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Title: Service for E-Filing Form 2290 | Internal Revenue Service


IRS Form 2290 is used to file the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). Electronic filing for Form 2290 is required when you report 25 or more vehicles in a tax return. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Service for E-Filing Form 2290 | Internal Revenue Service

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  • Form 2290 Exemptions
  • Heavy highway vehicles must report to the IRS by
    the end of the 2290 deadline. But some heavy
    vehicles are exempt from the tax payment report
    on Form 2290. The 2290 tax exemptions happen
    when the vehicles meet certain requirements. If
    the heavy vehicles are subject to the below
    criteria, then they are eligible for IRS Form
    2290 Exemption.
  • The Federal Government
  • The American National Red Cross
  • A state or local government
  • The District of Columbia
  • A nonprofit volunteer fire department, rescue
    squad, or ambulance association,
  • An Indian tribal government but only if the
    vehicles involved in the exercise of an essential
    tribal government function or
  • A mass transportation authority is created under
    a statute that gives it certain powers normally
    exercised by the state. Also, there are some
    reasons for IRS 2290 Tax Form Exemption that the
    heavy vehicles need not report on Form 2290. They
  • Qualified blood collector vehicles are used by
    qualified blood collector organizations, and
  • Mobile machinery (at certain specifications such
    as a chassis as described under specially
    designed mobile machinery for non-transportation
  • Qualified blood collector vehicle
  • A qualified blood collector vehicle those are
    used for qualified blood collector organizations
    to collect, store, or transportation of blood.
    The Qualified blood collector vehicles must work
    under qualified blood collector organizations
    80 throughout the tax period. When a heavy
    vehicle comes to service in a tax year and the
    qualified blood collector organization certifies
    that the vehicle 80 service is only for
    collection, storage, and transportation of the
    blood, then that vehicle is exempted from 2290
    Tax Payment.

  • Vehicles not considered Highway Motor Vehicles
  • The below type of vehicles are not treated as
    heavy vehicles.
  • The vehicles that are specially designed for
    mobile machinery for non-transportation
    functions. The mobile machinery vehicles perform
    operations on manufacturing, construction,
    drilling, timbering, processing, mining, farming,
    or similar operations and those are not
    performed on the public highways.
  • When the chassis has been specially designed to
    serve for mobile carriage and mount.
  • Vehicles specially designed for off-highway
  • If any vehicle specially designed for
    transporting a particular type of load other than
    over the public highway is not imposed to 2290
    Tax. As these vehicles are specially designed
    they travel with a particular load that is other
    than the public highway.
  • These types of vehicles can transport a load more
    than the public highway. Check out whether the
    vehicle is subject to safety, licensing, or other
    requirements, and also the vehicle runs at a
    speed of at least 25 miles per hour.
  • 2290 Tax And Schedule-1 Proof Is Due On August
    31, 2021
  • Check it now!! A warning for truck holders. Form
    2290 Filing Due date is near to end. To refrain
    from the problem of penalty, truck holders need
    to pay Heavy vehicle Use Tax within the IRS Form
    2290 Due Date. Always truck proprietors have an
    eye on your vehicles. Therefore, to roam freely
    on public highways, truck proprietors need to
    File Form 2290 and pay their HVUT as quickly as
  • Truck proprietors need to finish their IRS online
    Filing before August 31st. Truck holders who want
    to make their Form 2290 Filing can choose the
    IRS E File.
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    KINGS(TRUCKERS) on the Road. Based on it we can
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