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A Logical Approach to CompTIA Security+ vs. CEH Dilemma


You might have come across the CompTIA Security+ and CEH certificates if you researched certifications in the realm of cybersecurity, the hottest topic in the digital world. These two credentials are the most common in the cybersecurity business. When deciding whether to take CompTIA Security+ or CEH, consider your present knowledge and skills as well as the career path you want to pursue. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Logical Approach to CompTIA Security+ vs. CEH Dilemma

A Logical Approach to CompTIA Security vs. CEH
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You might have come across the CompTIA Security
and CEH certificates if you researched
certifications in the realm of cybersecurity, the
hottest topic in the digital world. These two
credentials are the most common in the
cybersecurity business. When deciding whether to
take CompTIA Security or CEH, consider your
present knowledge and skills as well as the
career path you want to pursue.
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But let us face it, to find and commit to
certification when you are new to the field of
cybersecurity, or any new profession for that
matter can be an intimidating endeavor. After
all, you will put up your hard-earned money and
invest your time to advance your education. So,
if this decision is haunting you, then you have
come to the right place. This article will
compare and contrast the CompTIA Security and
the CEH certifications. It will help you to
decide the best accreditation for yourself.
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Why cybersecurity? First of all, you need to
figure out why you want to enter the world of
cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is the safeguarding
of computer systems and networks against data
leakage, theft, or damage to their hardware,
software, or electronic data, as well as
disruption or misdirection of the services they
provide. With the rapid increase in digital
transformation around the globe, cyberattacks,
and data breaches are also soaring. For this
reason, cybersecurity has become vital to any
business or individual. Thanks to the rising need
for cybersecurity services, the demand for
professionals who can help secure IT systems has
increased. Therefore, there has never been a
better moment to pursue a career in
cybersecurity. The cybersecurity field presents
the ultimate growth potential for both your
career and learning opportunities.
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What is CompTIA Security? CompTIA Security is
often considered an entry-level certification. It
is offered by CompTIA who provides
industry-leading vendor-neutral certifications.
The CompTIA Security certification is a great
place to start if you are entering the world of
cybersecurity. It is considered one of the best
beginner-level certifications because it provides
the basic knowledge of the cybersecurity domain
needed to perform IT security functions. The
CompTIA Security certification delivers the core
knowledge needed for any cybersecurity profession
and is a stepping stone to more advanced
cybersecurity positions. The accreditation covers
risk management and mitigation skills, knowledge,
market trends, how to respond to risks and
address them, and numerous audits and penetration
testing skills. It tests your knowledge of five
domains. They are

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The CompTIA Security is primarily concerned with
theoretical knowledge of many facets of
cybersecurity, such as the configuration,
production, implementation, and stability of
security systems, policies, and infrastructure.
It highlights the hands-on practical skills
utilized by cybersecurity professionals with
performance-based questions. The CompTIA
Security certification is the initial step
towards becoming an information security
professional who can help businesses combat and
mitigate cybercrime. It equips candidates with
the skills they will need to land one of the many
cybersecurity positions available. If you are an
entry-level professional and want to sharpen your
skills before you enter the world of
cybersecurity, then CompTIA Security is the
right choice for you. However, you will obtain
higher-paying opportunities when you add more
skills and work experience to your resume.

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What is CEH? CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker,
offered by the EC-Council, is an advanced level
certification compared to CompTIA Security. The
CEH is a credential earned when you demonstrate
the competence to analyze the security of IT
systems to look for flaws and vulnerabilities in
target systems using the same information and
tools as a malicious attacker but lawfully and
legitimately. It focuses on the recently emerging
malware attacks, hacking tools, and attack
vectors. The accreditation certifies a
professionals knowledge and skills in ethical
hacking techniques. Organizations hire CEH
professionals to break into network and computer
systems in order to uncover and resolve security

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CEH is a leader in establishing ethical hacking
as a global norm. To match the competence ethical
hackers require today, it covers the five phases
of ethical hacking reconnaissance, scanning,
gaining access, maintaining access, and clearing
tracks. The CEH certification is highly regarded
since it demonstrates refined ethical hacking and
penetration specialist skills. CEH can help you
to obtain higher-paying jobs. EC-Council and
CompTIA recommend that participants have similar
experience in the field, despite these
certifications being for two separate career

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Comparison of CompTIA Security and CEH
Parameter CompTIA Security CEH
Cost 370 USD 1,199 USD
Exam Format Multiple-choice and performance-based Multiple-choice
Recommended Experience Two years in IT and CompTIA Network certification Two years in IT security and CompTIA Security certification
Area of focus Focuses on the layers of defense and terminology used most frequently in IT security roles Focuses more on the hacking process and attack types
Job Roles 1. Security Analyst2. Network Administrator3. IT Support Technician4. Systems Administrator5. Security Administrator6. Junior IT Auditor7. Security Consultant8. Security Engineer 1. Penetration Tester2. Ethical Hacker3. IT Auditor4. Security Engineer5. Security Consultant6. Network Security Specialist

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CompTIA Security or CEH? You can not go wrong
with either of these certifications. Both of
these certifications will help you succeed in the
field of cybersecurity. Consider taking the
CompTIA Security certification if you are
absolutely new to the world of cybersecurity. If
you have any prior experience in the industry,
then CEH certification is excellent. CEH is
primarily concerned with expanding professional
awareness on specific IT topics such as
penetration testing and ethical hacking. You can
go for both as well. It all comes down to where
you are headed in your career when you decide
between the two. Choose wisely!

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