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All About Faith Cheltenham


Faith Cheltenham believes that everyone has equal rights and everyone should get the opportunities in life to achieve what they want to. In the last 20 years, she had done some amazing work that directly helped the LBGT and bisexual people. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: All About Faith Cheltenham

All About Faith Cheltenham
  • is creatively brainstormed by
    Faith Cheltenham, who hails from the humble
    hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. Faith
    believes in the full and hearty support of all
    Black People, regardless of gender or sexual
    orientation. As a result, she has committed
    herself to bringing change globally because the
    life of every Black person matters.

  • Faith, a Mother to a charming nine-year-old,
    holds many credentials award-winning
    journalist, writer, poet, panelist, performer,
    comedian, lecturer, activist, and digital
    strategy expert. Faiths fun and down-to-earth
    personality is what allows her to be relatable to
    everyone she encounters. The strength of Faith
    Cheltenham is wrapped up in her survivor story of
    keeping thefayth as she boldly lives with
    Hyperthymesia, or the inability to forget.

TheFayth that steers
  • Faith Cheltenham has made it her duty to educate
    and enlighten white and light accomplices and her
    Black brothers and sisters about the importance
    of support for the Black Community throughout the
  • At the tender age of fifteen, Faith, then known
    as Faith Atwater, identified with the harsh
    existence of racism as a Black Star Wars
    cosplaying kid in her hometown of San Luis
    Obispo, CA.

  • Faith Cheltenham drives many Black Support
    platforms with Human Rights at the forefront. Her
    first official campaign was in 2000 doing Black
    LGBT advocacy as a Human Rights Campaign intern
    on the Gore 2000 campaign. This laid the platform
    for her role as Co-founder of UCLAs BlaQue for
    LGBT/SGL students of African descent in 2002.

The Mission of
  • For Faith Cheltenham, its never the credentials
    that motivate her but rather the relevant impact
    that she can make by actively reducing and
    eliminating harm. She has made tremendous
    progress in doing so by hosting varying training
    sessions and conferences geared at all Whites,
    Persons of Color, Black People, and every
    individual who genuinely believes that all Black
    lives deserve to have a peace in this life.

Contact Details Faith Cheltenham Address
San Luis Obispo, California, United States For
more information visit here Facebook
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