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How to get Custom Candle Boxes at Wholesale Price


Get the most aesthetically designed custom candle boxes at Orchard Packaging made from natural material. The boxes are freely shipped and are the reason behind the surge in sales. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to get Custom Candle Boxes at Wholesale Price

Custom Candle Boxes
What are Candle Boxes?
  • The candles in the modern world are a source of
    artistic value and scents. Gone are the days when
    candles were only used to make the room well-lit
    in case of no electric supply or electric
    emergency failures. The candles are being used
    for creating a warm and romantic ambiance for
    special occasions. The concept of candlelight
    dinner is as old as the candles themselves. The
    candles have a prestigious value in various
    rituals and religions. The candle manufacturers
    have come up with innovative candles in different
    colored waxes and forms. The scented candles are
    used in spas and salons for relaxing baths and
    play a vital role in aromatherapy. The increased
    demand for candles requires equally appealing
    packaging. The Custom Candle Boxes own a
    responsibility to deliver the delicate candles
    safely to the customers. The outdated plain
    monotonous boxes are unattractive to the
    audience. The plastic sheet wrapping was
    hazardous for the environment and for the candles
    themselves as they would lead to the breakage of
    candles while transfers. The creation
    of customized packaging boxes has revolutionized
    the whole bundling experience. The custom-styled
    boxes are giving the brands an Individualized
    packaging option.

Top High-Quilty of Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale
  • The boxes we craft are made with premium quality
    packaging material with the ultimate perfection.
    The boxes do not crumble when stacked upon one
    and other or during traveling or transfers. The
    boxes do not fade or become soggy instead are
    moisture-resistant. The candles are delivered to
    the customers without any dirt or impurity.
    Substandard packaging is a big setback for
    renowned companies. The compromised quality is
    often delivered in the names of discounts or bulk
    orders. We make sure the maintenance of standard
    irrespective of the number of Candle Boxes or any
    deals. The very affordable custom boxes
    wholesale is made available at further noticeably
    huge discounted rates. The gross production is
    encouraged as it benefits the buyer to earn an
    extra profit per box and lets them save the
    handling time. the manufacturer is benefitted
    from less printing time and easy manufacturing.
    Bulk buying enables the struggling brand to make
    its mark in the market with well-appreciated

You Can Buy Candle Box Packaging at
  • The candle boxes are being created in different
    forms and dimensions. The box can have a single
    mesmerizing candle in it or can package multiple
    candles with inserts. The box type can be
    modified from the usual clamshell to lid and base
    type. The most popularly used is the
    double-layered front tuck or reverse tuck Candle
    Box Packaging which can be replaced with an
    easily operated sleeve type. The custom candle
    boxes can have adorned stones, pearls, or sequins
    on them. The soothing candles can be packed in a
    box with transparent PVC lined single die-cut
    window or multiple cut-outs to show off the
    beauty of a candle to make the audience go wild.
    The candles in such premium packages can be used
    as giveaways with the names of the host printed
    on the box. The special occasions use gifts for
    the guests such as marriages, bridal showers,
    birthdays, or baby showers. The candles come in
    different shapes and require a perfect fit box
    which is made by us in customized dimensions.

Custom Printed Candle Boxes at Wholesale Prices
  • The candle box packaging is made alluring with
    awesome printing. The jaw-dropping color
    combinations are used to make the audience
    tempted by the packaging. The printing is secured
    for long-lasting effect by the AQ coating. The
    box can be made in soothing pastel color schemes
    with floral and scenic graphics. Our
    professionals give each brand a unique and
    extinguishing print design with their copyrights
    to have a huge impact on sales. The UV spot
    treatment enhances the realistic effects of the
    visuals. The logos can be embossed or engraved in
    a distinguishing font than the rest of the text.
    An unambiguous and precise description of the
    product is admired by the audience. The matte or
    glossy lamination sheets are used to create the
    respective outlook. The glittery texture can be
    added for a ravishing and chic presentation.

Why Choose Us?
  • The custom boxes wholesale are manipulable and
    are made from organic material and do not add on
    to any kind of pollution for the atmosphere.
    After being discarded, the Custom Boxes
    Wholesale can be thrown away and play their role
    in the sustainability of the environment by being
    converted into loam by the bio-decomposers. The
    boxes are not only crafted reliably but also
    delivered to the client free of cost. All kinds
    of assistance are made available through the
    extensive website or the vigilant customer
    support team.

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