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Introduction of CTF Training (Capture The Flag)


Capture the Flag (CTF) Training from InfosecTrain focuses on improving a professional's knowledge of Pentesting and providing practical experience to help them improve their skill set. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Introduction of CTF Training (Capture The Flag)

Introduction of CTF Training (Capture The Flag)
About Us
InfosecTrain is one of the finest Security and
Technology Training and Consulting organization,
focusing on a range of IT Security Trainings and
Information Security Services. InfosecTrain was
established in the year 2016 by a team of
experienced and enthusiastic professionals, who
have more than 15 years of industry experience.
We provide professional training, certification
consulting services related to all areas of
Information Technology and Cyber Security.
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About CTF Training
  • Capture the Flag (CTF) Training from InfosecTrain
    focuses on improving a professional's knowledge
    of Pentesting and providing practical experience
    to help them improve their skill set. This
    preparation ensures that problem-solving skills
    are polished and that important hands-on
    experience is provided at the appropriate level
    of pressure so that candidates get a sense of a
    real-life situation.
  • CTF is a simulated training that uses a scenario
    to give people hands-on experience in a realistic
    cyber-fight. It is based on a military formula.
    The purpose is to capture the flag. The trainee
    is expected to search for it and find flags that
    the training's developers have hidden in the
    system. The simulations teach users how to spot
    vulnerabilities in virtual machines and how to
    use different tools, like the Metasploit system,
    to exploit them. The trainee attempts to conduct
    a forensic analysis of the given log file to
    prevent a live attack on one of the devices.
  • Target Audience
  • The training is open to all professional people
    who work in the following abilities
  • ? Programmer
  • ? Security Expert
  • ? System Administrator
  • ? Application Administrator
  • ? Network Administrator
  • CCISO Certification

  • Requirements
  • ? Virtualization-capable computer
  • ? RAM of at least 4 GB is needed (8 GB Preferred)
  • ? Comfortable with Linux command-line interface
  • ? Detailed understanding of the TCP/IP protocols
  • ? Comfortable with Python and PHP programming
  • What you'll learn?
  • ? Understanding of the penetration testing
    lifecycle and methodology
  • ? Ability to improve network pentesting
  • ? Knowing how hackers work is important
  • ? Vulnerability detection and exploitation
    methods and strategies at a basic level
  • ? You'll learn Python, PHP scripting, and other
    trade secrets that will amaze you
  • ? Offering customized training on hacking
  • ? Improving their problem-solving abilities
  • ? Providing a hands-on experience that is highly
  • ? Gamified training to better understand the CTF

  • Course Content
  • ? Introduction to Pentesting
  • ? Assessment Skill Management
  • ? Basic Linux Commands
  • ? Netcat Tutorials
  • ? Port Scanning with Nmap Wireshark
  • ? Enumeration
  • ? Passive information gathering
  • ? Directory Brute force Attack
  • ? Windows Security Assessment
  • ? Linux Security Assessment
  • ? Reverse Shell
  • ? Intro to Overflows
  • ? Windows BO examples
  • ? Linux BO examples
  • ? File Transfers
  • ? Linux Privilege Escalation


  • ? Windows Privilege Escalation
  • ? Web Application Attacks
  • ? Password Cracking
  • ? Database, Wireless Cryptography
  • ? PortFun
  • ? Metasploit Framework
  • ? Antivirus Avoidance
  • ? Misconfigured Lab Setup
  • Why CTF Training?
  • CTF contests are an excellent way to improve a
    particular hacker's skills. Many corporations
    believe this is a good place to look for a
    professional Ethical Hacker with the most
    academic and practical experience.
  • As a result, CTF training is an opportunity not
    just to develop Ethical Hacking skills but also
    to be discovered by the company for the best
    career opportunities.

  • Training with InfosecTrain
  • InfosecTrain is a leading IT security training
    company that offers courses for a variety of
    well-known information security certifications.
    The Capture the Flag (CTF) Training offered by
    Infosec Train is an excellent way to learn
    Ethical Hacking techniques from industry experts.
  • In the link given below, you can find the most
    up-to-date schedule for the CTF training
  • https//

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InfosecTrain welcomes overseas customers to come
and attend training sessions in destination
cities across the globe and enjoy their learning
experience at the same time.
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