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How To Maximize Space in Your Home


Whether your family is expanding, you’ve taken on more pets or you simply want more space, there can be many reasons why your home can begin to feel too small for your needs, and thankfully, just as many solutions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Maximize Space in Your Home

How To Maximize Space in Your Home
  • Whether your family is expanding, youve taken on
    more pets or you simply want more space, there
    can be many reasons why your home can begin to
    feel too small for your needs, and thankfully,
    just as many solutions.
  • From interior design tips to remodeling and
    addition, heres how to maximize pace in your
  • Think smart storage solutions
  • Sometimes, its not the actual dimensions of your
    home that make it feel cramped, but the things
    inside it. With a series of smart storage
    solutions, from extra shelves and cabinets to
    attractive storage containers, you can help make
    your home feel more spacious.

  • Have you thought about adding more space with an
    addition project?
  • If you love your home and its location, but its
    simply no longer meeting your needs when it comes
    to space, you might save money by adding a room
    or rooms to your existing home. Moving can be
    stressful and costly, and thats if you can even
    find a suitable home within your budget, and in
    an area that you want to live in. With the help
    of an experienced general contractor, you could
    add rooms or another floor to your home and make
    it a space you can live in for many years to come.

  • De-clutter!
  • While storage solutions were mentioned earlier,
    if you can get rid of (or sell) items in your
    home that you dont need, use or want, you could
    forget all about having extra cupboards built or
    buying storage containers, and add a few more
    square feet of livable space to your home!
  • Try making some rooms multi-purpose
  • Even if its not something you do permanently, or
    only do when you have guests staying, you can
    still give more people in your home the space
    they need by having several rooms serve more than
    one purpose. Sofa beds and desks are a great
    addition to any room, and can turn it from a
    single-purpose room, into a multi-purpose one.

  • Choose your furniture wisely
  • Chunky furniture that takes up half a room and
    leaves no space for anything but sitting,
    probably isnt the best type of furniture for a
    small room, no matter how attractive or
    comfortable it may be. Whereas foldable tables,
    stools, slimline sofas and space saving storage
    solutions are all items that can make a room feel
    bigger and still be just as comfortable, provided
    you shop wisely.

  • Could remodeling be an option?
  • Sometimes and with the help of a professional
    construction company remodeling a room or two
    can help you reimagine your home and change it
    interior completely. Whether youve got walls
    where you dont want them, or a room that feels
    obsolete, a well thought out remodeling project
    can truly transform your home.
  • For more space saving or space creating tips,
    reach out to local designers and construction
    companies who can assess your home and advise you
    as to how you could transform it into the space
    you want it to be.

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