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Inspiring ideas for Indian bridal jewellery


Find the best for you and choose out the wonderful Inspiring ideas for Indian bridal jewellery. Purchase the best latest accessories from an online destination with a lot of options to choose the extremely good jewelry series from Tarinka Jewelry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Inspiring ideas for Indian bridal jewellery

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Inspiring ideas for Indian bridal jewellery
  • The most important day of your life requires you
    to look your very best. With you being the
    cynosure of all eyes, you must choose your
    clothes and jewellery with utmost care. Not just
    that, it is also vital that you wear just the
    right amount of jewellery that adds bling and
    complements your look.
  • However, as you must have faced, things arent as
    easy as they seem. Especially when you begin
    shopping, youre often caught between what to
    choose and what to avoid. So, if youve already
    browsed through many Indian bridal jewellery
    sites and are unsure of what to pick, we have
    some inspiring ideas to get you on the right

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The your-kind of look
  • For those of you who want your personality to
    shine through the jewellery choices you make,
    there are designs available that do so. Instead
    of picking whats popular, choose what is closest
    to your heart, and follow the beacon. This might
    result in unusual selections, but they can pay
    off well!
  • For example, if youre the kind who loves flowers
    and pastel colours, opt for bridal jewellery that
    has those elements. Such jewellery is available
    in many colours and materials, so you can choose
    to complement your look and outfit.
  • If youre the kind who holds on to heritage and
    tradition, then do check out pieces that your
    grandmother has perhaps worn and can be reused by
    you. These can be polished and revamped to serve
    you on your big day.
  • Checking out antique jewellery options that are
    inspired by the past is a great option too.
    Today, there are many options available online
    that you can pick from.

Choosing big vs. small
  • With many mind-boggling designs out there, one is
    often confused about whether to choose a chunky
    and large piece or a slender and small one. Here
    are a few aspects that can help you decide.
  • While it isnt more about small vs. big, much
    lies in the kind of attire you wear and how well
    the piece complements your neckline. So, if
    youre choosing between a heavy necklace and a
    light one, compare it with the neckline of your
    dress first.
  • If both seem to be looking good, then check which
    aspect youd like to highlight. If you wish to
    showcase your designer sari, then thats the
    element to focus on. On the other hand, if youre
    more in love with the large piece of statement
    jewellery, then let it shine.
  • We also suggest a combination of huge pieces and
    small ones. So, while you could opt for slender
    jewellery for a couple of occasions, do go big
    and blingy for one of the events as well.

The combination look
  • A common mistake many shoppers make is of buying
    pieces at different stores. A change in the
    colour of the metal or stone leads to a look that
    isnt perfect. A few suggestions to avoid making
    a mistake is,
  • Buy your jewellery at one place, or keep your
    choices over one attire in similar colours to
    avoid a look thats clashing.
  • You can also opt for combinations. Bridal
    jewellery usually involves buying necklaces in
    layers. Many brides like to opt for a look where
    a choker or a shorter necklace length is matched
    with longer necklaces. It often becomes
    challenging to find different necklaces that go
    together. If this is the case with you, too, then
    opt for the combination look. Here, designers at
    the store will set the combination of both short
    and long necklaces. All you then need to do is
    match the look with your attire.

Colour it right
  • Buying jewellery that contrasts or complements
    your attire is extremely important. To ensure
    that you are on top of the style quotient, keep
    the following aspects in mind
  • Matching your jewellery and attire is one of the
    most traditional ways to do it. This is always in
    fashion and will timelessly continue to be this
  • However, you dont always need to buy jewellery
    that matches your attire. You can buy pieces that
    are a different colour and contrast the dress
    beautifully. Deep blue's look great against light
    greys, while bright yellow jewellery can add a
    pop of colour against dark shades like bottle
    green or black.
  • Buying jewellery that belongs to the same colour
    family also looks good. It can be a few shades
    lighter or a few shades darker. Green emeralds
    thus look lovely across a light green dress,
    adding life to your clothing and your jewellery.
  • However, if youre dressing up in a neutral
    shade, you can go creative with your jewellery
    and choose colours that excite you.

Mix and match
  • While you may have been told that platinum
    doesnt go with the yellow metal, the times now
    are changing.
  • You can mix silver or platinum jewellery with
    gold pieces. What you do need to keep in mind is
    the complete look.
  • If you are unsure, then opt for support from
    jewellery designers. While the traditional look
    with gold jewellery does look good, designer wear
    is an excellent option for those who wish to add
    extra glam to their look. If planned well in
    advance, you can work with designers and find
    something to complement your ensemble.
  • However, if youre short on time, you can choose
    one aspect of your jewellery as designer wear.
    Maang tika studded with stones or a Nath that
    complements your face shape are some superb
    options to go with.

The range
  • Jewellery for Indian brides, usually means
    necklaces, bangles, anklets, and sometimes a
    waist belt. However, thats not all theres
  • Do check out for Juda pins and hair accessories
    that can bring glam into your look.
  • Also, while not all traditions have the Nath as
    must-have jewellery, you can always use it to add
    extra glamour to your look.
  • Be comfortable Whatever you ultimately choose as
    your jewellery option, dont overlook the comfort
    factor. Remember that you have to keep your
    jewellery on you for perhaps an entire evening,
    and you mustnt be discomforted by the weight and
    sharp edges of the jewellery you wear.

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