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Janvi Multispeciality Hospital


"Welcome to Janvi Multispeciality Hospital. A friendly neighbourhood you can access whenever you have any emergency. As a best Multispeciality hospital in Vadodara, we are striving to become your one-stop, multi-disciplinary healthcare centre, who offers you exclusive medical services. In combination with our courteous staff and state-of-the-art facilities, we pride ourselves on having well-trained and highly skilled doctors. We provide and exchange detailed information with our patients and their families to coordinate the decisions accordingly. We know the importance of a patient-doctor relationship and always maintain utmost privacy and respect for our patients. Maintaining patient’s health, building trust and providing the highest quality medical service and treatment to our patients is our priority. For more info. visit our site:- " – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Janvi Multispeciality Hospital

Janvi Multispeciality Hospital
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/

About Us
  • Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, our aim is to
    become the best multispeciality hospital in
    Vadodara, providing the best-in-class medical
    treatment for people following various lifestyles
    at affordable prices, along with our highly
    qualified and well-trained staff striving daily
    to make our patients comfortable every day.
  • We are Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, the best
    multispeciality hospital in Vadodara. We are
    well-equipped with all the facilities that are
    essential for handling all kinds of medical
    emergencies such as ECG, X-ray, USG, I.C.U,
    Pathology, In-House Pharmacy, and 247 Ambulance
  • Our prime objective concerning our medical
    departments here at Janvi Multispeciality
    Hospital is to allow all classes of people to
    access our health care services whenever needed,
    and also to provide the cost-effective health
    services that meet the requirements of medical
    standards as well as precision.

Hospital Facilities
  • 26 Bed Hospital
  • General Ward
  • Special Rooms
  • Operation Theatre with all Modern Facilities

Mission Vision
  • To deliver the world class treatment and care
    services to our patients.
  • To excel in providing the specialized medical
    care promoted and backed by the comprehensive
    research and education body.
  • To be the first and preferred choice for the
    world's leading scientific minds as well as the
    medical professionals.
  • To develop, examine, implement, and share the new
  • To develop a Unified World Class Healthcare
    Structure that will foster, protect, sustain and
    restore health via high class medical practices
    and the cutting edge technology developed via
    deep research accomplished by the worlds highly
    decorated and reputed scientific minds.

Our Doctors
  • Dr. Dhaval Pithwa
  • Anesthesia/Pain Management
  • Dr. Akash Sheth
  • Anesthesia/Pain Management
  • Dr. A R Patel
  • General Surgeon
  • Dr Richa Goswami
  • Physiotherapist
  • Dr Maulik VajaNeurosurgeon
  • Dr. Apurv Patel
  • Consultant Pulmonologist

  • General Surgery
  • Anaesthesia
  • Neurology
  • ICU/Critical Care
  • Urology
  • Oncosurgery
  • Anorectal Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Physiotherapy
  • OBGYN (Gynecology)
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Medicine
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Skin and VD
  • Orthopaedics

General Surgery
  • General Surgery is a practice of surgery
    amounting to the core of knowledge considering
    all parts of physiology, anatomy, immunology,
    metabolism, nutrition, pathology, healing,
    resuscitation and shock, intensive care, as well
    as neoplasia, which are the most common in all
    the surgical specialties.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/gene

  • Orthopedics is a branch of surgery related to the
    conditions involving the muscles as well as the
    Skeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons are known to
    use both the surgical as well as non-surgical
    means to treat the musculoskeletal injuries,
    degenerative diseases, sports injuries, tumors,
    infections, and congenital disorders.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/orth

  • The Anaesthesiology department at Janvi
    Multispeciality Hospital uses the most advanced,
    patient-focused and safe techniques in delivering
    anaesthetic care to our patients. We have a team
    of greatly skilled and experienced
    anesthesiologists who are focused on providing
    high-end quality treatment and care not only
    inside the operation theatres but also beyond it
    by enhancing the pre-operative status of the
    patients and providing them with intensive
    patient care during their early as well as post
    operative period.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/anae

  • Neurology is a specially dedicated branch
    providing the treatment of all the disorders
    related to the brain, peripheral nerves, and
    spinal cord.
  • Our highly trained team of Neurosurgeons and
    Neurologists at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital
    are notable experts, who are skilled at offering
    innovative as well as professional management
    concerning all kinds of neurological disorders as
    well as nervous system related problems.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/neur

ICU/Critical Care
  • The Critical Care Centre at Janvi Multispeciality
    Hospital is a special centre that provides a wide
    range of services for extensive care as well as
    the patients with critical care conditions. We
    also offer advanced care along with 247
    monitoring systems, a competent life support
    system, and special nursing for our critically
    ill patients.
  • Our Critical Care Centre is a highly advanced
    centre fully equipped with the advanced
    technology as well as skills for our patients
    safety and supreme clinical outcomes.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/icu-

  • The urinary tract is considered as the bodys
    very own drainage system that removes urine which
    comprises the waste and water. The urinary system
    is made up of the kidneys, the ureter and the
    bladders as well. For the normal urination
    process, all of these body components must work
    together in their correct order.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/urol

  • Oncosurgery may be used to achieve one or more
    goals. Below are some of the reasons to be taken
    into consideration as you might develop a need to
    undergo cancer surgery
  • Cancer prevention
  • Diagnosis
  • Staging
  • Primary treatment
  • Debulking
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/onco

Anorectal Surgery
  • Anorectal diseases refers to the conditions
    concerned with the anus or rectum. Such
    conditions are usually caused due to overgrowth
    or abnormal growth of tissues in or around the
    anus and rectum area. It might be embarrassing to
    discuss such issues, but living with them is
    truly painful. Some common anorectal problems are
    mentioned below
  • Anal Fistula
  • Piles
  • Fissures
  • Prolapse
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/anor

  • Neurosurgeons at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital
    use their years of expertise and experience in
    neurosurgery to help diagnose and treat nervous
    system disorders affecting the entire body, head,
    neck, spine, hands, arms, and legs. The
    Department of Neurosurgery provides some of the
    most innovative surgical procedures along with a
    range of non-surgical methods to restore the
    health of our patients and relieve their pain.
    Neurosurgeons perform minimally invasive surgery
    of the spine and the skull at Janvi
    Multispeciality Hospital.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/neur

  • Physiotherapy serves you to develop, maintain as
    well as restore the maximum movement and
    functionality of your body throughout life.
    Physiotherapy includes the services that aids the
    smooth movement and function of different body
    parts that are affected by injury, ageing,
    disorders, diseases, or any of the environmental
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/phys

OBGYN (Gynecology)
  • The Gynecology and Obstetrics department consists
    of two subspecialties Gynecology covers the
    health of all parts of the female reproductive
    system such as the vagina, uterus, ovaries, and
    breasts. Obstetrics covers the pregnancy,
    childbirth, as well as the postpartum period.
  • The Department of Gynecology Obstetrics at
    Janvi Multispeciality Hospital offers you a
    variety of services and treatments focused over
    womens health. Our journey of providing you with
    the highest quality healthcare starts with the
    onset of conception, which continues throughout
    the pregnancy period, and lasts till the
    childbirth as well as post-delivery treatments.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/obgy

  • The Oncology department and the Bone Marrow
    Transplant treatment at Janvi Multispeciality
    Hospital fills the patient with confidence those
    who are suffering from the blood disorders and
    make a speedy recovery.
  • At Janvi Multispeciality Hospital, we truly
    understand all the complexities of various
    procedures that get successful concerning the
    quality of the marrow harvested from the donor
    for the Bone Marrow Transplant surgery. We take
    care of all the techniques of transfusion, as
    well as the post-transplantation care that is
    much needed by the patient to counter any
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/onco

  • Cardiac Care at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital is
    one of the most comprehensive departments of
    Cardiac surgery and care under one division
    having a primary aim of treating our patients
    with the best-in-class treatment for their heart
    related diseases. Our hard working team is known
    to offer their expertise in preventing and
    treating cardiac issues with the help of advanced
    diagnostic screening that has a variety of
    invasive and interventional procedures being
    conducted in the cardiac lab.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/card

Plastic Surgery
  • A surgical forte that involves the
    reconstruction, or restoration, or alteration of
    the human body is termed as Plastic Surgery. It
    can further be classified into two categories.
    The first is a Reconstructive surgery that
    includes hand surgery, craniofacial surgery,
    treatment of burns, and microsurgery. The second
    is Aesthetic Surgery widely acclaimed as Cosmetic
    surgery. However, reconstructive surgery focuses
    on reconstructing a part of the body or improving
    its functioning, cosmetic surgery focuses at
    enhancing the appearances of it.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/plas

Skin and VD
  • Janvi Multispeciality Hospital offers the
    best-in-class Dermatology treatments varying from
    the routine outpatients to the intensive care
    patients with all sorts of dermatological
    emergencies.The department of Dermatology has a
    well-built investigation facility for the various
    fields of dermatopathology, fungal studies, skin
    biopsy, and many other skin related issues.
  • https//www.janvihospital.com/our-specialties/skin

Why People Choose Us?
  • We Offer Extensive Medical Services For Our
  • We are fully accessible from anywhere, from any
    channel at any time.
  • We are available 247 with our qualified doctors
    as well as our well-trained staff to provide you
    with the best healthcare facilities.
  • We provide you the most affordable medical
    services in town.

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