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Title: TOP10

Photo Stick Reviews
Top Best Photo Stick Reviews
Photo Stick Reviews, Is The Photo Stick A Scam?
Must Read Before Buying Do you ever wish you
could store more photos in one place, free up
storage on your computer by saving your photos
elsewhere or wish you could find photos on your
computer more easily? Anyone who loves to capture
lifes precious moments has probably felt this
way at one point or another. Luckily, theres a
solution for all of those issues, and it is the
Photo Stick. The Photo Stick is designed to
safely store your photos off your device, freeing
up ample storage space, and transfer them to and
from other devices. We have looked into the
Photo Stick carefully and provided a review to
help you determine if the Photo Stick is the
right solution for you. In this detailed review
youll find answers to every question you may
have about the Photo stick.
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What Is the Photo Stick? The Photo Stick is
designed to store thousands of photos at once,
securely and safely. You may think that would
require a product thats overly expensive,
however, thats not the case! This product has
been popular for a while now due to its storage
capabilities and its compact and portable
design. Many people compare the Photo Stick to a
storage drive or a flash drive. While it is
similar to those, it is not the same. The Photo
Stick is what we call smart storage. The Photo
Stick manages to store your files in an efficient
and easily accessible way, easing the
complication and workload for you. It finds files
for you, which means you dont have to sort
through loads of folders or waste time hunting
down your pictures. All of that work is done for
you, which is why there are so many positive
reviews about it. So yes, it is kind of like a
flash drive. It serves the same purpose by
holding many files at once, but it is also so
much more. The Photo Stick is designed to do
what other flash drives and storage devices cant
by finding files for you, it saves time and
avoids the hassle of sorting and locating photos.
Overall, this makes it infinitely easier to
transfer your files quickly and simply.
  • How Does Photostick Work?
  • Using The Photo Stick is as easy as using an
    ordinary flash drive such as those you used for
    school and work assignments. It features a
    similar design with a USB body that you can plug
    into an open port. As long as you turn on your
    computer and let it boot up and run, youll have
    no problem using the Photo Stick. Just follow
    these steps to quickly backup all your photos and
  • Locate an available USB port somewhere on your
  • Make sure that the stick faces up before you plug
    it into the port Wait for your computer to
    identify the device
  • Look at the window the appears in the middle of
    your screen
  • Click on the green Go button to tell the device
    to run
  • The Photo Stick is very easy to use. It
    automatically scans your computer to find all the
    files with video or image extensions and
    formats. The Photo Stick then moves copies of
    those files to the stick. This creates a backup
    that you can use later and also gives you copies
    that you can access on other devices. It
    typically takes around 60 seconds for the device
    to finish scanning.
  • A nice feature is that it removes duplicate files
    when The Photo Stick notices which files it saved

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How Many Photos Can You Save? The simple answer
is that it depends on which model you buy and the
size of your photo and video files. The Photo
Stick 8 offers 8 GB of storage, which is enough
for storing up to 3,500 photos. The 64 model has
64 GB of storage and can hold up to 30,000
photos. Youll also find The Photo Stick 128,
which is the largest model available. It can hold
up to 60,000 photos and offers 128 GB of storage
space. These calculations are based on an
estimated average size of 2MB per file. So one
thing to keep in mind as you read The Photo Stick
review is that the amount of storage you get
depends on the size of your files. Though most
models will store at least 3,500 pictures, they
will hold fewer videos. Video files are larger in
size and will take up more space. Youll get
less space if you store a number of larger
documents or songs on your The Photo Stick too.
Its also important that you keep in mind the
size of your computers hard drive. If you have a
larger hard drive with more saved documents, you
may want to go with one of the large models.
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