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Online Publishing Of Books


Online Publishing of Books is the publication of an author's work without the help of any publishing platform. The author can pick and choose and apply viable methods at each stage of publishing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Publishing Of Books

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  • The satisfaction gained through writing and
    publishing a book is undefinable. It is a dream
    of many to write and publish a book and leave
    ones mark in the world of literature. Book
    publishing has traditionally relied solely on
    major publishing houses. Digital technology has
    eased the publications of books. With a computer
    and an internet connection, the aspiring author
    can manage all the publishing processes all by
    himself. These days, many services and tools are
    at the disposal of the writers to publish books
    at a faster pace than using the traditional
    publishing method.
  • Traditional publishing practices and current
    copyright laws have disrupted the free exchange
    of knowledge. When books are released by
    traditional publishers with tongs and hammers,
    their contents become obsolete soon due to the
    natural delay in publishing processes. Heavily
    biased copyright terms and conditions affect the
    popularity of the book.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Printing
  • Traditional publishing houses manage the
    publishing work very professionally and they
    enhance the content and the quality of the book.
    The main advantage of traditional book publishing
    is the book is published under the brand name of
    a reputed publisher. They also take care of the
    promotion and sales of the book and authors can
    be freed from these activities. At the same time,
    publishing through traditional publishers is a
    time-consuming process. Also, prominent
    publishers accept works for publication only
    after rigorous examination. Going via the
    traditional publishing route usually takes time
    from six months to twelve months. Besides,
    writers income is minimal in this scenario.

  • The quantity of books published today is much
    higher than those in the past. Other than
    literary books, the majority of books are
    published to meet the academic requirements. The
    book publishing industry is regularly advancing
    in all aspects with the aid of technology.
    Traditional publishing does not give proper
    financial motivation to authors and thats the
    reason many authors are taking the
    self-publishing route to have greater control
    over their work.

Self-publishing at a glance
  • A book undergoes various stages like manuscript
    preparation, expert review, proofreading, layout,
    design, printing, pricing, marketing, and sales
    before it reaches the readers hand. Online
    Publishing of Books is the publication of an
    author's work without the help of any publishing
    platform. The author can pick and choose and
    apply viable methods at each stage of publishing.
    Printing and digital technology have provided
    greater access to knowledge. In earlier times,
    without the help of traditional publishing
    houses, it was difficult to print and sell books.
    Also, most major publishers are more selective in
    accepting the works for publication. It shrinks
    and diminishes the opportunities for authors who
    would like to publish through traditional routes.
    Advancements in printing and computer
    technologies have made the publishing industry
    more accessible to ordinary authors. With the aid
    of cutting-edge technologies, the self-publishing
    sector offers more opportunities and
    possibilities for writers. The how to publish on
    an online book process has been eased out and it
    is helping the authors a lot.

Online Publishing of Books
  • Modern printing technology has made it possible
    to publish paperback editions at a minimal cost.
    Print-on-demand is a very popular practice in
    self-publishing. The copy is only printed when
    there is an order. In case of the online
    publishing, an author can make available the
    e-book on the Internet and it can be made
    convenient for the readers to access the same.
    PDF and EPUB are the two more popular formats
    used for publishing e-books. These formats are
    easy to use with a computer, tablet, mobile
    phone, and on an e-book reading device. E-books
    can be priced nominally or may be distributed for
    free in case the author wants to build his brand
    for the long term. Online publishing is the
    cheapest, reliable, and an effective way to build
    ones tribe and then serve it over the long haul.

  • The self-publishing industry makes use of
    innovative technologies for the publishing
    processes and cut-shorts the overall time. An
    author can make an e-book and print editions
    available simultaneously. In his quest of how to
    publish an online book, the author has been
    strengthened with cheap and reliable resources.
    Online publishing of books has become the new
    norm for aspiring authors.

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