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Ways in which Load Balancing Software makes your network secure


Load balancing software will help in network administration as it is used to address the network load management needs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ways in which Load Balancing Software makes your network secure

  • Ways in which Load Balancing Software makes your
    network secure

Load balancing software will help in network
administration as it is used to address the
network load management needs. The software is
used to route network traffic to the right
servers based on configuration doing so with the
help of load balancing software will prevent
costly bottlenecks. The load balancing software
can be directly installed onto servers or may be
purchased as a service, known as a load balancer
as a service. The best load balancing
software can be deployed on-premises and
off-premises easily. This software will evaluate
client usage in real-time and their requests
then, accordingly, allocate requests to different
servers based on different algorithms. The load
balancing software market is expected to reach
USD 6.5 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 13.8 from
2020-2025.Let us know a little more about load
balancing software there can be different
algorithms that it may use for optimizing network
traffic and assigning available
serversRound-robin algorithm this algorithm
is the simplest where the request is moved in the
same order to available servers.Least time
algorithm this algorithm may integrate weighted
algorithms with preferences to the server with
better capacity, higher memory, and power in
this case, servers are selected based on the
fastest processing speed and least active
  • Least-connection algorithm this algorithm
    figures out the least busy server and directs the
    request to the server with the least workload.
  • Hash-based algorithm a hash key is assigned to
    the client and server IP addresses. In this
    algorithm, the request from users is sent to the
    same server that contains data from the previous
    session. It is believed to be an efficient way of
  • Here is how you make your network secure with the
    help of a balancing software
  • Security
  • Using balancing software can add additional
    layers of security without any changes to the
    application it helps in following ways
  • Eliminates the risk of emerging threats, and scan
    viruses and protect from hackers with the help of
    web application firewall load balancing software.
  • Before even distributed denial-of-service can get
    your way, load balancing software will detect and
    drop it.
  • The software can implement strict authentication
    policies, wherein the software can request a
    username and password before granting access to
    the website.
  • Simplifies payment card industry regulations

  • Enhanced performance
  • Load balancing software helps in reducing the
    load on web servers and optimizes the traffic it
    secures the traffic with Secure Socket Layers and
    removes overhead from web servers leading to
    increased availability of resources for web
    applications. The software also has the ability
    to even compress the traffic for a better user
    experience it can also retain a copy of
    frequently accessed elements so that it can
    quickly deliver the content to users. The most
    important feature of the software is that it
    supports HTTP 2.0 even if the webserver does not
    support it and results in a much quicker response
    of websites.
  • Resilient
  • If the webserver fails, the load balancing
    software will continue to provide service to the
    remaining servers with no impact on other users,
    and on being busy, the request is sent to another
    web server without any issue plus they can be
    deployed in pairs so that if one server fails,
    another server can take over and balance the
    load. With the help of load balancing software,
    it is easier to change the infrastructure without
    disrupting other users one can detect site
    outages and redirect users to the alternate
  • Scalable
  • It is easy to scale up the infrastructure without
    disruption to other users. One can detect site
    outages and will redirect users to the alternate
    site with the help of load balancing software.
    The software enables to add of more websites by
    just deploying additional servers, and it will be
    available to other users easily.
  • Easy deployment
  • Unlike hardware, software load balancers can
    easily be deployed on-demand and can save money
    as well.

  • Lower Cost
  • Last, and definitely not least, one of the most
    persuasive advantages of load balancers is their
    significantly lower price. Cloud provisioning of
    load balancers helps users to set up as many load
    balancers as they want but pay even less. Unlike
    their hardware counterparts, which are
    significantly more costly to procure, update,
    deploy, and manage, provisioning for
    software-defined load balancing software is
    achieved easily via a single interactive console
    or CLI.
  • Takeaway
  • In order to ensure continuous availability,
    performance, and visibility of business-critical
    applications, load balancers are important in
    distributing traffic to ideal servers. Hardware
    and software load balancers can achieve these
    tasks using different routing algorithms and
    health tests. There are, however, a range of
    persuasive reasons for businesses to choose a
    load balancer identified by software. Quick
    procurement and on-demand implementation,
    scalability for optimized usage, programmability
    for rapid response, stability, unified visibility
    management, monitoring and performance, and lower
    total costs are the most common benefits.
    Together, they create a persuasive case for the
    use of a load balancer powered by software.

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