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Diamond vs Sapphire Engagement Rings - A Comparison


Understand the similarities and differences between diamonds and sapphires to make the best decision for your engagement ring selection. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Diamond vs Sapphire Engagement Rings - A Comparison

Diamond vs Sapphire Engagement Rings
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Colored Diamond or Colorless Sapphire
  • Yes. Diamonds do have colors. Its rather rare
    though but they do sometimes have hues of blue
    and sometimes hues of pink. Those diamonds are
    extremely rare and therefore command exorbitantly
    high prices in the market. These are commonly
    called Fancy Color Diamonds.
  • The color saturation in these fancy color
    diamonds is the primary driver of value though
    like a white diamond, they are judged on the 4Cs.
    You can go for the most popular white diamond
    engagement ring or you can also select any fancy
    color diamond engagement ring if budget allows!

  • Sapphires are known for their colors and so it is
    the primary driver of their value. The higher the
    color saturation, the higher it will be valued.
  • There are many famous sapphires known for their
    association with royalty, the prominent being the
    Princess Dianas Ring where the center stone is a
    12-ct vivid blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of
    small diamonds. Sapphires are used as center
    stones as well as side stones in engagement

Strength and Durability
  • Diamond is a bit harder than sapphire meaning
    its comparatively harder to scratch a diamond.
    On the Mohs scale of hardness a diamond scores
    10/10 whereas a sapphire scores 9/10. So a
    sapphire is not far behind a diamond in terms of
    hardness. Diamonds are made of carbon crystals
    whereas sapphires are made of a mineral called
    corundum. But both can easily withstand the wear
    and tear of everyday life and last for
    generations. You can comfortably choose either a
    sapphire engagement ring or a diamond engagement
    ring without worrying about their longevity.

Symbolism Diamonds
  • Diamonds are unsurpassed due to their hardness,
    sparkle and brilliance. Perhaps that was the
    reason why the Greeks called them adamas, which
    means invincible. The Greeks used to go to the
    battlefield wearing diamonds with a belief of
    becoming unconquerable.
  • There is a lot of symbolism associated with
    diamonds. Red diamonds symbolize courage whereas
    black diamonds symbolize eternal and unwavering
    love. The diamond is the birthstone for April and
    it is the tenth sixtieth anniversary stone.

Symbolism Sapphire
  • Like diamonds, sapphires also have a lot of
    meaning associated with them. Blue sapphires are
    believed to bring protection, good fortune and
    spiritual insight to its wearer. Similarly yellow
    sapphire is considered auspicious and supposed to
    bring success in career and business ventures.
    Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in
    September and it is the fifth and forty fifth
    anniversary stone.

  • You might be wondering why we havent considered
    price as one of the factors above. The simple
    answer is that both diamonds and sapphires are
    quite valuable gemstones and contrary to a common
    belief sapphires can cost more per carat
    depending upon their size, clarity and other
    factors. So what matters is not the price of the
    gemstone that you want but the budget that you
    have for your sapphire or diamond engagement ring.

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