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10 Amazing Reasons to Choose Kotlin for App Development


Kotlin is one of the best cross source languages which can be used for designing an android app. Choosing dedicated kotlin programmers from PixelCrayons can help you to get desired service at a very reasonable price. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Amazing Reasons to Choose Kotlin for App Development

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Kotlin Programmers 10 Convincing Reasons to Choos
e Kotlin for App Development
Since Google decided to shift its base to Kotlin,
many other organizations and programmers have
started opting for Kotlin for their Android app
development. Many young programmers even say
that Java is now an error-prone, old
programming language that hinders
modernization. Kotlin for app creation is a more
result-oriented and easy-to-use programming
language as per the developers and
businesses. You must be wondering what the
Kotlin programming language is and why it became
so famous? Kotlin is a cross-platform
programming language introduced in 2010 by a
software product development organization called
JetBrains, located in Russia.
It is an open-source language that can work in
the Java virtual machine. The multipurpose
programming language has gained traction in the
last three years and is preferred by
programmers for offering multiple
acquisitions and functional features that
provide faster integration. It is one of the
preferred programming languages for Android
application development because it is
open-source, flexible, and compatible with
multiple easy-to-use programming tools. Before
you hire offshore Kotlin developers, Let us
take a look at a few stats related to Kotlin
  • In just three years, almost 5,746 companies
    use Kotlin for their business-level mobile
  • 41 of the Kotlin users are in the United States,
    7 in the United Kingdom, and 6
  • in India.
  • Out of all the customers using Kotlin, 34 are
    small enterprises, 42 are medium enterprises,
    and 25 are biggies.

  • As per development stats, Kotlin was the
    4th most-loved language in 2020 with
  • 62.9 votes.

Why is Kotlin in Such High Demands? Here are
several reasons that show the importance of
Kotlin for app development Reason 1- Kotlin is
a Swift Language in the Case of Android
Development. Kotlin can be effortlessly
integrated with Android Studio, just like Swift
can be seamlessly integrated with XCode. Also, a
Kotlin-based Android application project can be
configured to work in less than an hour. But
that's not the best part! The best part
is that Kotlin can easily debug without
any problem. In fact, with all the features
that Java is capable of, Kotlin replicates
them all (and even more). That means you can
refactor, debug, and everything you can think of
is in Kotlin.
Reason 2- Completely Interoperable with Java. One
of Kotlin's greatest strengths is
interoperability. It is entirely and 100
percent interoperable with the Java programming
language. The vital essence of this feature is
that it allows developers to use Java and Kotlin
code in parallel in the same project without
altering any of the factors. This means that if
you plan to integrate Kotlin into your existing
project, you need to add its tools and frameworks
without any additional changes. Reason 3- Reduce
boilerplate code Nobody likes jotting down
long lines of code. Right? This may be
another feature that Kotlin offers to
developers. Boilerplate code is code that
you have to write over and over without
any alteration. Therefore, Kotlin reduces
boilerplate code. With the help of various
practical tips and tricks, Kotlin reduces the
extra lines of code and creates a smaller file
size as compared to Java. As a result, the
reduced amount of code in Kotlin is almost
20 To avoid these technicalities, Hire Kotlin
developers India and get your job done.
Reason 4- It is perfectly integrated with Android
Studio Everything working so well from minute one
is a huge plus.
You've seen it if you've tried it, but you can
have a Kotlin project set up and ready to go in
less than 10 minutes without a problem, even if
you don't know anything about Kotlin. With
Android 2.3, you only need to install a plugin,
and in 3.0, the whole process will be perfectly
integrated. And from there, everything works as
if you were working with Java you can run from
the IDE, debug without problems, make
refactors, use instant execution. Everything
you can imagine is there in Kotlin and can be
used. Reason 5- Improve performance A big thanks
to the bytecode structure that allows a Kotlin
application to run faster. With Kotlin's
support for inline functions, Kotlin increases
the execution speed of lambda functions. As a
result, it even runs faster than the same code
written in Java. Compared to Java, Kotlin offers
a wide range of valuable features that streamline
everyday development tasks. Kotlin consists of a
variety of features like parameter values, object
declarations, extension functions, and many
more. This allows Kotlin to speed up
development time as well as efficiently
maintain the codebase. Reason 6- Wide IDE
support Since Kotlin was officially released in
2016 but has been available for use since 2011,
the programming language has undergone
multiple alpha and beta tests to improve
its functionality. Additionally, IDE plugins can
be installed for use with Kotlin and use various
Java functions with proven results.
Reason 7- Kotlin's evolutions are well
designed. Jetbrains- the company behind
Kotlin is using it themselves in their
projects, so they are more than interested in
developing it further. Also, speaking
specifically of Android, now, with the
support of Google, two great organizations
are putting in combined efforts to come up
with the best programming language and tools
for our developed apps. With features like
Kotlin Android Extensions and libraries
like Anko, continuous optimizations of
library size, and compile times, it all
shows that Jetbrains puts a lot of effort
into Android. Reason 8- No adoption cost Aside
from the hesitation to try a new language,
there is no cost to adopt the Kotlin
language. Why? Because Kotlin is an
open-source language. It is entirely free
and available for everyone to use.
If you have old Java projects, there is
nothing to worry about. Just use the Java
to Kotlin Conversion Plugin, and all Java code
will be converted to Kotlin code. As a result,
your file size and code complexity will also be
  • Reason 9- Kotlin is much more secure as compared
    to Java.
  • You can't imagine how tired programmers are of
    NullPointerException in Java. In fact, every time
    I, as a programmer, see one, I get frustrated
    because it is a sign ificant problem in the
    design of the language itself.
  • I will not deny the fact that today we
    have tools such as annotations or some
    design patterns that can help us avoid some of
    them. But, as usual, the amount of additional
    work required is a matter of time and money.
  • But we can not only talk about nulls. The total
    amount of code we store in Kotlin reverts to
  • Fewer errors If there is less code, it
    is more difficult for that code to fail,
    and therefore it becomes more stable.
  • When the compiler helps you catch those
    errors at compile-time, they never happen at
  • The code is easier to understand later when
    someone else reads it, and again more difficult
    to introduce the mistakes.
  • It is more apparent what the code does
    (and not how) because we avoid any
    repetition that only serves to overcome the
    shortcomings of the language.
  • It translates to more work done in less
    time, more stability, and less time spent
  • fixing bugs.
  • Reason 10- Kotlin is cross-platform.

Yes, you are not learning Kotlin to write Android
apps. Kotlin was first built with the JVM in mind
so that it can be used on virtually any device
running the Java Virtual Machine. But in Kotlin
1.1, Kotlin JS (which was experimental until
then) was finally released so that you can do the
front-end development with Kotlin as well. But
it doesn't stop here. Thanks to Gradle
support, programmers are able to write
their Gradle files in Kotlin, and thanks to
Kotlin Native, the future is open to any
platform. Writing Android apps is just a tiny
activity. Reason 11- Trustworthy Since
JetBrains strategically developed Kotlin for
use in its programming needs, it forces the
parent company to develop it further. JetBrains
is known to put in a lot of effort to
make it successful while also offering the
necessary modifications to make it
better. Reason 12- A business language Since its
development in 2011, Kotlin has been developed to
solve practical and real-world problems for
today's developers and programmers. This
makes Kotlin a business or business language.
It is built and designed with the business in
mind. This is the main reason why JetBrains
decided to offer something usable and profitable
for businesses that could benefit from Android
application development. Final Words Kotlin has
come up with numerous advantages for Android app
development. As a result, companies are
adopting Kotlin very quickly. But since it
is a young language, it is quite difficult
for businesses to find the right development
partners. Research well and hire dedicated
Kotlin developers for your business, and
get the job done. Only an expert can come up
with expert solutions. If you have any other
queries or suggestions, feel free to comment
below. Till then, that's all, folks!
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