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Title: Reserve India Tours

Gir National Park
Tour Hotel Booking
Reserve India Tours
  • When was Gir National Park established?
  • The Gir Forest Reserve came into existence in the
    year 1913 for the protection of the Asiatic
    Lions. The government of India declared it a
    conservation zone and National Park on the 18th
    of September, 1965.
  • Several aspects were in play which made
    conservation of the Gir National Park mandatory.
    No other place in India has such a vast and
    compact expanse of a dry deciduous forest. The
    conditions of the jungle are perfect for the
    lions to live. The most number of carnivore
    creatures of India survive here at the Gir
    National Park. Read more
  • Area 1,412 sq. km (545 sq. mi)
  • State  GujaratAltitude  150-530
    m above sea level
  • Temperature range  48C to 10CAnnual
    Rainfall  600-1000 mmBest time to visit 
  • (Closed 16 June-15

About Gir National Park
  • Gir National Park is the sole home for pure
    Asiatic lions, situated about 65 km southeast of
    Junagarh district of Gujarat.
  • Many researchers and hunter from the different
    parts of the world come to Gir because it is the
    only habitat of lions other than Africa.
  • Gir National Park has the biodiversity of 606
    different plant species, 2000 insects species, 36
    species of mammals and over 300 species of birds.
  • Dry Deciduous forest helps in keeping the climate
    moderate in the region.

  • What Is Gir Forest Famous For?
  • Gir National Park is the home of the Asiatic
    Lions, and that is why it is famous. Besides
    being the haven of lions, it harbors many other
    creatures, including birds, reptiles, insects,
    mammals, and trees.
  • Which Animal Is Gir National Park Famous?
  • Of course, the majestic Asiatic lions are the
    real reason behind the popularity of gir national
    park. However, the king of the jungle isnt the
    only inhabitant of this natural reserve.
  • Gir is the home of jackals, Indian foxes, striped
    hyenas, and other smaller carnivorous animals.
    Over two hundred species of birds rule the skies
    of gir national park as well. This natural
    reserve earned the title of being an essential
    zone for birds by the Indian bird conservation
    network. The critically endangered long-billed
    vultures also live here. Sasan gir is also the
    blessed home of over forty species of amphibians
    and reptiles. There is a vast reservoir inside
    the sanctuary known as Kamleshwar. It is the best
    spot for marsh crocodiles to live and thrive.
    Snakes like Russell's viper, Krait, King Cobra,
    and Saw-scaled viper also live here.

  • Geography of Gir National Park
  • Seven major perennial rivers crisscross through
    the entire area of the Gir National Park. The
    rivers are Shingoda, Shetrunji, Machhundri,
    Raval, Hiran, Datardi, and the Godavari. There
    are also four dams built inside the park. These
    dams ensure that the animals face no issue
    regarding potable water. The water supply further
    bolsters the survival of the flora which shades
    the whole area. After all, the fauna also needs
    water for the survival and sustenance of the wild
    creatures. The largest among the four dams is
    known as the Kamleshwar Dam. The reservoir
    created by this particular dam supports hundreds
    of species of birds.
  • About The Flora
  • The searching eyes of a wildlife enthusiast will
    scour the areas for the glimpse of a lion.
    However, the vegetation of Gir deserves as much
    attention as the animals. The trees and plants
    are what bestow the natural habitat for the
    survival of these creatures. Mixed deciduous
    forests primarily dominate the landscape. Other
    instances of flora include evergreen and
    semi-evergreen trees. You will also find vast
    stretches of grasslands and scrub jungles. The
    dry deciduous nature of the forest creates a
    predominantly parched climate. As you keep moving
    up the hills, the trees tend to get shorter and
    less dense than the plains.

Best Time To Visit Gir National Park
  • The Best Season
  • The best time to explore Gir is in winter,
    between  December and March as the weather
    remains pleasant. Summer is also a favored
    season, particularly for wildlife photography.
    Therefore, the best season to go on an adventure
    to Gir is the winter. The temperature in winter
    ranges between ten and twenty-two-degree
  • The summer season lasts between March and May,
    and the weather remains extremely humid and hot
    then. The temperature ranges somewhere between
    twenty-eight and forty-two-degree centigrade. The
    weather conditions may not be too enjoyable for
    tourists. The monsoon begins in June and
    continues until October.
  • It is when the animals get the much-needed
    respite from the heat. However, they prefer
    staying in shaded areas to avoid getting
    drenched. The rainy and muddy conditions make it
    impossible for conducting safari tours.

Is Gir National Park Safe?
  • The trip to be Gir National Park should be
    enjoyable and safe if you follow the instructions
    of your guide. However, you must make sure that
    youre doing Forest Department authorized safari.
  • Things To Know
  • Each vehicle receives thirty permits, and there
    are ninety safaris scheduled for a day. During
    peak seasons, the number of safaris per day can
    move up to one hundred and fifty.
  • Most of the safari vehicles issue permits over
    the web. One to six tourists can board one
    four-by-four jeep safari.
  • If you wish to travel privately, then you must
    have a Euro 3 amenable petrol car. You shouldnt
    neglect the task of acquiring the permit.
    Last-minute rushes can prove to be quite hectic
    and troublesome. Every vehicle enters the park
    through a specific gate and exits from a
    different one.
  • Dos And Donts
  • You must enter the park only after obtaining
    permits and learning the rules and regulations.
    Seek out tour guides to help you because they are
    trained for the benefit of travelers and
    explorers like you.

  • The guides know the entire area like the back of
    their hands. So, trusting them is a good idea.
  • If youre driving privately then keep your car
    slow. Only then will you be able to enjoy the
    beauty of the wild. If you drive too fast, then
    the noise will disturb the animals and force them
  • Also, make sure that youre following a specified
    route. You should never deviate off course as you
    may lose your way. Browse through our wide range
    of Gir Jeep Safari Packages with accommodation.
    Best pricing available for Gir Hotels Resorts.

Hotel Booking
For enjoy the trip to its fullest extent, it is
must to do an advanced booking of hotel room
according to your preferences. The accommodation
can be in a cottage, a resort or a simple hotel
room, but the room booking through online booking
site is must so that you dont have to roam here
and there after you reach the destination. Rely
on the features of a reliable hotel booking site,
explore the list of hotels, choose one of those,
fill the requirements, do online payment and stay
more confident about a successful safari tour.
Try to book a hotel that is near the entrances
of the Park. Some of the best Hotels near Gir
National Park are listed below GIR JUNGLE
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