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Native vs Hybrid vs Web Apps


As per flutter app development company, Mobile app development has been classified into 3 types i.e. native app development, hybrid app development, and web app development. But which one is best suitable for your business? To ease your confusion with the same, we bring you this Native vs Hybrid vs Web Apps comparison guide. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Native vs Hybrid vs Web Apps

Native vs Hybrid vs Web Apps
Which Mobile App Development is
Better for Businesses?
What is Web-App Development?
  • Many have the notion that a web app is similar to
    a website. But this isnt the case. A website
    offers more detailed info as compared to a web
    app. A web app can be considered a concise part
    of a website that can enhance the functionality
    as opposed to a website.
  • As per React Native app development company, a
    web app can work seamlessly over web browsers
    such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Unlike the
    other mobile apps, a web app doesnt have to be
    downloaded over the play store.

What are Progressive Web Apps?
  • Progressive web apps (PWA) are a fusion of
  • web apps and native apps.

Advantages of Web Apps
  • Web apps use a common code base to serve various
    mobile platforms and so dont need too much
  • One can develop web apps at budget-friendly
  • Web apps dont need permissions from the
    marketplace as theyre created using standard

Disadvantages of Web Apps
  • Its a tedious task to develop a roadmap for web
    apps due to the different performance metrics of
    different browsers.
  • When compared to native apps, web apps offer a
    slower performance.
  • Web apps have hardware limitations and therefore
    cannot make use of device features.

What is Native App Development?
  • The most preferred form of mobile application
    development is Native app development. You can
    hire react native developers from us.

Advantages of Native App Development
  • Native apps have dedicated app stores and
  • If you compare native apps vs hybrid apps, you
    would observe that native techs offer the best
  • Users have a much higher chance of discovering
    the app as your app will always be available on
    the app store.

Disadvantages of Native App Development
  • You should have an experienced team of developers
    for building a native app.
  • If you compare hybrid apps or web apps vs native
    apps, native app development can prove to be more
  • One should native app development for creating
    simple applications.

What is Hybrid App Development?
  • As per flutter app development company, Hybrid
    apps are designed to function on multiple
    platforms like Android, iOS, and Web, but are
    created using a singular codebase.

Advantages of Hybrid App Development
  • You can develop a hybrid app for Android, iOS,
    and Web using a single code base.
  • They can easily access a devices internal
    hardware and API.
  • Hybrid apps are faster to develop.
  • They offer ample time for marketing.
  • Hybrid apps are budget-friendly.

Disadvantages of Hybrid App Development
  • It renders a slow performance as compared to
    native techs.
  • To deploy your apps wrapper one has to rely on
    third-party platforms.
  • The performance of your app is degraded as hybrid
    apps are rendered in Web View.
  • Customization using wrongful practices can hamper
    the user experience of your application.

Native vs Hybrid vs Web Apps
Which is the Right Choice for your Business?
Above we learned about different vectors of
mobile app development along with their pros and
  • UI/UX design that you want to design for your
  • Speed of your app.
  • The complexity of your features.

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