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Best gynecologist in Bangalore


Find the best fertility clinic near your location in Bangalore. Santhathi provides the best services for IVF, IUI and infertility. Our gynaecologist understands the causes for male and female infertility and treat them with a modern technology treatment. Please visit our official website or book an appointment @ +91 80 2339 3557, +91 94815 38470. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best gynecologist in Bangalore

Hair loss during pregnancy
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Causes
  • Other causes
  • Prevention 
  • Tips
  • About Santhathi Fertility Center
  • Contact Us

  • Pregnancy brings a lot of changes not just
    the physical ones but the emotional surges as
    well. While the body prepares for the baby, you
    may experience certain additional effects as
    well. Hair fall during pregnancy is one such
    condition which may not be affecting everyone,
    but some women do experience it. This adds to the
    bouts of stress the expectant mother is going

  • You may have heard that hair becomes thick
    and lustrous during pregnancy. This may be true
    for some women, thanks to high levels of the
    hormone estrogen, which slows hair shedding.
    Other moms-to-be, however, experience thinning
    hair or hair loss either during pregnancy or in
    the months immediately following birth.
  • While concerning, hair loss is normal and can
    be caused by things like hormones, stress on the
    body, or medical conditions that accompany

  • Improper Nutrition  Nutritious diet is extremely
    important during pregnancy to meet the increased
    demands of the body for various essential
    vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Health conditions  Some pregnant women develop
    gestational diabetes while some are prone to
    fungal infections in the scalp, both of which can
    cause hair loss. 
  • Hormonal Changes  Pregnancy brings in a lot
    of hormonal changes which can lead to women
    noticing changes in their hair growth and
    shedding patterns.
  • Lack of vitamin B12  Researches suggest vitamin
    B12 slows the transition of hair cycle from
    anagen to catagen phase.
  • Improper folic acid intake  Though there are no
    studies suggesting that folic acid affects hair
    growth during pregnancy, but some people have
    observed loss of hair due to low levels of folic
  • Genes  It has been observed that the chances of
    a pregnant woman experiencing hair loss are
    further increased if her mother too had to go
    through similar experiences during her pregnancy.
  • Reproductive Issues  Hair loss is experienced in
    some cases as a result of a reaction to the
    discontinuation of birth control pills or other
    forms of birth control methods. 

Other causes
  • Androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness) is
    caused by a shortened growth phase of hair
    follicles and a lengthened time between shedding
    hair and new growth.
  • Alopecia areata causes patchy hair loss on the
    scalp and other parts of the body. You may
    experience hair loss and regrowth that is
    unpredictable or cyclical. There is no cure for
    this type of hair loss, but certain treatments
    may help stop loss and regrow hair.

  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet. Focus on getting
    enough protein, iron, and other important
    nutrients. You may also ask your doctor about the
    best prenatal vitamin for you, whether
    over-the-counter or by prescription.
  • Asking your doctor if any medications or
    supplements youre taking may contribute to hair
  • Skipping tight braids, buns, ponytails, and other
    hairstyles that may pull at your hair. While
    youre at it, resist twisting, pulling, or
    rubbing your hair.
  • Washing hair gently and use a wide-toothed comb
    to avoid pulling hair too hard while detangling.
  • Letting hair rest without harsh treatments like
    using hot rollers, curling irons, or hot oil and
    permanent treatments.

  • Tips to Control Hair Fall During Pregnancy
  • Wash Your Hair
  • Massage Your Hair
  • Comb Gently
  • Get Your Hair Trimmed
  • Healthy Diet
  • Avoid Stress 
  • Know Your Hair Type 
  • Say No To harsh Hair Colour

Santhathi Fertility Center
  • Santhathi is dedicated to providing
    comprehensive care for patients struggling with
    infertility and other reproductive endocrinology
    problems. ,We offer a full range of infertility
    diagnostic testing and assisted reproductive
    technologies including IVF. Our fertility experts
    and staff are dedicated to giving you the highest
    level of care and compassion.
  • We use personalized and proven approach to
    provide both comprehensive and consistent
    planning toward the diagnosis and treatment of
    gynecologic and fertility issues.

Contact us
  • Address  Santhathi Fertility and Maternity
    Center                    No 55, first floor,
    Upadhyayara Sangha,        ORR service road,
    near Nagarbhavi circle,        Nagarbhavi,
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