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5 things you should know about Medical Marijuana Tincture


As more people are turning to Medical Marijuana as an alternative to traditional medicines, new Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota products are being introduced in the market. Now you can select the product that best suits your needs from the many products available. Marijuana Tincture is one of the options available to people in Florida now, which can be purchased once you are qualified to use Marijuana Card Naples for your conditions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 things you should know about Medical Marijuana Tincture

Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota
5 things you should know about Medical Marijuana
  • Marijuana tincture is a great option for many
    people who want to avoid smoking cannabis to feel
    its effect. As more people are opting to
    use Medicinal Cannabis for their conditions, more
    ways to deliver cannabinoids are being introduced
    to cater to the demands. You must however have a
    Medical Marijuana card to use Marijuana
  • My Florida Green is one of the popular choices of
    people in Sarasota, Naples, St. Petersburg,
    Melbourne, and in other Florida cities. They have
    experts that are helping new patients everyday,
    they are guiding through the process, from a free
    eligibility check to a recommendation from a
    licensed Marijuana physician. Marijuana tinctures
    are a great addition to the line of Marijuana
    products suite, especially if you do not want to
    smoke and use vape. Marijuana tinctures also have
    other benefits that make it a good choice for
    many. Some of you may not have heard about
    tinctures before, so we have consolidated 5
    things that you must know if you are using
    medical Marijuana for a qualifying condition.

Medical Marijuana Tincture - what is it?
  • Marijuana tincture is a herbal extract which is
    made by combining chemical strains in Marijuana
    with glycerine or alcohol. They serve a great
    alternative for many who do not want to smoke and
    are looking for a convenient and easy method to
    consume Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota. The ease
    of using marijuana tincture makes it such a
    popular choice, as 1-3 drops under your tongue is
    all you need. However, if you find the taste
    difficult to swallow, you can use the infusion
    with food or a drink to mask the taste.

Five things you should know about Marijuana
  • Marijuana tinctures are different from
    Marijuana-infused oils - This is a very common
    question that many of you want to know as each is
    a liquid-based infusion. Marijuana oils are made
    with different strains of cannabinoids (CBD, THC,
    and others) with olive oil, while tinctures are
    made with alcohol or glycerine as a base. In
    oils, CBD is extracted by the use of carbon
    dioxide and tinctures use alcohol. CBD tinctures
    are created by soaking Marijuana in alcohol and
    slowly heating the mixture, which infuses the
    alcohol with CBD.
  • More potent than other products -  Tinctures are
    much stronger, and some people need only a few
    drops to get the maximum effect. Tinctures that
    are made with high doses of THC give you a much
    potent dose than smoking a joint or using a vape.
    If you want a tincture that improves overall
    well-being, you should consider a CBD rich
    strain. However, it's best to consult a
    specialist before using any form of tinctures. It
    is important that you discuss your condition and
    the required dose with a licensed Marijuana
    physician to ensure safe treatment and avoid any
    serious side effects. 
  • My Florida Green has a huge network of licensed
    Marijuana physicians that are taking new patients
    and giving recommendations that best suit the
    patient's clinical needs.
  • They can be applied topically - This may not be a
    popular method, but you can also apply Marijuana
    tincture directly on the skin. This will not give
    you a high as the oral infusion will, but can
    help soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. It
    is all about balancing the effect with your
    specific needs, so you can choose the route that
    gives you the most benefit.
  • You can Customize your own Tincture - One of the
    most significant benefits of Marijuana Card
    Naples is the ability to customize your own
    tincture. You can infuse any combination of CBD
    THC strain, giving you infinite freedom to get
    the right ratio for you. You can easily make your
    tincture at home.
  • Storage is key to maintaining the potency of
    Marijuana Tincture - Proper storage of marijuana
    tincture is paramount in maintaining the
    infusions' potency, and if stored correctly but
    stay effective for months.
  • Exposure to high temperature, air, and UV rays
    will lead to degradation of the active components
    in your tincture, so keeping your alcohol
    tincture sealed needs to be stored away from
    direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. To
    properly store a glycerine tincture, make sure it
    stays refrigerated to preserve the cannabinoids.

Why is Marijuana Tincture the best option
  • Many of you might be wondering that if we can
    smoke, ingest or use Marijuana-infused oils, why
    should you use the tincture for your marijuana
    needs. Below are some of the benefits of
    Marijuana tinctures, which you can avail once you
    have a Medical Marijuana Card.
  • Tinctures deliver much more potent effects that
    can start within minutes of taking the infusion
    due to fast absorption. 
  • It is often difficult to get the precise micro
    dose of marijuana, but tinctures allow an
    accurate way to combine different potency of
    marijuana strains.
  • Sublingual consumption improves bioavailability
    and allows direct absorption into the
  • If you store your tincture (alcohol) correctly,
    it can last for years, which makes it a
    cost-effective option. 
  • It's the most discreet and straightforward way of
    using marijuana, and can also be done in public
  • Only a couple of drops can do the trick. A few
    drops of THC-infused tincture can have the same
    THC concentration as an entire marijuana joint. 
  • It can be added easily to your favorite drinks
    and dishes in seconds, without any extra
  • Always consult a Medical Marijuana Card Space
    Coast specialist before you start using these
    amazing marijuana infusions, do not
    self-medicate. My Florida Green has a huge
    network of qualified physicians that can give you
    a bespoke recommendation.
  • MY FLORIDA GREEN - The best option in Florida
  • With fast, easy and free eligibility checks to
    Marijuana recommendations, My Florida Green has
    it all covered. Visit their website and talk to a
    Marijuana Specialist today.

  • Any questions?
  • You can find me at
  • Jack Harry
  • myfloridagreen959_at_gmail.com
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