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Hotel Reservation System


FlightsLogic provides Hotel Reservation System, Hotel Website Software, Hotel XML API to the travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies worldwide. Our online hotel reservation system enables travel companies, agents and hospitality partner to online hotel booking framework rapidly and successfully. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Reservation System

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How does an Online Hotel Reservation System work?
  • FlightsLogic is a leading travel technology
    company that offers an online web-based hotel
    reservation system for the travel industry for
    service providers. It provides users a unique,
    intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use
    interface that upgrades the way people use the
    web. At FlightsLogic, we develop a hotel
    reservation system for worldwide travel agencies
    with GDS around the world.
  • We offer an online web-based hotel reservation
    system for the hotel/ hospitality industry for
    service providers. Our hotel reservation system
    empowers you to set up an online hotel
    reservation portal and customer management. The
    application is built up to simplify the work of
    hotel reservations online. With our application,
    your hotel website will be able to provide real
    both (online/ offline) room booking within
    minutes, building your website to provide
    E-commerce features with one-time setup fees.
  • Our Hotel Reservation System empowers agencies,
    travel companies, hospitality partners to manage
    online hotel bookings quickly and effectively.
    Over the years, our online hotel reservation
    software lets you connect with global clients by
    providing them the unique search and book

  • Our hotel reservation system is a software
    application that is implemented by hotels to
    enable users to create secure online
    reservations. Our hotel reservation system gives
    your users a quick and smooth reservation
    experience requiring efforts while using their
    PC, smartphones or tablets. Create extreme
    revenues by empowering your users to benefit from
    special offers, promo codes and the ability to do
    group bookings.
  • Our hotel booking process must be accurate and
    user-friendly to attract more customers and
    increase sales. Every hotel's goal is to increase
    their business and to earn the profit. Our online
    hotel reservation system is the pre-eminent
    platform, as it adds many benefits and you can
    easily book the hotel or room through the
    internet. It uncovers more information about a
    hotel which is situated in a particular area and
    you can also select a hotel according to your
    demands and choice.
  • Our hotel reservation system enables users to
    schedule dates and length of stay, room
    selection, extras, and payment all in one place.
    Our online hotel reservation process must be
    flawless and user-friendly to attract more
    customers and increase sales.

Simplify your hotel reservation processes and
drives more bookings with Flightslogic Hotel
Reservation System.
  • FlightsLogic offers an online web-based hotel
    reservation software for the hospitality industry
    for service providers. Our hotel reservation
    system is easy to use leading online hotel
    reservation software that enables hotels,
    resorts, property owners to take full advantage
    of the power of the internet while increasing the
    flexibility to maximize revenues.

Online Hotel Reservation System
How do Hotel Reservation Systems increase
efficiency and profits?
  • FlightsLogic is a specialized hotel reservation
    system company providing hotel reservation
    systems at affordable rates. Our hotel
    reservation system provides integrated hotel
    reservation software to the clients worldwide.
    Our hotel reservation engine offers travel
    agencies, tour operators, travel companies, and
    hospitality partners to manage their online
    booking of hotel effectively.
  • We provide a flawless service of hotel booking by
    delivering a well-designed hotel booking
    software. Our hotel booking engine is
    feature-rich, robust and scalable and provides
    web-based OTA to the travel agencies, tour
    operators and travel companies. Our hotel booking
    engine is user-friendly and can easily be
    integrated on your website to provide error-free
    bookings for a hotel room for tourists.
  • Our hotel reservation system is becoming admired
    as it enables the travel and tourism industry to
    provide bookings through the internet across
    various destinations globally. We provide a
    powerful and tailored hotel reservation system
    that offers the ability to fully customize it
    according to your requirements.

  • Integrating into your existing website is a
    breeze as our system is fully compatible with all
    web and mobile platforms. The system displays
    real-time latest information about accommodation
    availability and pricing.
  • Our hotel reservation system merges hotels from
    different suppliers under one name, filters
    hotels by location or price and displays
    preferred hotels on top. Our hotel booking system
    creates enhanced daily reports so you can monitor
    your business' growth.
  • Our hotel reservation system is a complete
    worldwide based solution for hotel reservations,
    car reservations, flight ticket booking, easy to
    access for user and travel agency and you can
    book smartly through the software, the user can
    book any place any need for services. Our hotel
    reservation system integrated with all the
    essential tools such as accommodation booking
    travel agency inspections in one 'Real-time'
    software solution plus being multilingual and
  • Our hotel reservation system gets rid of the need
    to acquire multiple software packages that
    combined do not reach the overall functionality
    and productivity of the hotel reservation system.

  • Our hotel reservation system is developed in a
    way so that you can connect to your online hotel
    booking engine. Our hotel reservation system
    offers rate and distribution management across
    all major comprehensive channels, powerful
    booking tools for your website and call center,
    and integrations to all your key platforms.
  • Our booking engine is a tool which integrated
    into a hotel's own website where customers can
    check room availability book directly. Create
    your direct revenue strategy, with an organized
    hotel booking engine for your hotel website with
    an inbuilt user interface to deliver great user
    experience and commission-free bookings.
  • Our booking engine provides your users with a
    fast and smooth reservation experience requiring
    minimum efforts while using their PC,
    smartphones, or tablets.
  • Our Hotel reservation systems make business
    easier we allow hoteliers to work more smartly,
    accurately and efficiently. We simplify
    operations while at the same time maximize
    revenue opportunities.

  • As clients demand more convenience, more choice,
    and greater customization, we guarantee we have
    the right technology in place to maximize
    efficiency, revenue opportunities and basically
    remain competitive. Our hotel reservation system
    holds all inventory data and dates, sending this
    information to the front desk.
  • The reservation system must be consolidated with
    the website booking engine and other distribution
    channels. Our online hotel reservation system is
    very much in demand that is why travel companies
    are earning high profit because most of their
    tasks are now completed by the system itself.
  • Our booking system helps guests by providing them
    the facility of creating customized schedules.
    Users can provide their preferences for
    destinations and choices for hotel rooms.
    Moreover, hotel guests are also allowed to shift
    rooms according to their requirements.

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