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What Factors You Should Consider Fully When Selecting Vacuum Furnace for Your Application?


When you are selecting vacuum furnaces for your industrial application then you should consider some factors. Some factors such as weight capacity, work area, temperature consideration, vacuum performance, hot zone construction, vacuum system components, furnace chamber design, electrical equipment & controls, etc. So make sure to look into each factor before selecting vacuum furnaces for your industrial application. For more details visit:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Factors You Should Consider Fully When Selecting Vacuum Furnace for Your Application?

What Factors You Should Consider Fully When
Selecting Vacuum Furnace for Your Application?
Want to invest in vacuum furnace for brazing? Or
for vacuum heat treatment, vacuum sintering,
annealing, thermal processing in your industrial
application? All these are extremely important
procedures and must be executed with the finest
furnace. If you start scouting for vacuum
furnaces, then you will see that there are hordes
of options available including graphite
crucible wafer, tungsten crucible wafer in
laboratory vacuum furnace, as well as tungsten
crucible wafer, graphite crucible wafer
in benchtop furnace.
  • Considerations to Make When Shopping for Vacuum
  • Weight Capacity
  • Work Area
  • Temperature Consideration
  • Vacuum Performance
  • Hot Zone Construction
  • Vacuum System Components
  • Furnace Chamber Design
  • Electrical Equipment Controls
  • Power Supply
  • Gas Cooling System

Weight Capacity
You need to ensure what maximum load weight at a
specific elevated operating temperature can be
Work Area
What load size can be processed is the
consideration for determining the effective work
area. This is important so you are able to buy
fit-size furnace hearth and not larger than that
because it will increase operating cost.
Temperature Consideration
What your requirement is pertaining to high
temperature furnaces operation? This is an
important consideration. Most furnaces come with
a capability to operate at 2400F, while for
higher requirement added temperature capability
can also be availed. Temperature operating
uniformity across the furnace range should be
looked into, exploring all the options.
Vacuum Performance
For blower/mechanical pump furnace, ultimate
vacuum is in range of 20 Microns Hg or more. For
diffusion pumped, ultimate vacuum range is 10-6
Torr. There should be approximate 10 minutes
time period from pump-down to high-vacuum
Hot Zone Construction
Acceptable insulation package has to be
considered based on the industrial standards
pertaining to thick 304 stainless steel structure
and flaxshield. This is important to reduce
moisture absorption and reduce chances of
oxidization and rusting. Heating element
insulators must be used in a way that these are
protected from contaminating vapors.
Vacuum System Components
The mechanical pumps have to be of high quality,
and must provide for large reservoir for
efficient functioning during hot humid
days. Vacuum blower pump is also another
important component that has to be considered
with good research.
Furnace Chamber Design
The basic construction of the furnace design has
to be well thought out. It must conform to the
industry standards and codes, and must be able to
properly allow water circulation. The chamber
door design must be like it allows for proper
personnel safety during the autoclave movement.
The door should be able to avoid seal failure and
dirt collection.
Electrical Equipment Controls
A centralized, easy to operate cabinet,
conforming to the industry standard, is important
to house the electrical controls. For proper
control and monitoring of the furnace, a cabinet
that houses temperature controller, programmable
controller and other controllers and recorders
for smooth operation is much-needed.
Power Supply
An advanced power supply with complete controls
including the trim control has to be provided
within the cabinet. It must be able to remove any
possibility of power flow problem in the
Gas Cooling System
Both internal and external cooling systems have
to be considered fully, so these are able to
provide easy access to heat exchange, drive
motor, eliminate drive motor shaft rotating
seals. Gas nozzles have to be optimum in allowing
for accelerated gas flow, and ensure proper
functioning throughout the hot zone front door
main section.
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