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Data Management and Advanced Data Analytics Firm - Mastech InfoTrellis


Mastech InfoTrellis builds a strong data foundation and then adds to it – brick by brick – until the base is ready to deploy modern, advanced analytics capabilities (such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) that deliver significant business value. For more visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Data Management and Advanced Data Analytics Firm - Mastech InfoTrellis

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Table of Content
  • Mastech InfoTrellis
  • Stack Offerings from Mastech InfoTrellis 
  • Service Areas of Mastech InfoTrellis
  • Expertise of Mastech InfoTrellis 
  • Mastech InfoTrellis Services
  • Why Mastech InfoTrellis?

Mastech InfoTrellis An Advanced Data Analytics
Company that is Driven by Data
Mastech InfoTrellis is an expert data management
and advanced analytics firm with industry-leading
strategic and technical expertise and a track
record of hundreds of successful projects,
implementations, and deployment for Fortune 500
companies and public sector organizations
worldwide.  Mastech InfoTrellis helps clients
improve customer experience, accelerate business
velocity, minimize costs, and improve corporate
resilience by applying data and analytics
Offering Stack of Mastech InfoTrellis 
We exist to help customers meet their business
goals by the activating the power of their data
from a strong data foundation to applying modern,
advanced analytics (such as AI and machine
learning) on enterprise data to unlock
significant business value
Mastech InfoTrellis Intelligence Services helps
enterprises to acquire and understand contextual,
timely, data-driven insights, automatically.
Mastech InfoTrellis helps clients deliver
superior customer experiences with relevant,
coordinated, consistent, and personalized
interactions powered by analytics from
enterprise-wide data.
Mastech InfoTrellis helps businesses compete on
the basis of  their ability to leverage
enterprise-wide data assets, through the
application of AI and Data Science, to make
better decisions ahead of their competition.
Mastech InfoTrellis' Data Engineering Services
helps clients get answers from their Big Data by
deriving value within an agile and trusted data
A successful organization is one that learns,
adapts, and evolves quickly, which is made
possible data that is trusted and always
available through Mastech InfoTrellis Data
Management and Data Governance services.
Mastech InfoTrellis Cloud Services can help
clients transform their enterprise into a
fast-moving learning organization by transforming
application development to a cloud-native, agile
methodology, to accelerate time to value while
controlling costs.
Service Areas of Mastech InfoTrellis 
Data Engineering Mastech InfoTrellis works with
businesses to design and implement architectures
that make the entire corpus of enterprise data
Data Management, enterprises that acknowledge the
importance of data as valuable assets are more
likely to win todays data-driven, digital age.
Intelligence helps with a better understanding of
the observed data to facilitate good decisions.
It helps you to not only survive but to thrive.
Data Science A culture-first approach to solving
business problems through AI and Data Science
enables rapid innovation.
Cloud Services Mastech InfoTrellis help IT
companies to modernize application development
and accelerate cloud adoption with a strategic
Customer Experience Mastech InfoTrellis helps in
amplifying customer satisfaction with efficient
customer service tools.
Expertise of Mastech InfoTrellis
  • Mastech InfoTrellis provides consulting
    in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and
    Data Science.
  • Mastech InfoTrellis provides Data Analytics
  • Mastech InfoTrellis provides Data Science
    Consulting Services.
  • Mastech InfoTrellis is the best Cloud Service
  • Mastech InfoTrellis provides Enterprise Data
    Management Platform.
  • Mastech InfoTrellis provides Consultancy for
    Digital business.
  • Mastech InfoTrellis provides Machine Learning
  • Mastech InfoTrellis provides Analytics Software
  • Mastech InfoTrellis deals with AI
    Services company.
  • Mastech InfoTrellis provides Customer Experience
    Expertise and Intelligence.

Intelligence Services of Mastech InfoTrellis
Smart Ingestion (SI)
Data Quality Intelligence (DQi)
Ontology-driven Smart Ingestion solution enables
clients to ingest dark data to power insights.
The Mastech InfoTrellis DQi framework puts data
quality on a quantitative footing, allowing for
measuring the impact of poor data quality and
much more.
Enterprise Knowledge Graph Intelligence (EKGi)
Enterprise Intelligence Hub(EIH)
 The EIH enables a 360-degree view of all crucial
data within the Enterprise, including structured,
unstructured, third party, and social media data.
Knowledge Graphs offer a more natural way to
explore data, drive analysis, and generate
insights. They are becoming one of the most vital
components of a data-driven decision process.
Customer Experience of Mastech InfoTrellis
Customer Experience Accelerators
Customer Experience Advisory Services
Create an effective roadmap to drive better
Customer Experiences across the enterprise.
Mastech InfoTrellis Accelerators reduce time to
value for multiple client Customer Experience
projects at a lower cost.
Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)
Optimize the customers omnichannel experience
through self-service, agent-based interactions,
and your mobile field service.
Customer Experience Data and Analytics of Mastech
Drive high levels of customer engagement with a
data-driven customer experience approach across
all channels of interaction.
Data Science Expertise of Mastech InfoTrellis
  • Mastech InfoTrellis can help clients transform
    their business by demystifying how data can be
    harnessed using AI and Data Science to drive
    better performance.
  • Offerings
  • Analytics Advisory  
  • Get a strategic view of how analytics can drive
    digital transformation for organizations.
  • Analytics Services 
  • Solve business problems with AI-driven
    decisioning systems and smart automation.
  • Analytics CoE 
  • Facilitate continuous learning and innovations
    with AI Analytics by harnessing the power of the
    Enterprise Intelligence Hub. (EIH)

Data Engineering of Mastech InfoTrellis
Entity Resolution
Enterprise Data Integration
Establishes a one stop shop for ingesting
existing data while providing the capability to
integrate new data sources for scale.
Mastech InfoTrellis technology and Machine
Learning Solution create a Record Linkage process
across the Enterprise by consistently identifying
existing and new entities through the data
connectivity process.
Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH)
Enterprise Data Bus (EDB)
The EDB is implemented in a modular fashion with
open source and proprietary tools, orchestrated
to gather data from all sources and store it in a
high-volume andhigh-capacity file system,
creating realizable, clean data for multiple
business purposes.
The EIH enables a 360-degree view of all crucial
data within the Enterprise, including structured,
unstructured, third party, and social media data.
Data Management Services of Mastech
InfoTrellis includes
Data Services
Data Advisory
Mastech InfoTrellis helps clients get a
competitive edge with trusted information
allowing them to make informed decisions with
analytics while managing exponential data growth,
all in a changing regulatory landscape.
Mastech InfoTrellis Data Services includes a set
of strategy and implementation services focused
on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Data Governance
solutions, and Master Data Management solutions.
Data Management CoE
Data Management Cloud Solutions and Managed
Services help clients manage their Cloud
technology environment without shifting their
primary business focus.
Cloud Service of Mastech InfoTrellis includes
Cloud Advisory Services
Cloud Adoption Services
Gain from Mastech InfoTrellis team of advisors
and consultantswho will chart and build a Cloud
journey roadmap to reduce DevOps and CloudOps
challenges in Cloud adoption, while supporting
best-practices of agile application development.
Mastech InfoTrellis can help enterprises with
Cloud adoption and deployment of both
cloud-native applications and the migration of
existing applications to the Cloud.
Cloud CoE
Mastech InfoTrellis can help clients build and
manage all Cloud infrastructure and DevOps and
CloudOps practices with a one-stop delivery model
through the Mastech InfoTrellis Cloud CoE.
Why Mastech InfoTrellis?
Delivered data and analytics projects across all
verticals in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Strong partnerships with leading technology
200 successful data management implementations
with a 100 success rate. 2000 Customer
Experience projects. Recognized by Gartner as one
of the top external vendors of Data Management
Founded by the original architects of a leading
data management solution. Pioneers in building
next-gen products such as MDM, Veriscope, and
AllSight. Product Management discipline instilled
in all consulting projects.
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