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Roof Maintenance Contractors | Naples Roofing (1)


In general,roofs often do not last their expected lifespan because of poor maintenance.. However, you can shield your roof system investment with semi-annual surveys and regularly scheduled maintenance programs. In Spite of the newly installed roof holding a manufacturer's warranty at the time of purchasing,all roofing manufacturers require to perform regular maintenance to keep their work intact in warranty period.Naples Roofing mission is to provide you a durable roof system and roof with longer lifespan with a comprehensive, proactive maintenance program. Our planned roof maintenance approach will minimize to greater extent, if not eliminate, unexpected repairs and protect against the premature failure of your entire roof system.Our 40+ years of experience helps us to understand the most common causes of roof failure and how to address common roof problems – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Roof Maintenance Contractors | Naples Roofing (1)

Tips for Maintaining Roofs Naples Roofing

A shed on your head is way too important. So, we
decided to jot down some quick and easy tips
to maintain your roof. The main purpose of a roof
is to protect you from nature but with time, some
wear and tear can reduce its longevity. Dont you
worry were here to provide you some tips to
prolong the life of your roof?
  • Inspect Your Shingles
  • Its very essential to check the shingles on your
    roof, especially after the wild weather months.
    But remember Its not just wind that can damage
    your roof, UV light from the suns rays can also
    reduce the life of your roof over time. So be
    sure to examine your shingles as a regular part
    of your roof inspections to ensure theyre still
    installed properly and functioning properly.
  • 2. Trim Branches
  • If you have trees with overhanging branches, have
    them trimmed. Heavy snow, wind, ice, and other
    natural phenomena can whip branches around or
    pull them from the tree completely, causing
    damage to the root and the structures around it.
  • 3. Unclog Gutters
  • Many of us know the problems associated with
    clogged gutters, which can include bubbling wall
    paint and rotting wood. But clogged gutters can
    overflow with so many leaves, bugs, and debris
    that the rain washes up instead of down. Over
    time, the water can damage the roof and the
    support beams that hold it aloft. It will cause a
    lot of problems, especially the expensive kind.
    Clean your gutters heading into the spring and
    fall seasons.

  • 6.Look for moss and Algae
  • Although moss adds an element of color and a
    magical forest look to your roof, the damage it
    causes is no joke. Left to grow, moss will damage
    roofs of all kinds asphalt, wood, and concrete.
    Heres how it happens
  • Moss grows between shingles.
  • With time, it will bulk up and actually lift the
    shingles away from the roof. Hence, the water
    will get inside.
  • Plus, the moss itself holds water. Leaks and wood
    rot usually follow not far behind.
  • Youll have to scrub the moss away (or hire
    someone to do it) to prevent damage.
  • 5. Insulate/Ventilate
  • A roof thats properly insulated and ventilated
    is less likely to have excess moisture, which can
    lead to rot. Have your attic inspected to verify
    that you have the right and the right amount of
  • Ventilation is very important. This is an area of
    concern that most homeowners are usually unaware
    of, and PWR makes it a point to remind our
    customers just how important it is.

6. Prevent Ice Dams Roofs are susceptible to ice
dams after heavy snowfall. Warm air in the attic
causes the roof itself to warm up, melting the
snow. Those tricky rivulets of water then
refreeze when they reach colder portions of the
roof and Voila! ice dams. To prevent ice dams, go
recheck your insulation and ventilation to make
sure that your attic stays cool enough in the
winter to keep ice dams from forming in the first
place. 7. Caulk the Flashings Flashings are
those strips of metal (usually aluminum,
galvanized metal, or lead) that run along roof
edges or joints. Flashing is necessary to divert
water or to keep water out of tricky areas that
shingles cant cover, such as roof penetrations
where the bathroom and kitchen pipes/vents extend
through the surface of the roof. Depending on how
they were installed, flashing can rust, crack,
lift, or separate, meaning that a vital piece of
roof protection is no longer functioning
properly. Consider sealing the flashing with
caulk at the places where it has become
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