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What to Expect from a Hair Transplant Consultation?


This ppt will inform about what to expect from a Hair Transplant Consultation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What to Expect from a Hair Transplant Consultation?

What to Expect from a Hair Transplant
What is Hair Transplant Consultation?
  • A hair transplant consultation is a crucial part
    of the process to ensure you are well informed
    before undergoing the procedure. You will be able
    to discuss with your surgeon what type of
    procedure would best suit your needs and how many
    grafts they may need for optimal results.
  • As mentioned, it is important to find out if
    there are any alternative treatments available
    for your particular problem. Most people opt for
    surgery because they don't want to suffer from
    hair loss and the potential embarrassment that
    goes along with it. These procedures can be
    costly and you don't want to make a hasty
    decision without exploring every option first.
  • If you have been struggling with your hairline
    receding or bald patches forming around the crown
    of your head then surgery may be the best
    solution for you. However, if you are
    experiencing gradual thinning but notice an
    improvement in the condition of your hair as it
    grows back, this could mean that other options
    such as supplements or even hormones are at play
    here. Male pattern baldness could be resolved
    using natural supplements such as Nizoral and
    Minoxidil which can reduce and even stop further
    hair loss while also promoting growth if used

Things to Keep in Mind
  • When choosing a surgeon, consider their
    experience You want to make sure you're in good
    hands if you plan on undergoing such a serious
    operation so ask plenty of questions about their
    history. How long have they been practicing?
    Where did they go to school? Do they do medical
    consultations as well or is this solely what they
    perform? What sort of techniques do they use for
    hair transplants? These are all important
    questions that should be considered before
    setting up your first appointment.
  • Be realistic about what you hope to achieve Your
    expectations need to be reasonable since no one
    wants unrealistic results or an unrealistic
    number of grafts. Set up a plan with your doctor
    based on how many grafts he believes are
    necessary to achieve the look you desire. Most
    practitioners will not give an exact number of
    grafts needed for a certain procedure ahead of
    time but they can gauge it by what kind of
    results your doctor has seen with past patients
    and how realistic you are when discussing your

Things to Keep in Mind
  • How much time will it take? The average procedure
    takes about 6 to 8 hours but this could vary
    based on how many grafts are selected, your age
    and if any complications arise during surgery so
    be sure to discuss all of these factors with your
    surgeon beforehand so no one is caught off guard.
  • You may also ask plenty of questions about pain
    management, whether or not anaesthesia is
    required, risk factors associated with surgery
    and even the doctor's own level of experience.
    You may feel more confident knowing that you're
    in safe hands. After your consultation, follow up
    with pictures of procedures similar to yours or
    graphically explain what you want to achieve
    before surgery is performed. This will give the
    doctor a good idea of how realistic your wants
    and results are so there is no worry that either
    one of you could be disappointed with the outcome.

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