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Gulf Safety Training Courses


Are you in search of professional safety trainers to reduce the number of work-related incidents in your workplace? Contact Gulf Test as we provide a variety of notable safety trainings to workers and managers to ensure a healthy workplace environment. For more info, visit here: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Gulf Safety Training Courses

  • About us.
  • Our Services
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About us
  • Dubai is home to several leading industries, oil
    and gas fields, and the construction sector where
    a large number of the workforce work under
    challenging situations. The nature of work
    requires them to climb on sky-high towers for
    cleaning or building purposes work closer to
    heavy machinery such as boilers, grinders, etc.
    Working under such challenging situations
    requires the management and owners of the
    workplace to take extra safety measures to avoid
    workplace accidents such as falls or fires and so
  • To rule out the chances of such mishaps, it is
    important to organize safety training and courses
    for the management and workforce. The safety
    training enables the workers and managers to pay
    attention to the safety protocols while managing
    work. Gulf test is one of the leading companies
    in Dubai that offers several health and safety
    training and courses to several industries. Our
    highly-qualified staff is fully capable of
    offering mandatory training such as IOSH,
    Highfields training, NEBOSH, and others.
  • If you are looking for an inspection to evaluate
    the conditions of lifts, escalators, welding
    joints, and such machinery, then dont hesitate
    to reach out to us at Gulf Test. We make sure
    that your workplace is safest for all of your

  • EHS Training.
  • Third Party Inspection
  • NDT
  • Thermography
  • Oil Gas
  • Major Inspection
  • IMS Consultancy
  • Certification

Searching Keywords
  • ACTVET Approved Training Institute
  • Welding Inspection in UAE
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  • Third Party Inspection in UAE
  • Highfield Trainings in UAE
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  • Forklift Safety Inspection Dubai
  • IOSH Training in UAE
  • NEBOSH Training in UAE

Now Let us Discuss Some Keywords
  • NDT inspection companies in UAE-
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a type of
    inspection in which the strength of material,
    components, and/or structure of any system is
    evaluated. The basic purpose is the detect the
    differences, characteristics, welding defects, or
    discontinuity in the industrial parts. It is a
    quality control and assurance management
    technique widely uses in industries such as
    refineries, pipelines, oil platforms, aerospace,
    and so on. Gulf Test is one of the leading NDT
    inspection companies in UAE. 

Highfield Training in UAE
  • When it comes to safety and occupational
    training, Highfield Training in UAE is immensely
    popular. It is designed to educate learners about
    the basic knowledge of health and safety in the
    workplace. Gulf Test offers reputable Highfield
    training taught by qualified and accredited
    professionals. The training by Gulf Test helps
    business and industry owners meet the safety
    criteria in their workplaces as required by the
    law and expected by their workforce.  

  • Health and safety courses in Abu Dhabi
  • Gulf Test is the pioneer of health and safety
    courses in abudhabi. In large industrial units
    where workforces are required to work on
    challenging forums such as on heights, near
    boilers, on oil rigs, etc. the risk of accidents
    is higher than usual. This is why it is important
    to ensure that all the health and safety
    precautions are implemented. The safety courses
    from the Gulf Test enable the management and
    supervisors meet the safety protocols in the

  • Welding Inspection in Dubai
  • Welding Inspections are usually carried out to
    check the quality of welded joints. Many
    techniques are used to check different factors
    such as joint configuration, material thickness,
    and so on. The inspection ensures that the welded
    parts show a uniform and consistent strength. Our
    experts at Gulf Test are famous in the industry
    for offering professional Welding Inspection in
    Dubai to rule out the chance of breaking or
    leaking through the welded joints. 

  • IOSH Training in UAE
  • The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
    (IOSH) is the worlds famous health and safety
    body. The IOSH Training in UAE offers
    high-quality training to help people stay safe in
    different workplaces. There are two types of
    safety courses offered under IOSH including
    Workers Safely and Managing Safely designed to
    equip workers and management both with basic
    life-safety knowledge. Gulf Test is one of the
    leading training service organizers in UAE that
    also offers IOSH training by accredited

  • NEBOSH Training in UAE
  • The National Examination Board in Occupational
    Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a course that
    covers safety, health, and risk management across
    various industries. If you are a professional
    working in industrial units in Dubai, obtaining
    a NEBOSH Training in UAE can open up new avenues
    of employment for you. It is available for the
    staff and workers of all levels in a workplace.
    You can acquire the NEBOSH training and course
    offered by our highly-qualified professionals at
    Gulf Test. 

  • Safety training courses in Dubai
  • At Gulf Test, we offer accredited safety training
    courses in dubai offered by our highly qualified
    professionals. As per the regulations set by the
    authorities in UAE, ensuring the safety of
    workers is of extreme importance and any
    hesitance in compliance could lead to serious
    penalties. This is why at Gulf Test, we have
    taken the responsibility to offer safety training
    to the workforce, supervisors, and managers as
    per the international standard of safety. 

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  • Conclusion
  • The law in UAE requires every organization to
    offer foolproof security and safety to its
    workers. Apart from a regulation, it is the moral
    duty of all business owners to ensure that their
    workforce is working in a risk-free environment.
    No matter how challenging the nature of work is,
    the workers can feel confident only when they
    have complete knowledge of all the safety
    protocols. They can only perform better when they
    have the surety that the work will not put their
    lives at risk.
  • This is the basic purpose of providing health and
    safety training to the workers so that they can
    work under full protection. At Gulf Test, we are
    affiliated with the leading occupational safety
    training institutions from all around the world.
    Our highly-skilled professionals offer training
    like NEBOSH, IOSH, Highfield training, etc. that
    are recognized all over the world.
  • We strongly encourage the business owners in
    Dubai to consult with our professionals to
    acquire training for their employees as well as
    site inspections. Site inspections are highly
    important to ensure the system and materials in a
    workplace such as escalators, elevators, ladders,
    boilers, welded joints, etc. are in pristine
    conditions and pose no threat to human life.

  • Company details
  • Address P.O. Box 133143, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
  • T. Phone 02-5575244
  • Fax 02-5575883
  • Email
  • Website https//

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