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Grow your franchise brand with franchise management tools


Do you seek to position your brand in both the global and local markets? However, the diversity in the markets asks for different strategies and a step-by-step process to reach oblivion. That is what it is supposed to be with Franchise Management Tools. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Grow your franchise brand with franchise management tools

Grow Your Franchise Brand With Franchise
Management Tools

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  • For any franchise business, a brand does not only
    focus on reaching out to the customers. But, it
    calls for a definite system that flows through
    the franchise units to the employees. And then,
    to the customers. In other words, it is flowing
    from the superstructure to the base. In this
    regard, franchises require some tools and
  • Here comes a complete set of franchise management
    tools to establish and grow your brand in various
    market demographics.

Collaboration Tools
  • Whenever you want to reach out to the supervisors
    of your base, you have to book a flight ticket to
    the franchisee locations. It is time consuming
    and costly.
  • If you dont, brand consistency remains in a
  • The set of franchise management tools wishes to
    eliminate such a vacuum. And ensure your brand
    structure and processes throughout the franchise.
  • By offering collaboration. There are tools for
    collaborating your franchise units on one

1) Shared Library
  • Exchanging information is essential to growing a
  • When different franchisee looks after different
    market demographics, sharing ideas and practices
    stands requisite. They need information from time
    to time to establish the brand position.
  • The shared library facilitates it. As organized
    into private and public folders, the library
    holds critical information for the franchisees.
  • Thus, they can work specifically and

2) News Hub
  • Market trends are seasonal and constantly
    changing. Your franchise units have to be
    up-to-date on par with them.
  • They have to learn about the market and the
    competitors to frame new strategies.
  • For this purpose, the News Hub takes the stage.
    It provides relevant news regarding the market.
  • You can see what is going on within the industry.

3) Group Chat
  • Communication holds the string of all franchise
    activities to a place. Hence, that has to be
  • The group chat tool offers meeting rooms for
    virtual discussions.
  • Being the franchisor, you can moderate the topic
    of conversation anytime. A productive
    organizational community on the way to form!

Online learning management system
  • Your brand community urges you to have
    appropriate training. Not that the urge comes
    naturally! It requires culmination all the time.
    Certainly, you have to engage your employees in
    the training process to channelize your brand
    processes systematically. With standardized
  • The franchise management tools accommodate
    flexible training by offering an online learning
    management system. In this system, you can take
    up the role of the trainer, creating and sharing
    training materials. On the other side, your
    employees can advocate themselves in terms of
    their schedule.
  • With gamification techniques of points and
    badges or by rolling out healthy quiz
    competitions, the LMS ensures standardized
    knowledge across the franchise.
  • The franchise management tools also stimulate
    branding by encouraging the efforts of training.
    Your employees invest more efforts now to get the
    certificate on completion.

Marketing sales crm
  • With the growing market demand and intense
    competition, a set of franchise management tools
    come into action. They automate several tasks and
    bring you closer to signing a deal.
  • The marketing and sales CRM helps you to
    automate campaigns, that too with creativity and
  • Attracting is undoubtedly the first step of
    branding! Unless and until your customers get
    stuck to your campaign materials, there is no
    possibility of its sales.

1)Online Reputation Management
  • Now, what marks a bonus to your campaign is the
    online reputation management tool. You can see
    who is watching for your service and monitor
  • Meanwhile, the tool will process a report
    regarding your brands current position.
  • For this reason, you can improvise your branding

2) Automatically fetch leads and put them to
automated follow-up
  • We all know that time and tide wait for none.
    While you are searching for a lead on a social
    media platform, another looks for your service on
    a different platform.
  • What if you can fetch them all automatically? One
    step stands complete! Then, you can go ahead
    nurturing your leads.
  • The application will push your leads to automated
  • Even within a tight schedule, your prospects are
    not left unattended. Now, they feel engaging

3) Email Marketing
  • Well, your competitors are also in the very
    process of nurturing the leads. What is new about
    your engagement strategy? It is none other than
    email marketing.
  • With automated drip campaigns and email
    newsletters, your campaign materials take a
    unique shape.
  • Besides, the top-of-mind awareness curated in the
    content can show the difference!

4) Track the Sales pipeline
  • When your leads are concerned, several questions
    are likely to pop up in your mind. Are they
    engaging with your brand? Or, are they not
  • You can see a lead positioning itself on the
    stage of qualifying. And another giving
  • Out of many, there are a few stating not
    interested. So, you think of improving certain
    aspects of marketing.
  • By this time, you come across a lead that is
    ready to sign.

5) Instant signatures
  • It is the time of conversion! Your leads are
    ready for signature and want to close the deal.
  • Make it a sale instantly with e-signing. It is
    much faster and does not require any hectic
    manual paperwork.
  • After the signatures are raised, the document
    immediately moves to QuickBooks.

6) The custom table storing the customer reports
  • By chance, if you ever need to trace back sold
    items or customer invoices, you can look them up
    in the custom table. All customer reports go
    directly to this place.
  • The set of franchise management tools act as a
    storage repository! All information,
    interactions, and changes are present in a
    central location. The location of the

Summing up!
  • Your systematic branding is complete now. Your
    franchise units are able to retain the bottom
    line. You have set a benchmark in the local and
    global markets. Your customers are happy with
    the brand. And so are you!


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