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Common Mobile Problems and Solutions by Phone Repair Online


Falling in love with an android phone is easy. It's a beautiful design, power, and impressive features. But even this extraordinary phone has its drawbacks. Therefore, I have prepared an exhaustive list of solutions to the most annoying phone problems by Phone Repair Online. Click here to read the solution to the mobile problem. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Common Mobile Problems and Solutions by Phone Repair Online

Common Mobile Problems and Solutions by Phone
Repair Online
The problem with restarting applications Many
users are frustrated with apps not working or
staying frozen even though the device has
available RAM. It is not yet known what causes
these problems, but you can try several different
ways. Here are some solutions. It's a good idea
for overall performance and battery life to
disable or uninstall apps that you don't use
regularly. The Facebook app is a big consumer of
memory. If you can live without it, you will
probably see a significant increase in
productivity. A software bug may cause the
problem. Android independently launches updates
to fix such issues, but if you have disabled this
functionality, then go to "Settings" -gt "About
device" and go to the "Download updates manually"
Battery problem - low life Many users have
battery performance issues. The phone boots up
quickly, but it also runs out of battery fast,
and some smartphone and tablet owners can't end
the day without recharging. Here are some
guidelines on how to fix it. First, turn off the
features you are not using and set the screen
brightness to the lowest you can read. Background
sync consumes battery power. If you do not need
it, then go to the "Settings" -gt "Accounts" menu
and close all unnecessary. All users report
battery improvement after turning off WiFi.
Therefore, if you do not use it, open "Settings"
-gt "WiFi" -gt "Advanced" and turn it off (Smart
Switch Network). Some users have reported that
connecting to a 2.4GHz WiFi router instead of
5GHz will reduce battery consumption, but it will
also slow down the connection speed. Another
solution is to turn off notifications and all
applications that are not in use. You can also
try deleting the cache - sometimes it helps and,
of course, adjust the volume (the lower, the
better for the battery) If it doesn't work, you
must contact the Phone Repair Online service
provider because the battery can get damaged
permanently and should be replaced.
Problem with slow WiFi or self-shutdown Many
users have WiFi issues when buying a PC - an
android phone is no exception. There are many
possible reasons for the WiFi problem. Here are
the possible solutions Restart your phone and
router. It usually works, but the solution is not
final. Go to Settings -gt WiFi and see if it's
enabled. If the problem persists, use the
application, WiFi Analyzer, to check the degree
of congestion of the channel. Check if the MAC
filter of the router is turned on, turn it off,
or add the MAC address if required by the
provider. Find it in the Settings -gt Wi-Fi -gt
Advanced menu.
Problems with the accuracy of the GPS
navigator Some people complain about the lack of
GPS accuracy. Start by setting high fidelity in
Settings -gt Location. There are other possible
solutions as well. If you have turned on the
enhanced power saving mode, then try turning it
off. Next, select any app that uses GPS and clear
the cache. To determine if there is an error,
perform a GPS test. Ideally, you should compare
the results with another phone. If you are not
getting identical satellites, there may be a
hardware problem. In this case, I recommend
contacting the manufacturer's service. You can
try a factory reset. Go to Settings -gt Backup
reset -gt Reset device -gt Erase everything.
Android phone startup problem In some people, the
android phone won't start. Do not worry. It is
probably not an insoluble problem. Here are the
possible solutions. Hold the power button for at
least 10 seconds - it should start. Try plugging
in the original charger and keep the phone on
charge for at least half an hour. Then, hold the
power button for at least 10 seconds. Try to
access the recovery menu and do a reset. If the
phone does not start after all this, contact the
company's service - there is no other solution.
Although it could be hard, you can take the help
of a Phone Repair Online service provider. They
will come to your doorsteps and fix any
problem. A broken screen is one of the most
common mobile problems. Click Here to Read Best
Methods to Repair a Broken Mobile Screen by
Mobile Repair Shop
The fingerprint scanner on the phone is not
working. Android has a lot of problems with the
fingerprint scanner. Most users say that the
scanner does not recognize their fingerprints,
although it has worked fine so far. What
solutions are there? After several recognition
failures, you will be able to access your phone
through your Google account. This method alone
will most likely not work if 2-step test
protection is enabled. You need to access your
Google account on another device to disable this
feature. To do this, go to google accounting and
open security. You can always do a factory reset,
but you will completely erase your data, so use
this method as a last resort. Before trying the
above, it is worth holding the power button for
10 seconds to restart the phone. Then, try to
unlock your fingerprints again. It could be
hardware damage that can only be fixed by Phone
Repair Online.
Problem with contacts It is a common mistake and
easy to fix. Go to Settings -gt Application
Manager -gt All -gt Contacts. Select clear cache
and data. Restart your phone. It can also be
caused by another application that is trying to
access your contacts. For example, many people
who have this problem have disabled the Google
app, and the error has disappeared. Start your
phone in Safe Mode and check if the error is
resolved to determine if the application is the
problem. Also Read Things To Do Before Mobile
Repair Doorstep Services
Bluetooth connection problems Bluetooth
connection problems show up in most android
phones, and it is often tough to determine the
cause. The most common result is a firmware
update failure. In the meantime, you should try a
few simple solutions to fix the problem. If a
problem occurs when connecting a device
exploited, then restarting the Bluetooth
connection should fix the problem. Open the
notification panel and turn off the Bluetooth for
10 seconds, and then activate it again. If that
doesn't solve the problem, try restarting your
phone. If the problem persists, then reconnect
the device to the phone. Go to Settings -gt
Bluetooth. Find your device and click on the icon
in the upper right corner. Select unpair. Then
pair again. If the problem occurs when connecting
a new device, restart your phone. If you are
unable to connect a new device, contact the
device manufacturer.
Android phone boot problem Some users have
noticed that their phone won't boot up as it
should. However, several solutions need to be
tested before thinking about the worst. Try
booting your phone in Power Saving Mode or Ultra
Power Saving Mode. Both do the same. Apply
restrictions, reduce vibration, brightness, and
performance. Remove applications you are not
using. Perform a factory reset. If none of the
above solutions solved the problem, contact the
Phone Repair Online service provider.
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