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How I Choose Therapy Over Pain & Overcame My Demons


I want to help create a world with good mental health for all and I hope my story has been helpful or even inspiring. Looking for the best online psychologist in India, We are here for your rescue! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How I Choose Therapy Over Pain & Overcame My Demons

How I Choose Therapy Over Pain Overcame My
  • Let's Pause for a minute and visualize how most
    of your actions are nothing but a result of your
    subconscious thoughts. Yes, thats right. Its
    the demon whispering in your ear that often
    directs you into situations you never intended to
    be part of. With determination in your mind and
    courage, you can overcome the intense demon that
    tries to conquer you. We are sure to enable you
    to realize the damage a demon can cause in your
    life! We must eventually train you to gather the
    courage to fight the demons during these dark
  •  You are not alone!
  • Innerhealth's dearest client, Rashi Vallabh
    decided to share a story of her life and in turn
    encourage thousands of us who can relate to the
    same! Sitting with my desktop as I strive to
    start this tale, I'm endeavoring to agree on
    where to begin and I can feel it coming on.
    Trembling up my arms and into my neck, a heavy
    chest, now my legs start, I'm not sure if I'm hot
    or cold, my chest gets heavier as my body decides
    whether to fight or make an escape.

  • Luckily, I'm familiar with what's going on my
    head remains quiet as I write these statements.
    Allowing myself to overcome the anxiety that is
    taking hold of my body, the natural
    acknowledgement I feel when confronted with
    difficult tasks or stress, is not going to
    happen. I'd like to show that if they're spotted
    early enough, mental health problems can be
    managed and even staved off.
  • Dealing with depression is a normal struggle.
    Some days are indeed worse than others, but I've
    understood to manage it, to become aware of my
    symptoms, my triggers, and to remain in control.
  • However, this has not ever been the case. It's
    only of late that I have come to comprehend
    what's going on inside and the connection between
    my body and mind. Understanding is the key to
    prevention and that is why I'd like to share with
    you my story of battling depression. I don't want
    anyone else to feel the way I have done, to feel
    imprisoned and disconnected by mental health
    problems and to not be able to see a glow at the
    end of the tunnel.

  • My depression Story
  •  Looking back, I can see that I have combated
    depression for a long time, but it was not until
    university that it took an intractable hold on my
  • Everybody has bad days but depression can make
    every day a bad day. I would spend days on end in
    bed, reluctant, or even unable to move, for
    depression can be so debilitating that it comes
    to be physically disabling. I would hardly eat or
    drink, refuse to socialise, wish to escape but
    not be able to as there was nowhere for me to go,
    knowing that I would always have to return to my
    house at the end of the day. It's a brutal cycle
    that, without assistance, is almost impossible to
  • Recognising that I needed help
  • The first big step for me was submitting, or as
    is often more impossible, realising that I was
    mentally sick. It took me a long time to do this.
    The days I spent lying in my bedroom during my
    year abroad, telling myself I was 'just
    exhausted', was me declining to accept the
    reality that was my mental ill-health.

  • Likewise, in my final year, when my despair
    reached its peak, I would progressively miss more
    and more lectures and seminars, flee social
    outings early or miss them altogether, spend more
    and more time alone in self-imposed isolation,
    and tell myself that it was just because I'm
    introverted, or that I was 'tired'. And I was
    exhausted, but not for lack of sleep this was a
    symptom of my depression.
  • I had, however, been discerning my CGPA on and
    off for several years about my mental health. I
    first went while I was still at university, but I
    had always refused treatment, always believing
    that I was in control enough that I didn't need
  • Yet, in late April, it all evolved too much.
    After somehow finishing my dissertation, I knew I
    couldn't go on and started to consider temporary
    isolation. It was a step I was so reluctant to
    take, as, at the time, it symbolised failure, it
    was me letting my depression defeat me by
    rendering me completely unable to carry on with
    'normal vitality.
  • However, I was wrong. Taking this step was
    nothing of which to be ashamed. It's a sign of
    stability to know when to bow out. Acknowledging
    that I needed help and that I was unable to
    continue my studies at that point was an
    unbelievably impossible decision, but taking a
    break to concentrate on my mental health, to
    recoup has been so much better for me in the long

  • Inner health's Therapy has changed me as a person
  • I self-referred for cognitive behavioral online
    therapy (Inner healing) soon after leaving
    university. This was such an important step for
    me. Simply by removing myself from my university
    studies, I began to see a slight improvement in
    my mental health, but without Inner Healing, I
    would not be where I am today. Guys, you must go
    with Inner healing for these problems. I must say
    they are the best
  • psychology online consultation institution.
  •  Inner healing helped me comprehend what was
    causing my depression and that withdrawing from
    the community and wallowing in self-pity was only
    making me feel worse. Altering my attitude and
    accepting a positive outlook for the future,
    seeing myself in a position where I understood my
    depression and where it did not have an
    uncontrollable impact on my day-to-day life, was
  • I've seen a huge development in my mental health
    and am a completely different person as a result.
    My sorrow is still there, I think it invariably
    will be, but I can govern it to the magnitude
    that it doesn't affect my ability to process in
    day-to-day life.

  • No one should struggle alone
  • There are so many other people just like me who
    struggle with depression and that is why it is so
    important to raise awareness to prevent others
    from reaching the same horrible depths that I
    did. The work Inner healing does in this regard
    is vital.
  • No one should face mental health problems alone
    and this is why I believe that psychology online
    consultation is such an amazing thing. If we all
    talk about our mental health, we'll break down
    the stigma and help others to become more aware
    of the onset of mental health problems and as a
    result, people will feel more inclined to seek
    help when they start to experience the symptoms.
  • I want to help create a world with good mental
    health for all and I hope my story has been
    helpful or even inspiring. Looking for the best
    online psychologist in India, We are here for
    your rescue!
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