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Redensyl vs Minoxidil


Redensyl & Minoxidil are both excellent solutions for hair fall & hair regrowth. Find out the comparative advantages of Redensyl vs Minoxidil. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Redensyl vs Minoxidil

Redensyl vs Minoxidil
Minoxidil is used extensively in treating male
pattern baldness and helps in hair growth. This
is also an effective means of hair fall treatment
in women who are experiencing severe hair
thinning issues.

Redensyl is the latest innovation on hair loss
and is popularly considered to be a very good
option to hair transplantation. It works on stem
cell division and promotes hair regrowth by
stimulating hair to enter the hair regrowth

Redensyl vs Minoxidil for Hair - Which one is

With reference to the adverse effects of Redensyl
serum vs Minoxidil, compared to Minoxidil,
Redensyl side effects could be considered
negligible. While nausea, vomiting and changes in
facial and body hair patterns are fairly common
with Minoxidil, Redensyl has not been known to
produce any significant adverse effects. Also,
Minoxidil has been known to trigger more serious
effects like a rapid heart rate and breathing
issues which are practically unheard of as far as
Redensyl is concerned.

While using Redensyl you do not have to go
through a hair shedding phase like Minoxidil,
during which all the old hair falls out before
the new hair starts growing. In the Redensyl vs
Minoxidil beard battle too, Redensyl has proved
to be as effective and a potent contributor to
good beard growth.

In the Redensyl vs Minoxidil war, Redensyl seems
to have gained a lead over its rival which had
ruled the market for decades as a promoter of
hair growth
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