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Title: How to Select a Quality Brighton Maths Tutor

How to Select a Quality Brighton Maths Tutor
Finding a maths tutor with Elite Tutors Sussex is
an excellent option for parents who wish to
ground their childs knowledge, ensuring they
have the highest possible opportunities for
success. Even at primary level, a thorough
understanding of maths is vital! If your child is
struggling in their earlier education, it is
strongly advisable to seek professional support
straight away to ensure they dont head into
secondary school already on the back foot. Here
well explore why maths tutors are in such high
demand and why this fundamental topic is often
one of the core reasons parents seek private
The Benefits of Appointing a Primary Maths Tutor
Lets start by looking at the big maths challenge
and why children often find themselves lost in
classroom lessons. Unfortunately, the
technicality of maths subjects can often feel
overwhelming, even for capable students who have
the aptitude to perform well once they overcome
that initial crisis of confidence.   Its common
for adults to dismiss the complexities of mental
arithmetic or algebra as something I was never
good at but positivity is essential.
  • Its often a case of reframing the theory to help
    children see how this knowledge applies to
    real-life issues. Choosing a maths tutor at the
    primary level ensures that the massive leap
    between Year 6 and Year 7 is a lot less daunting.
  • Elite Tutors Sussex works alongside schools to
    secure the best possible outcomes for the
    children we work with. That cohesive learning
    approach streamlines primary tuition by
  • Communicating with teachers to understand their
    targets for the learner and ways a tutor can best
    focus their tuition to help reach those goals.
  • Collaborating with teachers to identify
    forthcoming topics. This facilitates
    pre-teaching, helping students feel confident
    before they step into the classroom and are
    presented with a new knowledge area.
  • With individual support, a child who finds maths
    a tricky subject is far better prepared to tackle
    whole new levels of study at secondary school
    with enthusiasm.

Maths Tutors What to Look for?
As parents, we recognise it can be difficult to
identify the correct criteria against which to
select an accomplished maths tutor and Elite
Tutors is always here to assist and advise.
  • Wed recommend these factors as key
  • Private tutoring experience a skilful,
    experienced tutor who is adept at one to one
    style tuition.
  • Accreditations tutors who are professionally
    qualified and equipped to teach maths at the
    appropriate level for your child. A qualified
    secondary maths tutor will have good experience
    of GCSEs and A-levels which would be beneficial
    for a student undertaking this course of study.
  • Communication styles every child learns
    differently, so you require a tutor who can flex
    and adapt their teaching style to aid your
    childs comprehension.
  • A tutor who develops excellent rapport and makes
    learning relevant, interesting and personalised
    will motivate and engage even the most
    unconfident student.
  • You can learn more about ways to assess the
    suitability of a private tutor through our
    previous article Top Ten Tips for Finding the
    Right Tutor for Your Child Online. Elite Tutors
    Sussex is delighted to offer a tailored tuition
    matching service, ensuring we recommend tutors
    who are ideally suited to the needs of your child
    and your requirements from their maths learning.

Questions to Explore with Your Maths Tutor
Successful maths tuition is dependent on having a
proficient, high-quality tutor and an open
dialogue to ensure you are working
collaboratively to reach the same goals.   Your
childs learning experiences are crucial, and so
there are many ways to discuss together the
objectives of the tuition to ensure your
expectations align
How long will each tutoring session be? The
duration may need to change depending on your
childs age and whether they are more comfortable
having plenty of time to discuss and explore or
in smaller chunks.   How will you assess my
childs needs?   Every child is unique, and so
our professional tutors will need to evaluate
your childs learning stage and their challenges
to ensure their lesson plans slot in perfectly
alongside their classroom learning.   How can I
measure my childs progress?   Your investment
into your childs knowledge is hugely valuable,
and its helpful that you know how assessments
will be carried out or ways to identify progress.
That may be in terms of confidence and a keenness
to learn, as well as in academic success!
How can I support my child with their tutoring?
We know that all parents want their child to
succeed, and so working in partnership with your
private tutor and supporting your childs
learning efforts is a great way to reinforce
their studies and celebrate the wins along the
way. These are only some of the many questions
you might wish to ask.   Our article How Can I
Help My Child With Maths provides further support
for assisting your child with their maths
education.   We always encourage every parent
to raise any queries you may have with the Elite
Tutors Sussex team or directly with your tutor,
so you remain in firm control of the process at
each stage.  
Finding A Professional Brighton Maths Tutor
As weve seen, self-esteem makes a phenomenal
difference in how children feel about their maths
education. Missing a lesson, falling behind a
step, or not really getting a concept can cause
no end of anxiety.   While weve covered some
of the main reasons maths is a topic many
children need support with, its also worth
considering more profound challenges, such as
Dyscalculia. Dyscalculia is a specific learning
difference in its own right which needs careful
and expert attention as students conceptual
understanding of the number system and retention
for numerical facts needs support.   If there
is an underlying reason a child is finding maths
problematic, a professional Maths Tutor Brighton
can identify this. Elite Tutors Sussex matches
parents with exceptional qualified specialist
tutors to provide bespoke support with this maths
issue which, although only impacting a minimal
number of pupils, can go unidentified.
Bridging the Maths Learning Gap
We often hear from families whose child is
frustrated with the maths curriculum.   The
broader educational community regularly
highlights that students in regions such as Asia
are so much further advanced with numbers. So, is
that indicative of a deficiency in the British
educational system? On the contrary, there is a
crucial contributing factor. After school tuition
is highly prevalent in nations such as Singapore,
Hong Kong and China. That general enhanced
knowledge indicates the power of one to one
support and how compelling the impact is on a
childs abilities.   In many cases, maths tuition
is a way to bolster the knowledge a child already
has but may not understand how to apply.
Confidence is a major factor here! Maths tutor
Hove can work with your child across a broad
range of remits. From focusing on particular
areas they find confusing, clarifying points
theyve not grasped at school, to reinforcing
their familiarity to ensure they can apply their
knowledge with complete understanding.   While
mathematics may always be a challenging topic, an
expert maths tutor can make a world of difference
in clearing the confusion and paving the pathway
for success.   If you are considering a Brighton
and Hove maths tutor, then contact us at Elite
Tutors Sussex. We are friendly, approachable and
will help your child achieve what they are
capable of. Our lessons are tailored to suit,
personalised to engage and will ensure that your
childs maths confidence is restored in the
quickest time.
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