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Best Cloud ERP Software Solutions for Small Business


Look for Cloud ERP software solutions that scale and where you can add additional features to your current Cloud ERP modules as your business grows. For most Cloud ERP software, financial management is one of the most critical modules in the software. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Cloud ERP Software Solutions for Small Business

Best Cloud ERP Software Solutions for Small
  • Cloud-based ERP software helps small businesses
    to automate processes and free up time for
    essential tasks such as lead building and
    developing customer relationships. Most Cloud ERP
    software can integrate all the different levels
    in the business, so they work within a single
    database and are seamless.

  • The invention of Cloud ERP software for small
    businesses triggers better processes in all sizes
    of enterprises. However, small businesses often
    have a difficult time justifying the cost of
    Cloud ERP software solutions.
  • Fortunately, Averiware is one of the trusted
    Cloud ERP software providers that offer a
    cost-effective Cloud ERP Software for small
    businesses that scale up your business growth.

  • Top traits while choosing the best Cloud ERP
    software for small business needs.
  • 1.Get Real-Time Reports
  • A system that doesnt update immediately creates
    a lot of confusion for employees. Imagine a
    system where the warehouse updates the available
    inventory on an item, but the data isnt in
    real-time. So, the sales department pushes a
    particular deadline, only to discover the
    warehouse is out of the item and the company
    cant fulfill orders.
  • One of the best ways of ensuring data updates in
    real-time is using a cloud-based database rather
    than an in-house networked solution. Most of the
    major Cloud ERP software companies offer this
    type of option for your company on a sliding
    scale. That way smaller businesses can still
    afford the data storage. Experts forecast
    enterprise cloud spending will increase 15
    percent each year through 2025.

  • 2.Mobile Access Capability
  • You and your employees need the ability to access
    your systems via mobile devices, which is another
    helpful aspect of cloud storage. One example of
    how well this works for businesses might be
    having employees put in their expenses for the
    accounting department to stay on top of spending,
    or salespeople to put in an order and have
    shipping get right on fulfilling it.
  • The mobile capability enables employees to update
    all systems in the process and stay on top of
    inventory and logistics in ways that translate
    into an excellent customer service experience.

  • 3.Invoice Accounting Management
  • Staying on top of spending may make or break your
    small business. The main reason small businesses
    fail is cash flow issues. What if you knew about
    every penny spent or earned throughout the year?
  • For most Cloud ERP software, financial management
    is one of the most critical modules in the
    software. Some features to look for include
    profit tracking, invoice tracking, and reports on
    cash flow.

  • 4.Easy Track on Human Resources
  • In the past, companies only used Cloud ERP
    software for payroll-type functions. However, as
    systems have advanced, more and more businesses
    have begun using Cloud ERPs for everything from
    performance tracking to attendance tracking to
    scheduling. A strong Cloud ERP software frees up
    small business managers for creative thinking,
    instead of spending time on menial tasks.
  • While a Cloud ERP occasionally still needs a
    human touch for evaluation purposes, it is an
    excellent way to track employees over time. Make
    sure the program you choose allows for input from

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