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Conquered by a Vendor Management Software Solution


A Vendor Management Software Solution like FlentisPRO can solve the major obstacles you face during the hiring and recruiting for your organization. Whether it is managing the vendors, procuring them, keeping a track of employees’ performance, generating invoices, storing contracts and other data, or having a better candidate experience, this VMS can do it all for you. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Conquered by a Vendor Management Software Solution

a Vendor Management Software Can Conquer
  • FlentisPRO Assists in Resolving the Major Issues
    in Business

Accounts To Discuss
  • What are the Major Issues an Organization Faces?
  • Lack of Aptly Skilled Workforce
  • Talent Scarcity
  • Too Pricey Contracts
  • Candidate Misclassification
  • Attendance Invoice Mismanagement

  • Compliance Document Storage Issues
  • Compromised Security When Handling Sensitive
  • VMS Assisting in Resolution of the Problems
  • The Conclusion
  • Contact Details

Major Issues Faced by Organizations
  • Several businesses face a fall and are not able
    to get ahead of their competitors due to several
  • Some crucial obstacles faced by the firms are
  • Unable to find the right candidate
  • Not having an effective workforce
  • Onboarding expensive talents
  • Complex vendor management
  • Messed up invoices
  • Storage struggles and data loss
  • Data theft and unsecured systems

ISSUE 1 Lack of Talent or No Talent
SOLUTION Talent Pools.
  • It is very easy for companies to choose a wrong
    candidate. Sometimes organizations drop a
    candidate because they find them too pricey. Most
    of the times businesses are unable to choose the
    right talents as they are not sure of the
    candidates interests, skills, preferences, and
    how well they could fit the company.
  • A Vendor Management System has a wonderful
    feature of Talent Pools. This collective area
    acts like the candidate profile storage. In a
    talent pool, all the candidates are segregated
    based on their skills, interests, availability,
    etc., making it easier to select and onboard a
    candidate when necessary. This feature assists in
    hiring the best talent that is most relatable to
    the work atmosphere of your business.

ISSUE 2 Unsatisfactory Workforce
SOLUTION Bulk Hiring Through Candidate Pools.
  • When you need to fill in requisitions and need to
    fill in a lot of positions, companies choose to
    hire candidates that are not too costly and fit
    in the job role. After some time of bulk hiring,
    they offboard candidates in bulk due to
    undesirable results. Companies fail to keep the
    record of the candidates they screen which leads
    to a bulk termination.
  • Candidates cross several tests and reach the
    candidate pool, which means that their skills are
    top-notch. A vendor management software solution
    can sort out this problem as it helps achieve a
    skilled team rather than bulk labor. Therefore,
    instead of having a lot of team members in your
    organization who are mostly of no use to the
    company can be avoided and replaced with a few
    strong talents that add more value to the
    companys deliverables. Remember quality over

ISSUE 3 Talents are Costly
SOLUTION Cost-effective Talents.
  • Do you feel that choosing top talents can burn a
    hole in your pocket? Well, this is a myth. Mostly
    businesses tend to lose out on the best talent
    thinking that they wont be affordable and may
    just not match the work culture of the company.
    Additionally, after rejecting the candidate, they
    lose out on the contact and are unable to track
    down the same in future.
  • You can have the best candidate working for your
    organization at the best value. The VMS Software
    assists in choosing the right candidate for your
    projects. These top talents add more weight to
    your deliverables making your organization win a
    lot of brownie points. A company must always
    choose quality over quantity when it comes to
    handling delicate projects.

ISSUE 4 Poor Vendor Management
SOLUTION Blended Workforce
  • Mismanagement in your company shifts your focus
    from the main problematic areas. Until this issue
    is not resolved, you cannot attend to the other
    important things like the performance of your
    employees, or the kind of project received and
    how it can be worked upon.
  • An organization doesnt necessarily need their
    entire workforce to come down to the office and
    work and we have clearly noticed this during the
    pandemic, COVID-19. A VMS helps in managing your
    entire team (filled with SOW agreements,
    part-time employees, full-time laborers,
    freelancers, and remote workers) just with a
    couple of clicks. So, if you have thousands of
    employees or even ten thousands or more, a VMS
    can smoothly manage your workforce

ISSUE 5 Invoicing Problems
SOLUTION Automated Invoice
  • Creating an invoice for ten employees is easy.
    But what about creating invoices for hundreds of
    people? Or maybe thousands? Or probably ten
    thousands and more? Got dizzy? Invoicing is an
    issue when it has to be done manually. But gone
    are the days where people needed to use paper to
    create multiple invoices
  • Invoices on a VMS portal are automatically
    generated, which saves you time and effort.
    Payrolls are made easier as everything is
    documented on the portal. It internally goes
    through several checks that a human mind may miss
    out. But an AI feature never misses out even the
    slightest of detail

ISSUE 6 No Storage, Less Storage, and Out of
SOLUTION A Cloud-based VMS System.
  • Many organizations usually face this common
    problem of running out of storage or unable to
    find a proper storage on a portal. Even if the
    company finds a good portal, it may not provide
    enough storage for your documents and other data.
    Storage can be a big problem for a multi-national
    organization. Mostly, this storage either has a
    price tag, is available for a limited time, and
    is not cloud-based.
  • Everything is cloud-based. Hence, it can be
    accessed from anywhere and at any time, that too,
    from any device. All your documents, data,
    contracts and other information can be located on
    the VMS Software.

ISSUE 7 Unsecure Portals
SOLUTION Password-protected Platform.
  • Data is very confidential for any organization.
    Since everything has become digitized, any random
    portal cant be used as data theft has become on
    the rise too. Additionally, you wouldnt want to
    share all of the data with everyone.
  • A good VMS makes sure that your data is not
    leaked anywhere. Information can be accessed by
    stakeholders who have access rights and the login
    credentials of the platform. Having a cloud-based
    password-protected portal just makes you relieved
    and shifts your focus on to other issues.

How Can a VMS Assist in Resolving the Problems?
  • A Vendor Management System, like FlentisPRO, was
    invented with the thought of making management
    and other vendor-related issues seem less
    problematic. Over the years, with digitization,
    the VMS Platforms also upgraded in order to cater
    to the needs of businesses.
  • FlentisPRO has revolutionized with time and has
    now become the best Vendor Management Software
    System in the USA. It has several features like
    in-built video conferencing, Learning Management
    System, Application Tracking System, talent
    pools, cost-effective solutions, customizable
    platforms for different organizations, track
    timesheets, and much more.
  • This VMS System does not just focus on the vendor
    management, but also allows you to have a
    centralized view of your entire business. To
    several clients, this is the smoothest vendor
    management software.

  • In conclusion, it is evident that multinational
    organizations need a Vendor Management Software
    Solution to cater to their daily management
  • Whether it is managing the vendors, procuring
    them, keeping a track of employees performance,
    generating invoices, storing contracts and other
    data, or having a better candidate experience, a
    VMS Portal can be the best thing to integrate

  • Do you have any questions?
  • 1-888-541-5551
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