free online test makers
    are used by teachers and academic institutions to
    improve e-learning, distance learning, and group
  • Online test generators are a simple but effective
    tool. Distribute tests to students online,
    receive instant results, and have the tool grade
    the testview results from all students in a
    single informative dashboard.

Online exam software features
  • To have the details streamlined, online exam
    software can be a great option.
  • It might be difficult for schools to manage their
    entire schedule while also guaranteeing that the
    exams they conduct are completely cheat-proof.

There are numerous possibilities accessible on
the market nevertheless, there are a few things
to consider before accepting one
  • Planned and Scheduled Automation The online exam
    software should be able to handle the chaotic
    planning phase. It should be able to collect
    information from students and set up a schedule
    via its web portal, as well as process student
    applications, issue automated admission cards,
    assign tests according to the subject, and track
    attendance on responses.

  • Multiple templates To make it easier for
    beginners, choose from a pre-existing list of
  • Customizable templates Choose your base template
    and fully customize your test to fit your
    students needs, your style, and any academic
  • Question bank management The software should
    provide question banks, suggestion papers, and
    reference links or PDFs on various subjects
    during the exam preparation phases. The question
    banks should be interactive, with appropriate
    multimedia and text editors. The presentation
    style should be appealing enough to pique the
    interest of individual students.
  • Configuration of question The software must be
    capable of assisting teachers in creating
    multiple question patterns for any subject. As a
    result, multiple-choice, open-ended, quizzes, and
    other types of questions can be included.

  • Scorekeeping Different questions may have
    varying degrees of importance. Depending on the
    requirement, assign points or scores to each
  • Easy approval Online test software must include
    an automatic assessment tool that makes it easy
    for users to accept and change created questions
    in a timely way.
  • Multi-Language support Make sure it includes
    multi-language support to make the process of
    taking online exams as smooth as possible for you
    and your students.
  • Instant Notifications Students and parents
    should be able to receive an immediate
    notification of exams, assessments, classes,
    timing, and projects from the software, with
    great precision and without leaking personal

  • Multiple device support Students must have the
    option of taking assessments on computers, iPads,
    or mobile devices.
  • Analytics The free test maker uses a unique id
    to track the progress of the test for each
    student. Monitor the tests progress in
  • Shareable dashboard In order to cooperate and
    share information, share the progress dashboard
    with students or other faculty members.
  • The characteristics listed above are just a few
    of them. There is a slew of other characteristics
    to keep an eye out for.

  • How do I create an online test with ViDU?
  • ViDU is one of the best mock test software for
    tutors. With ViDU, you can easily create mock
    tests by following the steps below.
  • Step1 Visit our website and register yourself.
  • Step2 After logging in, you will be taken to a
  • Step3 Click Add New Test to create a mock
    test. Details, content, and publish are the three
  • Step4 The detail section allows you to
    configure various test parameters such as test
    title, test category, instructions, test
    language, time restrictions, negative marks
    percentage, test status. You can also customize
    the theme, display sequence, and duration of the

  • Additionally, there are user settings that allow
    you to set the number of test attempts. You can
    allow or deny students access to their reports,
    solutions, and schedule dates.
  • Step5 There is a drop-down menu in the content
    section where you can choose the test category
    and question type. You can also easily add
    questions. A question bank is available on the
    left side. The order of appearance can be changed
    using the dropdown menu.
  • Step6 Select the test type in the publish
    section. The test might be tagged to a specific
    package, or it can be published as free.

Why should you go with ViDU?
  • VIDU is a powerful learning tool designed to take
    learning outside of the classroom. An innovative
    and user-friendly SAAS platform for coaching
    centers that enhances student outcomes and drives
    business growth like no other!
  • A one-stop-shop for creating and selling live
    classes, recorded courses, test series, and study
  • Any educational institution can use ViDU to build
    question banks, online mock tests, quizzes, live
    classrooms, and video uploads.

  • ViDU is one of the best online exam software
    options, with a variety of mock test options.
    Take a peek at some of the features that allow
    you to maximize your learners potential
  • Mock tests at ease Mock Tests may be easily
    created in minutes! We have the most flexible
    framework for uploading thousands of questions at
  • Web-based assessment Deliver and manage branded
    assessments online using an existing website or
    create a new one.
  • Password-protected tests Unauthorized users can
    be kept out of the exam by using
    password-protected tests.
  • User analytics and reports It provides a summary
    of the students time distribution, trend
    analysis, and sectional reports.
  • Sell mock tests Within a single package, you can
    run single or multiple tests. Integrate a payment
    gateway and start monetizing your content.

  • App-based assessment Create a branded app to
    distribute content to a large number of people.
  • Video Solutions Make sure your audience
    understands topics by using video solutions.
  • Pay per attempt Pay based on the number of
    attempts made by students.
  • Conclusion Online tests allow you to take exams
    from the comfort of your own home and submit them
    efficiently. In light of the current situation,
    the online test is playing a pivotal role in
    facilitating the examination process. From the
    perspective of the organizer, online assessments
    are more cost-effective and require less human
    interaction. Remote proctoring is a good way to
    keep human interference to a minimum. You can
    create video solutions for your audience for
    better clarity of concept

  • Any questions?
  • You can find me at Call 91
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