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Title: Seniorcareonline (4)

Senior Care Online How To Care For The Seniors
At Home During Summer
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How To Care For The Seniors At Home During Summer
  • When we think of summer, it fills us with energy
    and an adventurous spirit. However, that can be a
    source of stress for the elderly. While they miss
    their good old times and feel the loss they are
    going through, they also go through physiological
    changes that make them more sensitive to high
  • In the United States, the summer season is in
    full swing these days. So, it is time that you
    step up for paying more attention to your aging
    parents and make sure that they are faring well
    in terms of physical health and emotional
  • If you cannot be available for them when they
    need you for any reason or need assistance in
    providing care to your aging parents, do not
    hesitate to seek Senior Home Care Services.

Senior Home Care during Summer Guide for Families
  • 1.    Keep them hydrated
  • While this tip may seem obvious, you need to keep
    it in mind because seniors can dehydrate faster
    than young people.
  • But, why do seniors need more hydration than
    younger adults?
  • As people age, they find it difficult to
    recognize their thirst compared to their
    young-old selves.
  • The way their body sweats is changed with age.
  • Many seniors also take diuretics (or water pills)
    to treat high blood pressure, kidney diseases,
    and other conditions that lead to excessive loss
    of fluids.
  • Thus, make sure that the older adults in your
    family drink plenty of water throughout the day
    and stay hydrated, especially when going out on
    hot days.

  • 2. Make sure they follow the skincare routine
  • With age, the volume of flesh under the skin
    keeps lessening. Therefore, seniors need enhanced
    skincare to prevent damages caused by sun
  • How to keep your aging parents safe from sun
  • Get them sunscreen with an SPF of not less than
    30 and that offers broad-spectrum protection from
    both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Purchasing sunscreen is not enough. You need to
    remind your aging parents gently to cover exposed
    areas, including ears, the top of feet, back of
    hands, and even upper lips using sunscreen before
    they head out.
  • Ensure that they wear light-colored clothes with
    loose-fitting. It will help them feel
    comfortable, cool, and calm during hot weather.
  • Encourage them to wear hats and sunglasses to
    protect their eyes and head from the scorching

3. Encourage Them to Stay Inside When It is
Too Hot Outside Going outdoors and exercising in
open areas are great for seniors, especially when
they have suffered from isolation and loneliness.
It helps them get fresh air, boost their mood,
and stay active and healthy. However, it can be
dangerous for them to stay outside when
temperatures are high during the day. What is
the best time to go outdoors for seniors during
summer? During summer, seniors should stay
outdoor only early in the morning or later in the
evening and avoid the midday sun. According to
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the
suns rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4
p.m. So, the elderly should avoid getting out
during these hours in both the summer and winter
seasons, and especially at higher altitudes. If
possible, turn on the air conditioner for seniors
when they are inside during the hottest part of
the day.
  • We understand that senior care at home can be
    complex, tiring, and overwhelming. If you need
    any help, consider hiring Senior Home Care
    Services. It is the best decision you can make
    for your aging parents, as well as yourself. To
    Read More Please Visit - https//seniorcareonline.

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