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Lady Hair Doctor in Bbsr - Hair Transplant Clinic in Bhubaneswar


Hair Transplant using beard hair to the scalp as an alternative source of donor hair via FUE is often done as beard transplantation operation at Ashu Skin Care Clinic. Unfortunatly thses hair won't reamin long After the beard transplant takes place, the client may be happy with the results for a short time as the life span of thses hairs are less. Visit Us - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Lady Hair Doctor in Bbsr - Hair Transplant Clinic in Bhubaneswar

How Does The Doctor Decide Hair Placement
Hair loss or male pattern is one of the most
common problems of todays world where most of
the men and women complain about hair loss or
ever-increasing bald area on the scalp. In these
conditions, wise hair loss patients always
believe in hair clinic in Bhubaneswar . The
Ashuskincare clinic is known to provide
extraordinary results after the hair transplant
surgery. Therefore, you can say this clinic is
the leader in the feld of hair restoration.
In fact, hair transplant surgery is performed in
several clinics and it is considered as an
efective hair loss treatment. However, not every
surgeon or clinic have mastered the art to bring
perfect aesthetic results for the patients. As
you know, hair transplant surgery is a surgical
procedure and it is related to the aesthetic
goals of the person. It means the surgeon has to
possess both artistic and technical skills to
achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, the
combination of these two skills is the most
demanded aspect of the hair transplant industry.
Before we elaborate the topic, let us have a
brief look at a brief introduction of hair
transplant. Hair Transplant Overview Hair
transplant surgery is performed by removing the
hair follicles from the donor site and
transplanting the hair follicles to the recipient
area. Mainly two techniques called follicles
unit transplant and follicular unit extraction
are used to perform the surgery. This is a
simple overview of hair transplant but we have to
discuss more to talk about graft insertion with
a perfect angle. What is called a Natural
Result? First of all, a natural result means a
natural hairline. The hairline is the most
important aspect of hair transplant and it should
look perfect according to the expectations of
the patient. Moreover, the surgeon has to
consider the availability of the hair grafts,
age of the patient and angle of hair follicles to
meet the demands of the patient. The following
points are considered by the surgeon before he
decided to have a hair transplant. First of all,
the doctor has to use the hairs of donor site
wisely. He has to insert hair follicles with one
hair to the hairline and hair follicular units
with more hairs are transplanted to the temples
and crown area. Restoring the crown area with a
perfect angle is also a challenge. If you have
observed, hairs on the crown have a distinct
pattern and every hair is whirled around a
central point. In fact, the surgeon has to
restore the hairs in the same manner.
Furthermore, the features of the hairs on the
donor site are also important to consider. These
features include color, texture, depth, etc. If
you also want to have perfect results by choosing
a capable Hair Transplant Doctor Bhubaneswar ,
the Hair clinic is going to be the best hair
restoration clinic for hair loss patients. You
can visit the clinic any time to start the
treatment process.
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