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Washington offers a world of modern conveniences including a very efficient healthcare system. The medical centers, health specialists, doctors, clinicians and other related people in Washington rely on 24/7 Medical Billing Services for all their medical billing requirements. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: mileytaylor38

Otolaryngology Practices- Now Solve All Your
Medical Billing Issues with 247 Medical Billing
  • Contrary to common belief, Otolaryngology
    Practices is more than just an everyday, casual
    practice. It is a lot more than simple ENT
    procedures, i.e. ear, nose and throat
    practices. An independent otolaryngology
    practitioner would have to consider several
    things in the current fast-paced world.
  • Most independent Otolaryngology practices and
    hospitals are trying to streamline the
    complexities related to coding management and
    accurate medical billing, which sometimes leads
    to overlooking of the crucial operations. The
    frequent alterations that are being done in ICD
    10, thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act, are
    also one of the significant reasons why it is
    essential to give utmost care to the changes
    brought onto billing procedures and coding
  • It is of great importance that the staff
    carefully takes care of the everyday processes
    that are undertaken at the Otolaryngology clinic
    regularly. The collections, the billing process
    as well as the constantly changing scenario can
    sometimes get quite tedious. Other than this,
    there are also few other issues that are commonly
    faced by Otolaryngology practices.
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  • Some of the issues that are commonly faced by
    Otolaryngology Practices include
  • Outdated procedures
  • If ones team is not up to date with the latest
    technological advances for clinical coding
    optimization, they fail to have the best level of
    specificity. It would also mean that they dont
    have any grasp on medical terminology for
    techniques and diagnoses as and how are required
    by the latest ICD 10 changes. This would make it
    difficult for them to meet the expected levels to
    maintain claims and collections. It can lead to
    denied or rejected claims which lead to loss of
  • Bad medical reports
  • In certain circumstances, the problem mainly is
    with the medical services departments inability
    to carry out the processes and diagnoses given to
    patients besides the medical information.
    Sometimes, several physicians miss out essential
    details which can assist the staff in coding more
    accurately. The issues tend to arise when the
    medical professionals are too busy to communicate
    effectively with the billing staff. It can lead
    to increase of rejected or denied claims.
  • The codes are outdated
  • The three primary medical codes are mainly
    updated annually as coders need to stay updated
    on the latest regulations to use them properly.
    One needs to train their team and help them get
    support through trusted healthcare companies.
    When the staff is trained and prepared, they can
    stay updated and handle the different challenges
    to keep the healthcare practice running.
  • Unbundling
  • It is pretty similar to overcoming or up coding.
    It is way beyond fraudulent and damaging.
    Unbundling is said to report falsely to increase
    the payout from the payer by handling various
    processes added in one overall code.
  • Outsourcing Otolaryngology medical billing can
    help an organization overcome the above-listed
    issues. We at 24/7 Medical Billing Services would
    make sure that
  • Correct medical provider information is being
  • The patient information is correct
  • Treatment and diagnosis codes match correctly
  • They conduct workflow analysis that includes
    billing/expenses, Accounts Receivable (AR)
    process, sales prospecting, supply costs,
    staffing, utilization review, and denials
  • Make sure that error-free diagnosis and
    point-of-service code is correctly entered into
    medical billing software
  • Reduction of chances of denied and/or rejected
  • The ongoing ICD-10 changes have been quite
    intimidating and intense for a few practices,
    proving that it is a good decision for many
    Otolaryngologists to outsource their billing. To
    know more about how 24/7 Medical Billing Services
    operate and what they can provide for your
    Otolaryngology practice, contact 1
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About us
  • We are a medical billing company that offers
    24/7 Medical Billing Services and support
    physicians, hospitals, medical institutions and
    group practices with our end to end medical
    billing solutions. We help you earn more revenue
    with our quick and affordable services. Our
    customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
    solutions allow physicians to attract additional
    revenue and reduce administrative burden or
  • Our company was founded in 2005 and is now a
    leading organization of highly motivated and
    certified coders billers in the US medical
    billing industry. Our current employee strength
    is 500 and we have ambitious plans to grow more
  • As a leading Medical Billing Outsourcing Company
    we take care of the complete setup enrolment in
    about one to four weeks time depending on the
    complexity of the project. We have certified
    trainers with 10 years of experience to train
    the newcomers so they can get acquainted with the
    specialty jargons stay updated with the recent
    coding developments.
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