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Do you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card


My Florida Green assists qualified people to obtain their Medical Marijuana Card in a streamlined and efficient process in many different cities including Sarasota. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Do you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota
Do you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card
Florida State is one of those states that have
given certified doctors the authority to
prescribe medical marijuana cards to qualified
patients. The Medical Marijuana card allows
patients to shop at over 300 dispensaries in the
state of Florida. There are laws and regulations
for possessing a Medical Marijuana Card
Sarasota that must be followed otherwise,
patients can lose their certification.  There is
a structured process that needs to be followed in
order to register for a Medical Marijuana Card in
Florida. My Florida Green has made this process
simple for their patients by offering fast, easy
and flexible services.
What are the qualifying conditions?
There is an approved list of qualifying medical
conditions that allow patients to obtain
a Medical Marijuana Card in  Florida. It is
essential that people review this list to ensure
their condition qualifies before moving to the
next stage. The conditions approved for the use
of Medical Marijuana are Cancer Epilepsy Glaucoma
HIV/AIDS Crohns Disease Parkinsons
Disease PTSD Multiple Sclerosis Chronic
Pain ALS PTSD Anxiety Depression ADHA  Seizures  C
rohns disease
How do i get a Medical Marijuana Card?
A Medical Marijuana card is required and is
mandatory for people who want to use Medical
Marijuana to treat their symptoms. The
pre-requisite for obtaining a medical marijuana
card in Florida is ? Proof of Full-time
residency in Florida- There are several ways to
show proof of residency, including Florida I.D,
drivers license, passport, or any other form of
identification.  ? 18 years of age or have
parental consent ( if younger than 18)  Once
patients have met either of the above
requirements, they can schedule an appointment
with a licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor for an
initial evaluation. 
How much does this process cost?
The initial certification will cost 99, and when
the card is nearing the expiration date, patients
can get a subsequent certification for another
99. Patients need to be mindful that the Medical
Marijuana Card expires after 210 days, it is
essential to book an appointment with a certified
doctor a few weeks before your card expires. My
Florida Green has made this process very easy, as
they have doctors that can guide you through the
complete application process.
How often do I need to see my doctor?
Florida laws state that the certification period
for a Medical Marijuana card is 210 days (30
weeks). Your doctor has the right and
responsibility to make an appointment with the
patient more frequently if additional monitoring
of the treatment plan is required. If this is the
case, then the patient may be required to make a
follow-up appointment after 90 days. However,
additional monitoring is usually only needed for
patients who suffer from an extremely
debilitating condition.
Can I take medical marijuana to other states?
Medical cardholders are not allowed to take their
medicines to other states. The current laws in
Florida state that people with medical cards can
only use that marijuana in Florida. Breaking this
law can lead to federal and local charges of
transporting marijuana. The rules for obtaining
a Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota, Florida, are
reasonably straightforward, but some people may
need assistance. Patients can need help with
understanding their conditions better with the
help of a certified doctor. This is where MY
Florida Greens services are making a huge
difference.  My Florida Green is helping patients
with a comprehensive eligibility check to ensure
that everyone who can benefit from a Medical
Marijuana Card can obtain one without any hurdles.
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