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Create a Winning Software Company by Following These Steps!


This is the first and most important step for anyone looking to start a leading software service company in USA or otherwise. It is paramount to have some sort of guidance from someone more experienced and knowledgeable in the field. This person will also act as a backbone and someone to rely on when the going gets difficult. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Create a Winning Software Company by Following These Steps!

Create a Winning Software Company by Following
These Steps
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Follow these Steps for a Better Future Find a
Mentor This is the first and most important step
for anyone looking to start a leading software
service company in USA or otherwise. It is
paramount to have some sort of guidance from
someone more experienced and knowledgeable in the
field. This person will also act as a backbone
and someone to rely on when the going gets
difficult. Look for Like-mindedness After
having found a decent mentor, look for a group of
like-minded people. Become a part of their
journey and let them be a part of yours. This
will facilitate learning and networking, helpful
in the future. Also, a lot of financial support
may also be found in such groups. Human and other
resources such as co-working spaces, networking
and promotional events of new and existing US
software service companies are important.
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Choose Value over Features Is the start-up
solving a problem? No one can emphasise enough on
the fact that consumers today are vale driven and
conscious, unlike the old times of
price-conscious customers. Theyre ready to pay a
little more if they see value. Rather than simply
giving them the desired features, show them what
is in it for them- the benefits. Even after this,
choose value over everything. Simplicity Above
All Customers today value simplicity. All design
and other decisions should be made around the
subject of user experience. If the user finds it
complex or confusing, the product has failed and
there is no other way or option. It is as simple
as that.
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Even if one manages to solve a genuine problem,
deliver value, provide software testing services
at low prices, if the user isnt satisfied, the
product has no future. While the experts may
understand the jargons and technicalities, the
consumer is only interested in making their life
easier. Make it as Easy for the Users as
Possible Here, making it easy refers to making it
easy for the users to choose the start-up over
its competitors, even well-established
counterparts. One may give offers, updates,
incentives or some other benefits to the
potential users to lure them to make their first
purchase. It goes without saying that the next
purchase will depend on their initial
experience Improve Continuously and with
Consistency In this step, the prototype of the
service to be offered will play a big role. One
may take a sample group of customers and ask the
relevant questions to understand them better.
Based upon the market needs, develop a product
but know that it is only the beginning. The key
to surviving and thriving is testing and
modifying the service rendered periodically.
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Adopt an open API Finally, developers should try
and design a software testing service in USA that
integrates well with the users existing software
platform. This increases the likelihood that the
consumer will choose the new testing service and
actually stick with it over time. An open API is
a good option for both parties. The world is
moving at a fast pace and human beings being very
competitive are trying to move beside the moving
world and not behind it. Technologies have
reached a different height and people cannot see
themselves in a favorable position without
technologies by their side. Software companies
are in high demand in the city. Engineers
emerging from all over the country are dependent
on them to maintain their livelihood. Every year,
India produces over lakhs of engineers from both
private and government colleges. Companies visit
from different parts of the world in campus
placement to assure their future with high or
favorable annual income.
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Software testing companies solely work every day
to make life easier and better. They work on
mobile development, app development, etc. The
well-functioning apps being used to make jobs
easier are nothing but their contribution to
society. Hours of programming and designing give
those apps in the play store sometimes full of
bugs and sometimes smoothly running. The
companies always find new ways to improvise and
improve their production into a better one just
to make a market of their company. The employees
are competing every day with each other for their
promotion. There is always an unseen intense
intergroup competition. Millions of people are
able to feed their families after the development
of these software companies. Bangalore is known
as the hub of the IT sector. Engineers from all
over the country expect a job in that city. It is
known as the Silicon Valley of India. The
leading software testing companies in India have
their headquarters here. This clearly intensifies
the career confirmation that the city ensures.
This garden city is still the dream city for
many. However, there are other firms based in
different parts of the country that have reached
the very pinnacle of the corporate ladder.
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Testriq - leading software testing company in
India Testriq lab is an Indian Software company
in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is an independent
QA/testing consultancy company that works to
provide best-in-class testing and QA-services. It
is an LLP firm incorporated on 5th October 2017.
It is registered at the Registrar of Companies,
Mumbai. Designated Partners of the TESTRIQ QA
lab are Sandeep Manikrao Maske and Santosh
Pandurang Kakade. Powered by a workforce of 30
proficient ISTQB Certified professionals and an
average of 15 years of experience in the field
of software testing, the company aims to provide
a complete range of software testing services.
The partners of the company claim We are well
equipped with a high-end technical prowess, a
bevy of operating systems and a range of the
latest mobile devices that make us competent
enough to test desktop-based, internet-based as
well as mobile-based software applications."
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  • The company is specialized in
  • Validation Managed Software Testing Services
  • Software testing,
  • Independent Software verification
  • Desktop Application Testing
  • Web, Mobile
  • Quality assurance
  • Company size of 51-200 employees, guarantees to
    provide a positive work culture.
  • The company maintains a well reliable profile
    on LinkedIn (a popular app for job search).
    Testriq gives satisfactory service to all its
    customers and claims to be a customer-friendly
    company making it the best US software company in
    the present corporate world.

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In a word where technology is evolving faster
than passing days and revolutionizing in terms of
features in the blink of an eye, it is hard to
keep up with its ever rising services and use it
to the best of its potential as it not only
requires one to be a skillful learner but also a
tactful observer to be able to utilize such a
twisted spiral of perpetuating inventions and
discoveries. In a digital ecosystem like today,
entrepreneurs aim to thrive their business
agendas by the use of technology because the
truth of the present is, the fastest means of
reaching out or giving a message to anyone, at
any time, located anywhere is through the
internet. And businesses focus on this very trait
to meet us resulting in meeting their financial
ambitions. This is exactly where a leading
software testing company in USA like Testriq has
a role to play. TESTRIQ QA Lab is a privately
owned QA Testing Services, and IT Support
business formed in 2009. It comprises of an
insurmountable team of certified QA engineers who
aim on pulling up their creative sleeves and
solving all varieties of QA, Testing, and IT
problems and fulfill your business needs.
W Ph 91 844 8444 382
Services of Testriq
  1. Web Accessibility testing.
  2. Compliance testing.
  3. Globalization and Localization testing.
  4. GDPR compliance testing.
  5. Manual Software testing.
  6. e learning application testing.
  7. Software test automation.
  8. Data Management.
  9. Server support.
  10. IT support.
  1. Software and QA testing.
  2. Website testing.
  3. Mobile Application testing.
  4. Performance and Load testing.
  5. Usability and Security testing.
  6. Test Data Management.
  7. Regression testing.
  8. API testing.
  9. Data Migration testing.
  10. Cloud applications testing.

W Ph 91 844 8444 382
Mission and Vision of Testriq To be the global
leader in IT Services. Building on its
technologies, competencies and customer
interests, and creating value for its
stakeholders and customers. It shall achieve this
by focusing on the intersection of its clients
emerging needs and the acceleration of business
and technological change. TESTRIQ will be the
first choice solution partner in the technology
sector providing QA, Testing, and IT Support
services to businesses throughout the globe. It
will become an integral part of its clients
success, collaborating with them to achieve their
strategic objectives whilst creating long lasting
business value through the delivery and
management of their technology. Testriqs team of
talented, experienced and motivated industry
specialists will be recognized as the best in
their field. Their continued success will be
driven by their people who will share in it.
W Ph 91 844 8444 382
Why choose Testriq? TESTRIQ has the expertise
and resources required to design, develop and
manage the highly available and highly secure
Desktop, Web, and Mobile Testing Solutions you
need, giving you the time and confidence to focus
on running your business. Here are 4 reasons why
you should choose it to build your Software
Testing Framework, support your people and
systems, as well as advise you on projects that
will reduce your risk, enhance your productivity
and give you a real competitive edge. And the
reasons are People, Customer Service, Support and
W Ph 91 844 8444 382
To know more feel free to contact the team of
Testriq on the following contact details
TESTRIQ QA LAB Royal Palms Estate, Mumbai 400
065, MH, IN. P 91 844 8444 382 M
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