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Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg


We have doctors in Saint Petersburg, as well as Sarasota, Naples, Orlando, and several other locations throughout the state. We can help you get your medical marijuana card and ensure that all of your patient information is kept discreet. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg

Medical Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg
Patient Privacy is Protected for Marijuana
Patients in Saint Petersburg
  • Despite the relief and health benefits that
    marijuana patients experience, there are still
    misinformation about marijuana. Not everyone
    agrees with the use of medical marijuana for
    patients with chronic illnesses and/or injuries.
    This results in apprehension for many patients
    who would benefit from Medical marijuana card
    Merritt Island. Residents of Saint Petersburg
    shared that they fear damages could result if
    they were to become a registered marijuana
    patient. In this article we will explore the
    legalities of patient information and
    confidentiality. This should give medical
    marijuana patients the peace of mind they need to
    feel safe and protected so they can feel
    confident when registering for their own Medical
    marijuana card Saint Petersburg.

Why is Privacy Important for Marijuana Patients?
  • The privacy of patients is important for several
    personal and professional reasons. Unfortunately,
    the stigma that is associated with medical
    marijuana causes some people in the community
    (much like the federal government) to
    view Medical Marijuana Card Space Coast as an
    illicit drug. Despite the fact that this
    information is simply not true, this
    misinformation could still cause mistreatment and
    unfair complications in the patient prospects in
  • The most areas that patients fear judgement
  • Family and Friends
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Housing
  • Other Situations That Could Render Judgement
  • Although unjust, Medical Marijuana Card Palm
    Bay patients could face judgement that causes
    serious judgement that places limitations on
    aspects of their lives. This is why it is
    important for patients to feel safe in knowing
    that marijuana patient information is safe and

What Personal Information Do Patients Have to
  • When approved for a medical marijuana card,
    patients are required to share personal
    information to complete their registration.
    Patients must provide the Florida Medical
    Marijuana Card Naples Database with personal
    information, including their name, birth date,
    address, and phone number. Other information
    cited includes
  • Your Patient Number
  • Your Gender, Weight, Height
  • The Photo from MMJ Card
  • The Date Issued, Date of Expiration
  • This information is required by all patients who
    possess a Medical marijuana card Saint
    Petersburg and throughout the state of Florida.
    The information is only stored for record reasons
    or legal complications. It is not accessible to
    the public.

Who Can Access the Marijuana Registration
  • The public does not have the authority to access
    your medical records, including the marijuana
    database. The only people that can access this
    information are physicians, and the employees at
    The Medical Marijuana Treatment Center and The
    Florida Medical Marijuana Card Merritt Island Use
    Registry. Law enforcement can also access these
    records, but only if they have a valid reason to
    do so. Even in this case law enforcement is only
    able to access your contact information and has
    no right or ability to view your medical
    conditions. Your information is safe and sharing
    this information should not stop you from
    applying for your Medical Marijuana Card Palm Bay.

HIPAA Keeps Your Information Safe
  • HIPAA keeps Medical Marijuana Card
    Naples patients safe from unfair scrutiny. The
    following information is safe and confidential
    under this act
  • Medical Records
  • Billing Information
  • Conversations with Medical Professionals Patients
    should feel safe when speaking to their doctors,
    nurses, and all members of their healthcare team.
    Honesty is the key to successful Medical
    Marijuana Card Saint Petersburg treatments and
    HIPAA protects this right.

Contact My Florida Green Today
  • Thankfully, there are laws and procedures in
    place to protect all medical marijuana patient
    information. This privacy is crucial and taken
    seriously. A patient should not be judged for
    using medical marijuana to obtain relief from
    their chronic illnesses. Do not let fear of your
    private information leaking stop you from
    applying for a Medical Marijuana Card Saint
    Petersburg. Employers, housing agencies, and
    other public figures have no right to any
    information about your health condition or use of
    medical marijuana. At My Florida Green our team
    of medical professionals take your privacy
    seriously. Contact us today to learn about
    medical marijuana and how it could help you
    manage your chronic condition naturally and
    effectively. We have doctors in Saint Petersburg,
    as well as Sarasota, Naples, Orlando, and several
    other locations throughout the state. We can help
    you get your Medical Marijuana Card Merritt
    Island and ensure that all of your patient
    information is kept discreet.

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