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Advantage & Applications of Black Nitrile Gloves


Black Nitrile Examination Gloves are suitable quality gloves that are used explicitly in heavy-duty industries. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Advantage & Applications of Black Nitrile Gloves

Advantage Applications of Black Nitrile Gloves
About Black Nitrile Gloves
  • Black Nitrile Examination Gloves are suitable
    quality gloves that are used explicitly in
    heavy-duty industries. What differentiates them
    from standard nitrile gloves is thickness.
     Mostly black nitrile gloves are 50 percent
    thicker than ordinary nitrile gloves. They have
    three times more resistance against breakage in
    comparison to latex gloves.  It means they have
    better strength and longer durability.
  • Surface - Nitrile gloves have a slightly coarse
    texture which helps to offer better grip. You can
    use them in both wet and dry conditions without
    fearing to slip.
  • One-time use  these gloves are easy to dispose
    of since they are disposable.
  • Quality - They are treated with chlorine
    (chlorination) to be easy to wear and remove.

Advantages Of Black Nitrile Medical Gloves  
  • Unaffected from industrial Chemicals- These
    safety gloves can withstand different kinds of
    chemical compounds that are used in the
    industries. Black nitrile gloves are best suited
    for workers and skilled operators in mechanical
    industries. It is because they are in close
    contact with hazardous chemicals every day.
  • Firm hold these gloves have a coarse surface
    which helps in offering friction against wet and
    slippery conditions.
  • Dark colour-these gloves come in dark colours,
    which gives them an advantage for use in
    industries. Due to its dark colour lot of dust,
    stains and grease remain hidden in the eyes,
    which give a clean appearance to others.
  • Better hold at body temperatures- These
    gloves become very easy to don and place
    comfortably on your hands on reaching body

Advantages Of Black Nitrile Medical Gloves
  • Polymer coating- They are coated with polymers
    like silicones etc., to facilitate donning and
    removing easily.
  • Latex-free- The gloves are not made out of latex,
    and therefore, wearers can use them without
    fearing latex allergy.
  • High touch sensitivity- any minor touch or
    variation in the working environment gets noticed
  • Easy to mold-it adapts to changing hand sizes
    offering more improved fit regardless of hand
  • Long shelf life- can be used for a longer
    duration of time.
  • Skintight armband - to be used effectively in
    hazardous conditions.

Advantages Of Black Nitrile Medical Gloves
  • Greater Chemical Resistance
  • Nitrile offers greater chemical resistance as
    compared to other glove production materials.
    They are recommended for high-risk work
    environments where harsh chemicals are
    present. Nitrile Gloves Medical Grade can protect
    your hands from harmful chemicals that can't be
    avoided by latex and vinyl gloves.
  • Greater Tear And Puncture Resistance
  • Nitrile is that the strongest material for
    producing gloves. The gloves offer great tear and
    puncture resistance. It is 3-4 times more
    puncture-resistant than latex. Nitrile is now the
    selection material for manufacturing disposable
    mechanics gloves and other industrial-grade
    gloves that are utilized in risky work
    environments where all types of sharp objects are
    in use. They will protect your hands from cuts,
    bruises, piercings, and other physical injuries.

Black Nitrile Medical Gloves is mostly used in
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Medical Sector
  • Pharmaceutical Fields
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Printing Industry
  • Dental Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Biotechnology Studies
  • Tattoo Industry
  • Mechanical Industry
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