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How to Take Care of Your Fur Jacket or Coat - Hello Laundry


It is important to know to take assistance from the dry cleaning service for maintaining your fur jacket or coat. Explore here! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Take Care of Your Fur Jacket or Coat - Hello Laundry

How to Take Care of Your Fur Jacket?
Owning a fur coat is like giving major fashion
goals. But, it requires an exceptional amount of
care to last longer. It is important to know to
take assistance from the dry cleaning service for
maintaining your fur coat. This may include
deodorizing, cleaning, and conditioning the fur
in your coat. As they need extra care to retain
their warmth, you should always take help from a
professional jacket dry cleaning company as they
have the requisite equipment to do so. You should
take care of the fact that fur coats should not
be washed at home in any way as the material will
get damaged. Under-mentioned are few ways that
can be considered at the time of cleaning your
fur coat
Ways To Consider For Your Fur Jacket Dry Cleaning
  • First of all, shaking the fur to remove any dirt
    settled on it. In this regard, it is necessary to
    hold the coat from the shoulders. You may turn
    the coat inside out and shake it again to remove
    maximum dirt accumulated on your fur coat.
    Certainly, fur coats necessitate
  • high-end care for adding life to the dress form.
    After shaking, it is necessary to hang your coat
    on a broad shouldered hanger as it retains the
  • Use a specialized fur cleaning brush to remove
    the leftover dirt by brushing gently. It is
    necessary for you to start from the top of the
    coat. Further to this, brush the coat downwards
    in the direction of fur. Make sure to apply
    smaller and gentle strokes on one part at a
    time. Do not make long strokes or clean the coat
    in one stroke. It should be noted that fur
    brushes have broad-spaced teeth with soft edges,
    which prevent the damage of fur material.
  • Apart from clearing the dust through a brush, you
    can try taking assistance from a dry cleaning
    service. They will ensure using high-quality
    products to handle your fur coat with ease. Make
    sure to get such services from a reputed
    drycleaner, who has years of experience in
    cleaning fur coats.
  • When it comes to the matter of taking care of
    your fur coat, be sure that it should not be
    exposed to sunlight. This will lead your coat to
    fade and lose its lustrous appeal as well. Also,
    at the time of storing in the cupboard, the fur
    coat should not be crushed under other items.
    Moreover, you should not use mothballs or put
    them in the fur coat because the balls have the
    ability to absorb moisture that will dry the fur.
  • In order to take care of your fur coat, you
    should make sure to store it in a cool place
    where sunlight does not reach in excess. The
    storage place has to be clean, light-controlled,
    and humidity-free for better protection of the
    fur coat. This will, also, safeguard your fur
    coat from premature aging.
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Professional Natural Fur Coat Cleaning Process
  • The job of a fur expert is to check your coat for
    rips, stains, and tears. He would hand-clean the
    lining areas as they get most of the spots.
  • Further, the fur coat is retained in a big drum
    with sawdust and an environmentally-safe
    cleaning solution in it. As the coat is tumbled,
    the dust and oil starts removing from the coat.
    After this, the coat is vacuumed to eradicate the
    sawdust and hand steamed for removing the final
  • Lastly, the electrifying process is used, through
    large rollers, for lifting each hair of fur in
    the same direction. This will make your fur coat
    appear nicer than before.
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  • Being organic material, they do not last longer.
    But, proper maintenance will always add to their
    lifespan. It is certain that a fur coat may last
    for generations on being taken proper care of.
    Along with proper conditioning and storing,
    taking help from jacket dry cleaning services is
    the most important factor. There is a
    possibility that fur coats may dry up quickly
    without proper care, storage, and conditioning.
  • As fur coats are costly, they are seen as
    investments that should be retained for a longer
    time period. If this material is taken care
    properly then, the fur coat will retain its
    high-quality shine and appeal. So, it is really
    important you should use qualitative products in
    cleaning them or take help of the dry cleaning
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